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Played by: Tez
Division: Command
Alt-Mode: Speeder

Rodimus (or Hot Rod) is the Captain of a quixotic adventure to find the Knights of Cybertron. He has a rough reputation and he's had a tough time as Captain of a mixed-faction ship. Even his worst detractors would probably be willing to grudgingly admit two things about him:

  1. He tries.
  2. He cares.


Rodimus wants. He wants to be a hero; he wants to make up for his mistakes; he wants to bring a real golden age to Cybertron. He wants people to look at him and be reminded of Optimus Prime, not the burnt out shell of Nyon. He wants to be the leader he thinks he can be.

He is his own greatest fan and his own greatest critic. He is learning to listen to others and slowly coming to understand that leadership involves a degree of humility. He cares deeply, desperately for those under his command. The shadow of Nyon and his team during the war is never that far from his thoughts. He takes losses very personally.

He is not exactly selfish, but he tends to view the world through the lens of how he effects it. If he sees a problem, he wants to fix it. This is subtly, but IMPORTANTLY different from just wanting to see a problem fixed. He wants to be the one to do the thing, he wants to be the one to be the hero.


Rodimus is a hot shot daredevil who is gradually learning that being a leader is about more than looking cool.

But he looks super cool, just FYI.


Once upon a time, Primus looked down on Cybertron and saw a field of sparks. Among those sparks was one particular individual who Primus could already tell was going to be trouble, so he gave the planet a little slap to try to set him straight. It didn't work.

Hot Rod was forged in Nyon. He was a nobody insurgent and revolutionary who blew up his city because it was the only thing he could do. He lost teams during the war because he was betrayed by friends he was certain he could trust.

He spent large parts of the war in a state of daredevil-loner-fuck-you, surfing asteroids to crash into enemy installations and attack them single handed in truly stupid schemes. He recovered the Matrix when the Autobots thought it lost and returned it to Optimus Prime. History may show him changed by that: matured, changed, touched by something greater. It definitely shows he changed his name, anyway.

(Technically, he changed his name before, but everyone knows it only really counts when Optimus Prime puts his hand on your shoulder and very seriously calls you Rodimus.)

With the end of the war, he took half of the Matrix and set out to find the Knights of Cybertron using the map on the Matrix. What he found instead was a mad judge, lost Cybertronian colonies, and an ancient evil, reawoken by their actions: Unicron.

Artifact of the Knights of Cybertron

Empty quiver



 Start DateSummary
Colony: Khepri30 September 2017An artifact signal leads to the discovery of the floating colony of Khepri, an insect altmode based society of traders with a love of organic things and fancy clothes. It's up to the Lost Lighters to find the artifact, make peace with the locals, and have a little R&R while they're there.
Topsy Turvy12 July 2017The !Lost Lighters hit the Lost Light with a bomb snuck past their defenses in the frame of a mangled pair of cassettes: !Frumble. Without any particular design or reason, a number of the crews were apparently swapped into different bodies.
Trobble Yall29 June 2017Fortress Maximus buys an adorable, fluffy pet from a pet shop on the Elemens' space station, PR-138. What he doesn't realize is that this cute little 'trobble' is about to become a problem much bigger than cleaning litterboxes and keeping it off the furniture.
Rebirth of Unicron4 May 2017The Lost Light follows the Shivan monolith all the way to earth, meeting up Elita One's ship along the way. As more monoliths arrive, the crew uses this chance to visit Earth once more despite the Earth Defense Command telling them not to. They decide to be discreet. Eventually, nine monoliths arrive and everyone aboard the LL watches them in bated breath as they open and unfold and become... the Unmaker, Unicron!
Denied26 August 2016All our space credit and debit cards are being denied! Time for the crew of the Lost Light to come together and bum some gas money.
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