Hiding Spot

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-05-24 Hiding Spot
Date 2018/05/24
Location Cybertron - New Iacon
Participants Trailbreaker, Dust, Jazz
Summary A quaint little bookstore and a group of friends. Is this what book club is?

Trailbreaker just needed to get out of the Lost Light for a bit. Not for long. A walk in Iacon will be fine, surveying the damage, maybe looking for a few datapads at a local bookstore. Which is where he is right now, peering at the stacks in the reference section, eyeing a few copies of political tracts and history books. If he can't drink over his woes right now he may as well just absorb himself in reading. Might be good for him, anyway. He could swear he used to read more...

He comes across an old document, notices the name and frowns. Dust usually likes books alot. But that isn't the reason he ducks into the store. In fact it's only his skill at moving with speed that gets him through the door and immediately ducking below window level. The young mech sits on the floor trying to cool himself down after what looks to have been a prolonged run. There is suddenly some activity just outside the door. A couple of heavy looking mechs with autobot brands but seriously lacking a cheerful demeanor meet and grumble. Dust Devil himself absolutely freezes, ducking his head slightly waiting to see if his hiding place is found.

"Where'd he go?" "I don't know! You know that little slagger is quick!" "Told him I'd pound him if I ever saw him again!" "He's supposed to be on that ship, Bet he went running that way!" "Let's go!"

Letting out a sigh of relief, he glances at the titles next to him.

Just outside the bookstore, Jazz strolls down the streets, looking for all the world like a curious tourist. He looks around with intrest, taking in the city--and, more importantly, the layout. Glancing down alleyways and reading the signs on each store, he occasionally glances down to a small datapad in his left hand, detailed with his past knowledge of the vast network of streets. It's always nice to re-familliarize yourself with where you are, Jazz thinks, especially when you're at a disadvantage compared to the locals.

Not to mention how nice it is to be back in Iacon. With a deep intake, he pauses for a moment to take in the activity, standing to the side out of the way of foot traffic. With a glance at the store at his back, he recognizes it as an old bookstore, lit up with a bright swinging sign.

Movement brings his gaze back down to ground level, where a familiar bot flings himself through the door with gusto. His eyes narrow behind his visor when the trouble shows up moments later. Well, maybe Dust Devil was the trouble, but either way. When they pass, he glances back at the doorway, and enters the shop.

The commotion causes Trailbreaker to raise his head and look away from the stacks for a moment. Those weren't cops, were they? He can't imagine there's been much of a crime upswing this fast after a near-disaster, but what does he know. No, he corrects himself, though he frowns at the red badges. Why are Autobots chasing civilians around?

Idly picking up a philosophical text datapad, he idles over towards the doorway and happens to pass Dust, blinking. "Uh, hey there! Whatcha doin' on the floor?"

Dust rubs his head a moment and manages a tired grin. "Ummmm would ya believe reading the titles down here?" He raises his head a little to peer out the window, sighing in relief when he notices that they're gone. Finally glancing back at the bot talking to him, he suddenly frowns, "I...umm...hi..Sir.." Optics then focus on the ground.

Seeing the two upon entering the shop, Jazz stands back to take in the scene and quietly frowns at the small bot on the floor. He was right about who the bot was, but Dust's demeanor worried him. Was it a residual fear of being chased? Jazz flicks his eyes up to the bot beside him, and blinks. Was it because of Trailbreaker? Slag it, he thought the two were cool. What had he missed?

"Ah know /ah/ don't buy that! Was just outside--those mechs looked pretty grumpy, huh?" He hums. making his way over. With a casual smirk, the ops mech holds out a hand to Dust to help him off the floor.

"Were they after you?" Trailbreaker frowns, then flashes a tired grin at Jazz. "Hey, Jazz! How ya recoverin' after the battle?" In Iacon it's hard not to slip even further into his lower-Iacon 'worker mech' accent, even if the version of the city he knows is long gone. "And aw, Dust, don't call me 'sir.' That's for like, Orion or somethin'." He rubs the back of his neck. "You need us to cover for you or somethin'?"

