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[Public] Sourpuss Swoop says, "everyone has these really serious good questions and I'm over here like"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop says, "WHAT IF MAGS AND ROD BROKE UP"
[Public] Rodimus says, "they might"
[Public] Rodimus says, "sao and i haven't discussed it"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop ;A;
[Public] Prowl! Lieutenant says, "ROD PLS"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop says, "yeah I knew it was a possibility"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop sniffle, wipe eyes, I-I'm not invested or anything, whatever
[Public] Rodimus says, "lol"
[Public] tips pls Penchant says, "christ"
[Public] tips pls Penchant says, "dont do this to me"
[Public] Rodimus twist knife
[Public] tips pls Penchant bleed on your face >:|
[Public] tips pls Penchant says, "pls no it's like my lone OTP"
[Public] tips pls Penchant says, "fuck me"
[Public] Sourpuss Swoop says, "omg Pench"
[Public] Sulkman Soundwave says, "Pench needs the red and blue"
[Public] tips pls Penchant lie on face

That depends very much on what you mean by reconcile this. Will Rodimus and Ultra Magnus talk out the issue, instead of leaving it to fester? Yes. They are grown ass adults who have come pretty far in their professional and personal relationships. They've had to learn to talk out a lot in order to be able to make this balance they have with the three of them -- Drift, Rodimus, Magnus/Minimus -- work.

But will they agree at the end? No. Not necessarily.

I've definitely had to stop to ask myself what Rodimus would do if Ultra Magnus says no. If Magnus walks away. If the choice becomes Ultra Magnus ... or this.

And the thing is -- I really think Rodimus would be wrong to change his mind because of that. This is an issue that is so much bigger than the two of them. If Rodimus made the choice to step back because he was afraid of losing Magnus, he'd be a little bit less of a leader. It would be different if Ultra Magnus's arguments persuaded him, but they don't. Rodimus has listened to him, he's considered it, but he disagrees. The only reason for him to step back would because of that fear of a personal loss.

Leadership's hard. Sometimes it's even brutal. And sometimes you have to make decisions that people won't agree with, and won't make you popular, but you have to do them because it's the only right thing to do. Because you think it's the only right thing to do, of course. It's impossible not to acknowledge that there's an arrogance in Rodimus assuming that he knows the way to the future, and that HE'S the one that's right, even when the very best around him -- Ultra Magnus, Hound -- have reservations. Rodimus thinks he's the only one looking to the future.

I think that no matter how it falls out, even in the best possible world, there's also going to be a wall that they will have to work to step over when Rodimus removes his Autobrand. A gap that they have to bridge. But it's either going to be something that they work to move past -- or it's going to get very wide, very big, very fast.

Either way, there's no one else I'd rather play it with than Sao.

Tez (talk)17:16, 19 June 2017

Awwww. <3

Sao (talk)18:47, 19 June 2017