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"Logistics & Maintenance" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Played by: NPC
Supply Officer
"Logistics & Maintenance" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Alt-Mode: Projector
Outlier Ability: No

Imager is a tall, stout Femme of great size. Her form is mostly of unburnished metal, with only some orange highlights to give her a bit more flavor. Her head has a ball shaped crown surrounding her face, except that the top and sides are sheared flat. She has broad shoulders with thick pauldrons atop each. Her Quad-layered Elendium armor is a marvel to behold, allowing her to shrug off all but the most severe beatdowns. Within her torso lies the Helios Array, the grand projector that she can emit holograms from in both her root and projector form.


Sarcastic, self-promoting, brash and otherwise onrey, Imager has long patterened herself after Ironhide's mannerisms.


Vioello Maestro Holograms Sarcasm Engex Tolerance Logistics Brawling


Pre-War Imager had originally found her place in society as a musician. Despite her large size, her altmode of a holoprojector enabled her a bit of variety in her choices, and so she chose the Vioello. One of the Three Great Maestros of the Vioello, Imager combined her own holograms with her music to create masterpieces.

After the war began in earnest, there became less of a place for such musicians, and eventually as her fame faded away, Imager and several other non-aligned/Bots aligned Cybertronians were taken to the slave pits of Kaon where, in a riot, Imager took her first life.

She set down her vioello immediately afterwards claiming that she could not create anymore.

After a few eons of mindless war, she had ended up going into stasis on Cybertron, losing her cell of Autobot saboteurs in the process. Much later, a planet had requested her personal help, to create a long forgotten song, to fight a long forgotten enemy. She managed a dirge that helped quell her own spark as well as fight off the monster.



 Start DateSummary
Losing Inhibition25 November 2016The personality ticks are back! No queen this time, they've just gotten loose on the ship. Hopefully the ship doesn't descend into chaos before these things are contained once more.