Dust shakes his head and sighs, "No...they're from my colony." He gets helped up and gives a faint grin to Jazz, "Buncha jerks that didn't like it when I got even fer some of the stuff they were doin. And then they couldn't get a hold of me cause I wasn't out where they could get me. And then I got shipped out ta the lost light. Just bad luck that I came across them at all." He looks at Trailbreaker. "Sir...err Trailbreaker sir....I'm really sorry fer failin ta keep my field up. I...I'd never used it in front of people really and there was so much goin on. I shouldn't have tried ta more and I'm so sorry you got hurt. If there's anythin I can do ta make up fer what I did, I'll do whatever it takes."

Jazz grins back good-naturedly at Dust, and gives Trailbreaker a wink of his visor at his question, slapping a friendly hand lightly on his shoulder. "Good as ah can expect--ah was fairly lucky, m' main job didn' involve any large brawls. What 'bout you, Teebs? Heard ya got stuck 'n the medbay." He asks his friend in concern.

When Dust goes back to addressing Trailbreaker after his explanation, his gaze flicks back to the windows, keeping an eye on any sign of the mechs doubling back. Even with the event downplayed, he was still wary about how particularly vengeful the other bots may be. They didn't need any confrontation, especially not in such a public area.

Oh yeah, and he didn't want his friend punched.

Shifting subtly to keep himself between the windows and any view of Dust, he focused on Dust's apology to Trailbreaker. He knew the kindhearted mech wouldn't blame the guy, so he let Teebs handle the mech without interfering.

"Well, if those jerks come back around, you just let us big guys know. Right, Jazz?" Trailbreaker winks at his old friend, until both bring up the battle with the drones. His grin turns a little sheepish and nervous.

"Aw, Dust, that wasn't your fault! Shucks, for an untrained forcefield user you did really well. I'm the one who just plain overdid it. Needed to be more careful with that." Odd, the past tense. "All I ask that you do is forgive yourself, okay? Don't beat yourself up. You helped save lives there." He reaches over to ruffle Dust's helm. "And eh, well, I'm okay. Just, uh, on the mend still..." He starts subconsciously rubbing one of his palms, which has been plated over with a circle of metal.

Dust frowns and shakes his head before sighing again. The touch to his helm makes him look up and give a slight grin. "Thanks.....both of yas. And don't worry, they normally don't catch me. I just need ta pay more attention so they can't catch me off guard." Optics trail to the window, where he realizes that he's pretty much been blocked from view. A soft chuckle escapes him. "Ya don't think they have any books on forcefields..since we're in here already? Fer some reason I didn't come with instructions and I do want ta learn so I don't screw up again."

"Right you are, Trailbreaker." Jazz laughs in reply, looking quickly over the wields when the bot shifts to rub them. With that, he's satisfied, and smiles innocently back at Dust at the mech's quiet chuckle.

"Can't hurt t'look! It could help with your peace o' mind, I'm sure. And hey, don't worry," the ops mech flicks Dust's helm cheekily. "you're /learnin'./" He moves forward--still blocking Dust from the window--and plucks a book from the shelve over his head to check the cover. "Ever read up on it Teebs? Suggestions on where ta check?" Asks the spy with a hand to his chin, foot tapping and looking over the rest of the shelf.

"Not sure how much there'd be out there, since forcefield users like-" Trailbreaker almost says 'us' before he remembers. "You are pretty rare. Outlier-wise, anyway. But maybe you can look up somethin' on constructed forcefields people used during the war?" He rubs the bridge of his nose. "I was mostly taught how to use it by, uh, someone who's not here anymore. And had to learn through practice. Really, that's what you're gonna get the most out of. Just be careful and keep yourself fueled."

Dust looks at Trailbreaker, a bit concerned at the change in wording but he's not sure if he's mistaken or not. "I didn't have anyone ta teach me. I was already a hovercar mode on a planet of miners. We didn't even go out on the surface due ta the conditions really. Primus ferbid that had a freak skill ta go with bein a hovercar." He pauses, hesitant to continue and he looks at Jazz a moment before deciding to go on. "What if...what if you..." He motions to the books around him. "Maybe you write somethin? I know yer too busy and all for probably teachin but if you could maybe put down some of the stuff you remember havin ta do and learn. I can try going by that? Most everythin I do is self taught. You...You were awesome enough ta actually use what ya know ta fight in the wars and all."

