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All characters are subject to a 30 day idle out period. If they have not logged in after 30 days, they will be warned. After 30 more days, they will be returned to the roster or reaped.

Characters who are Area Heads may be rotated out of their positions in favor of a more active character if they are inactive for 30 days. Characters who are part of command, including faction leaders and bridge command, will be subject to a 30 day idle out period at which point they will be reaped, with one week of warning.

Age Rating

Transformers: Lost and Found holds a rating of 16+ in all territories.

We deal with many themes of heavier nature during play. While not requiring of a strictly adult rating, these themes have the potential to be troubling or more mature in nature.

Although we do not ask for an age during the application process, we do ask that those who apply use the honor system and abide by the rule.

Any players found to be under our age rating will be given an opportunity to save their content before being removed from play.


T:LF welcomes players who choose to play multiple characters as well as those who choose to play only one. Characters are capped at 3 characters per player. Some players may have more; these are grandfathered in from a time when the limit was higher. Should that character idle out, they will not be able to reapply without dropping a different character. We discourage alt-hopping and character squatting.

Character squatting is defined as playing a character the bare minimum to meet the requirements purely so that you can't idle out. If you have other characters that you are playing more frequently, consider giving the character up so that someone who loves them can take them. Staff will discuss this with you if we feel it is a concern.

Alt-hopping is defined as players playing an alt for a short period of time (weeks to a month) and then discarding it in favor of a different one, often repeatedly. You will be restricted from taking new characters after discussion with game staff should this occur.


We are a limited consent game.

Broadly, we expect players to work together to write the most awesome story possible for everyone. As part of this, we embrace ICA=ICC: in-character actions mean in-character consequences (ICA=ICC). As a rule, we prefer for Awesome ICA to equal Awesome ICC, and try to keep characters playable as often as possible, but we do expect that doing so is a cooperative process.

If players are unable to agree -- or, sometimes, if they just want to introduce an element of risk or chance -- then we have a stat system to resolve conflicts. Coded combat may result in your character being thrown into stasis lock.

We expect everyone to use good judgment, common sense, and communication in their roleplay, regardless of whether or not the stat and combat system is involved.

Conflict Resolution

The first step in any conflict is for players to work things out between themselves. Be kind to each other and never forget that there is someone on the other side of the screen. We are all adults and you are expected to behave as such. Part of that may be spending time away from each other, which can include the use of the +gag command. Please see '+help +gag' on game. Players may ask staff to mediate if all else fails.

Should the issue be one that suggests a need for discipline, staff will not take action on the basis of a single report of unobserved behavior. Logged evidence will make a situation much easier to judge and deal with. Staff cannot act based on hearsay. Please see the staff handbook for more information on how that is resolved. In short, however, we have a 'three strike' policy.

Please also be sure to read our policies on etiquette and harassment.


This section is also known as 'How to Get Along on T:LF'.

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Use proper grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. A little effort in these things will go a long way toward earning you good will from fellow players.
  • Pay attention to the responses of others. If your behavior isn't being well-received, cut it out until you learn where the line is.

Please also be sure to read our policies on conflict resolution and harassment.


Harassment is defined as continued attention that persists after someone has asked that you refrain. It also encompasses inappropriate sexual, racial, or gender remarks.

Keep in mind that we are a community. Pay attention to and read the signs of your fellow players. If they seem uncomfortable or unresponsive, stop. Likewise, if someone is bothering you, ask them clearly to stop their behavior, so that they are aware that there is a problem.

If someone asks you to leave them alone, do it. If someone asks you to refrain from a certain sort of remarks, likewise, do it. However, keep in mind that our game is rated 16+, and if conversation about some aspects that fall under this rating makes you feel uncomfortable, it may be best to avoid certain channels or conversations.

If you feel harassed, log the incident and inform staff by page, @mail, or email. Logged proof makes the situation easier to judge and to deal with.

Please also be sure to read our policies on conflict resolution and etiquette.