From Transformers: Lost and Found


The team visits Clemency following a Decepticon beacon, assumed to be a distress signal. They learn too late it was a warning. On entering an abandoned Worldsweeper, the team falls victim to hallucinations. They run into more of the golden drones chanting an entire new set of numbers, this time under the command of a neutral named Ignition. Finally finding the control center, they confront and kill the remnants of the ship's crew, fused into the ship and become a monster.


  • The Lost Light receives a Decepticon quote-unquote distress signal.
  • A team investigates!
  • The supposed distress signal is a warning from some losers lead by a guy named Krok or something.
  • Who cares, though, because the SHIP MAKES EVERYONE HALLUCINATE LIKE CRAZY.
  • They run into more of those weird golden drones.
  • They run into the golden drones boss? Named Ignition??? Who was chasing the losers????
  • Then they run into some kind of nightmare horror fused into the ship, kill it, and go home.


The Worldsweeper is full of all kinds of horrors, but it seems that the monster that team confronted was picked up during the ship's journeys, not developed there. It fed off of energy and emitted EMF that caused communication interference and hallucinations in Cybertronians. The ship's crew went crazy and killed each other under the effects of the hallucinations.

Some time later, a team of Decepticons ran across the ship. The beacon was theirs. Rather than a distress signal, it was meant to be a warning, but was scrambled by the monster.The team was identified from footage as a team of Scavengers under the command of a Decepticon named Krok. They were carrying what Perceptor is calling a spark-resonant quantum field generator and which will hereafter be referred to as the Thingy. The monster fused into the ship was very interested in its unique and tasty energy, and seemed to find similarities with the Thingy and Rodimus.

The Scavengers split, picking up Grimlock and leaving the planet with him. (They later dropped Grimlock on Constancy, where the Lost Light recovered him.) The Scavengers were pursued by Ignition for possession of the Thingy.