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"Logistics & Maintenance" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
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"Logistics & Maintenance" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Alt-Mode: Oil Tanker & Cargo Plane
Faction: Decepticon


Octane (then Tankor) joined the Decepticons early, not content with life as an energon transport. He soon found fighting not to his taste and quickly resumed being an energon transport, instead working for Megatron and the Decepticons. His tendency to flake off when there was work to be done, and to be busy 'securing the energon' when fighting broke out, meant that he was shuffled from unit to unit, being at various times under Scorponok, Deadlock, and Megatron himself.

He was doing quite well for himself moving around and avoiding conflict--as well as making a few illicit deals on the side--until he was shuttled to Earth and all hell broke loose. Octane himself got to experience the joy of getting captured by humans, allying himself with and then betraying some rogue Autobots, and getting his aft handed to him time and again whenever a fighting situation broke out. Not a single thing went right for Octane on Earth, and so it was with a great deal of gratitude that he finally bid that mudhole farewell when Cybertron started calling out for everyone to return home.

Hewould have been content to spend the rest of his days on his home planet hanging around his pal Tankor (and the reason for his name change) had the NAIL riots not started up and driven him to believe that Cybertronians would never, ever be done fighting. Instead he found an opportunity in a ship leading off-planet--the Lost Light--and hopped aboard to escape the endless conflict and, well, work. These days he's trying to get back in the groove of a life avoiding responsibility by shirking his duties, making excuses, running from battle, and--of course--making a few illicit deals to round out his wallet with. Well, what the command staff doesn't know won't hurt 'em, right?