The special ops mech twitches at Trailbreaker's word choice as well, glancing once again to the wields on his hand, but Jazz smiles a bit more in encouragement when Dust glances toward him, and his expression turns thoughtful at his suggestion. It sounded like a good idea to the spy, for a number of reasons.

Other than teaching the mech, it could help Dust to maybe feel a little more connected, more understood if he had something he could read from someone similar to himself, especially for times when Trailbreaker wasn't available to talk to in person. Jazz could definitely see that Dust respected, maybe even admired Trailbreaker and his abilities.

And, He thought as he glanced at his older friend, it could give him a hobby. Writing was supposed to be relaxing, right?

"Sounds like that could be helpful." He agreed, but the spy kept his eyes on Trailbreaker, wondering how the mech felt about the admiration.

"...Me? Write?" Trailbreaker looks between Jazz and Dust, then down at himself, and then back. "I mean, I've tried to write some other things and gotten nowhere. But maybe about-well, about being an Outlier in general? I can talk about how it was during the Functionist era, too. And maybe a guide to handling your powers around people, and not being afraid to use them, and how to handle being a...'freak,' even though you're not. And Something like that...?"

Dust smiles at Trailbreaker, "Ya don't have ta if you don't want. But there are alot of mechs comin from all over the galaxy back ta cybertron. Not everyone knows how it was. I just wanna be able ta learn ta use my forcefield without bein nervous about someone sayin somethin. Course it was bad enough when you got hurt. Then that incident with Fireflight...I felt awful. I'm glad he found it funny. But I shoulda been able ta stop the paintballs from hittin Fireflight easily. I've done it before but I panicked. I know I'm a pain in the aft at times. That's usually what happens when I'm bored." He gives Jazz a grin. "I know I'm not a freak fact my forcefield protected me when I was on my planet's surface. Part of how I learned I had it."

Jazz winks back knowingly, and turns slightly to put the book in his hand back on the shelf and search for another, giving the two a little space to talk about the subject. He also takes that time to take another quick check through the window.

"Fireflight's got a great sense of humor," Trailbreaker says with a grin. "You're fine. So I'll try to help however I...can, and if writing a little bit on it is part of that, I'll give it a shot. Something to distract me from drinking, right? And hey, once I've got something down I can show you." There's something he knows he could have done for Dust, too, but...he's not sure he can anymore.

Dust glances at the window. "Don't worry about them...they usually can't catch me Sir. And now that I've cooled down, I'll be able ta run again." He smiles, "It's been a learnin experience bein on the lost light. There's so much that you guys have done and seen. I know it was meant as a punishment, but I'm really glad I joined the crew. Even if its pretty intimidatin bein around people who are so skilled. If there's anythin I can do fer either of yas, just tell me. I usually have way too much free time fer my own good. "

Looking back to Dust when he realizes he's being addressed, Jazz shrugs and finally lets it go once his constant checking is commented on. "Ah trust ya on that, mech--just an' old habit, watching our afts." he grins ruefully.

The spy crosses his arms with another gentler smile. "We're glad you got thrown in with us too, Dusty, don't doubt your worth. Ya add a 'nother spark o' style all your own."

"N' thanks for the offer--same to you, ah should add," he insists. "If there's anythin' ah'd ask of ya, well--hangin' out is always on the table, eh Teebs?" He bumps Trailbreaker with his hip. "How 'bout we all slip over t' that cafe across th' street? Grab some enertreats for the road--no high grade."

"Yeah, what Jazz said. And yeah, anytime you wanna hang out, just lemme know! I need to catch up with you when I'm sober," Trailbraker adds to Jazz with a sheepish grin. "You know, I could use something to fill the tanks, and if I can't do high grade I may as well have some sweets. Oh, thanks for the snacks," he says to Dust with a wink, before starting to follow Jazz out.

Dust nods to the pair. "Ya aughta thank Jazz...he's the one who was teachin me how ta cook after Umm...yeah....maybe you should have Jazz tell ya the story." He stretches his frame out and grins. "And I better see how my sneaking back ta the ship practice exam is bein set up. Hope yas have a great night." He follows the pair out of the store and then with a wave, takes off.

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