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This game is now closed. Thanks for traveling with us!

They all lived happily ever after.
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In the aftermath of over four million years of war, Autobots and Decepticons alike find themselves looked down on by a galaxy grown tired of their shenanigans.

The Galactic Council is the primary peacekeeping force in the galaxy. Cybertronians answer to the laws of the Code of Interplanetary Conflict as well as the Tyrest Accord.

Following the rebirth of Cybertron, Cybertronians across the galaxy have been called back to their home planet. Some of these colonies were formed during the war as military outposts, some were formed in protest to the war, and some were formed long, long ago when the Knights of Cybertron and metrotitans left Cybertron.

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Deck 2 Science and Medical
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16 February 2018 - 25 February 2018
Lost Lighters are flung into a reality where the Decepticons have won the war, and Autobots are enslaved or running an underground rebellion.
  • NPCs:
  • Team Leader:
  • Run by: Tez
28 January 2017 - 4 January 2018
Angered by Vortex's sudden disappearance following the recovery of Megatron, Air Raid runs off to manage his stress with high risk racing matches in the illegal flier tournament - the Thrillsought Gauntlet. Vortex and Skydive seek to retrieve him, and enlist Arrow's help.
  • NPCs: Moxie, Glory, Victory, Coinflip, Darter, Desperado, Vivant
  • Team Leader:
  • Run by: Yam
22 November 2017 -
The Lost Lighters end up stuck in a virtual simulation of a pleasant Terran suburb.
  • NPCs: Optimus Prime, Megatron
  • Team Leader:
  • Run by: Tez, Chi
12 October 2017 - 19 October 2017
An artifact mission runs into a sect of a certain extremist group and things go a bit pear-shaped.
  • NPCs: Tripswitch, Darkside, Lumbar, Centurion
  • Team Leader:
  • Run by: Ptero
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2018-01-04 Nightmare by Fencat (talk) 5 January 2018

Mir scrambled for their blaster, narrowly avoiding the swipe from the much larger mech at their backstruts. They spun back to try and take a few wild shots at him, only to scream in terror as their attacker quickly attempted to box them into a corner - or far away enough to for one of his probable buddies to pick them off. They backed away in a hurry, as far as they could but still staying close enough to Auriga’s fight with the other mech.

Dead End. To think that the cultural investigation would request for members to include data from a place like this… If they had known…

2017-12-26 Reunion by TrickyToaster (talk) 26 December 2017

This is an awful idea. Sterling has to stop as the spacebridge disappears behind her, lifting a hand to rub at her helm. This is just going to be yet another lonely night remembering awful things. Even now all she can remember is how Behemoth died, how his form crumbled and disintegrated beneath her hands. No! She must focus on why she is here.

Behemoth would take his squad to this very bar once a Cybertronian year to celebrate a holiday from his hometown near the Sea of Rust. She hasn’t come to the Rusting Pylon since leaving with Screwloose… Hasn’t dared to even try to bring Behemoth back up in the presence of his murderer. It’s time to correct that and continue the tradition.

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