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"Navigation" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
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"Navigation" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Alt-Mode: Hatchback
Faction: Autobot
Outlier Ability: Superlearner

Skids is a theoretician. His calm, observant nature and tendency to fade into the background can lead others to overlook him, but on the Lost Light, he is a quiet bastion of firm Autobot principle. Without being a fuddy duddy. Like some people.



 Start DateSummary
Losing Inhibition25 November 2016The personality ticks are back! No queen this time, they've just gotten loose on the ship. Hopefully the ship doesn't descend into chaos before these things are contained once more.
Colony: Devisiun22 March 2016Tailgate is dying. Rather than linger and allow others to watch his suffering, he runs off to die alone. Pfft, like the Lost Light is going to let that happen. So of course they follow him.
Colony: Hubworld25 February 2016The Lost Light arrives at the next colony only to find an abandoned, mined-out metrotitan (Amazodon) and a Galactic Council outpost. Hesitantly welcomed at first, the LLers discover a mystical lens to view other realities when one of them invades, resulting in a lot of chaos and conflict.
Colony: Prion27 January 2016Readings of the map that guide the Lost Light to the Knights of Cybertron lead to the colony world of Prion... only Prion is not where it should be. Rather, having used Cybertronian tech to move it, Prion has been fashioned into a prison camp for fringe Cybertronians rounded up and dumped to survive on the wasteland that remains. Even the founding metrotitan is devastated, plundered and picked apart, laying among the rubble that the prisons fight over. The arrival of the Lost Light should yield answers and relief for those abandoned there.