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We use Myddin's BBoard system to post major announcements about the game. You can find all help files for the system online at:

The important commands to keep in mind are:

  • +bbread
    • +bbread 1
    • This command will list all posts on the Announcement board for your review.
  • +bbread 1/#
    • Replace the # in the command with the number of the bbpost that you would like to read, for example: +bbread 1/1. You may also read a list of posts, such as +bbread 1/1-3. If you type +bbread 1/u, it will go through all unread messages on the board.
  • +bbnext
    • This command will allow you to read through bboard messages one at a time. That's all you have to type!
  • +bbpost <#>/<subject>=<body>
    • This is the easiest way to post an announcement in one line. Just post something like: +bbpost 1/Important Debriefing Announcement=Rodimus runs through the ship shouting, "WHO WANTS TO GO FIGHT SOME CONS? --no offense, Soundwave."%r%r"No, really, no offense. Stop staring at me like that. It's weird. And creepy. You look kind of sus. That's short for suspicious." It will post on the game as:

=============================== Announcements ================================
Message: 1/1 Posted Author
Important Debriefing Announcement Mon Feb 02 Tez

Rodimus runs through the ship shouting, "WHO WANTS TO GO FIGHT SOME CONS? --no offense, Soundwave."

"No, really, no offense. Stop staring at me like that. It's weird. And creepy. You look kind of sus. That's short for suspicious.


You can learn more about our comsys on game by typing help comsys. Don't forget to check out our channel guide as well! Some important command examples are excerpted from the on-game help files below:

  • addcom public=Public
    • Channel Public added with alias public.
    • This will allow you to begin speaking on the public channel as well as show you everything that happens on the channel when you are connected.
  • pub off
    • [Public] Foobar has left this channel.
    • This will turn off the channel. You can later turn it back on at any time. While it is off, you will be unable to hear or speak on the channel.
  • pub on
    • You have joined channel Public.
    • [Public] Foobar has joined this channel.
    • This turns the channel back on after it has been turned off. You can use it as normal again.
  • pub who
    • This command will show a list of all players who are listening to the channel.
  • pub Hello world!
    • [Public] Example says, "Hello world!"
    • This is how you speak on channel. You can also pose on the channel:
  • pub :waves!
    • [Public] Example waves!


The mail system is powerful, and you can learn a lot about it by typing help @mail and reviewing the related topics on game. However, there are a few commands that you will find yourself using more than others. They are:

  • @mail
    • This command will show you a list of your mail. It may look something like this:

––––––––––––––––––––––––––– MAIL: Folder 0 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
[N------] 1 ( 5) From: Tēz Sub: Test
[N------] 2 ( 6) From: Tēz Sub: Test2
[N------] 3 ( 6) From: Tēz Sub: Test3

  • @mail #
    • This command will allow you to read your mail one at a time. To read your first mail, you would type @mail 1. It will probably be slightly more informative than this:

1 From: Tēz At: Mon Feb 02 10:46:05 2015 (Conn)
Fldr  : 0 Status: Unread
To  : Tēz
Subject: Test

  • @mail #-#
    • This command will allow you to read several mails in a row, for example:

1 From: Tēz At: Mon Feb 02 10:46:05 2015 (Conn)
Fldr  : 0 Status: Read
To  : Tēz
Subject: Test
2 From: Tēz At: Mon Feb 02 10:46:08 2015 (Conn)
Fldr  : 0 Status: Unread
To  : Tēz
Subject: Test2
3 From: Tēz At: Mon Feb 02 10:46:15 2015 (Conn)
Fldr  : 0 Status: Unread
To  : Tēz
Subject: Test3

  • @mail/quick <player-list>/<subject> = <message>
    • This is the quickest, easiest way to send a mail. To produce the mails above, all I did was @mail/quick tez/Test3=Test3. If you want to include a longer mail with paragraph breaks, all you need to do is include a %r in the mail wherever you want a line break.


Once you've been approved, feel free to log on and get started! We have a channel to make things easy:

  • addcom rp=RolePlay when you first login to make sure you have the channel on.
  • rp Anyone want a scene? is all you need to do see if anyone is up for RP!

It's a good idea to try to keep up with recent events. You don't have to read every log, but a skim over the wiki will help!

All RP on T:LF is arranged OOCly, often through the RolePlay channel, but sometimes via page or other means. It's considered rude to join an ongoing scene without an invitation. This includes joining scenes that are in public spaces on the grid. We don't consider our grid (map) 'IC'. That is, just because your character object is in a room does not ICly mean your character is there unless you decide they are.

We RP in present tense, third-person. For other information, check out our player policies.

RP Commands

Okay, that's all great, but how do you actually RP, you may be asking. Well!

Once you've found an RP partner and decided what kind of scene you'd like to do, make sure you are in the same room, then:

  • Result
    • Command(s)
  • You say, “Hello!”
    • "Hello!
    • say Hello!
  • Player waves!
    • pose waves!
    • :waves!
  • Waving, Player says, "Hi!"
    • @emit Waving, Player says, "Hi!"'
  • <OOC> You say, “Hi!”
    • ooc Hi!
    • 'Hi!
  • <OOC> Player waves.
    • ooc :waves.
    • ':waves.



All players are automatically set ANSI when they are created, but there is a whole world of other colors that you can explore if you have the right client!

If you are using Potato or Atlantis, type @set me=color256 to experience all the colors of the wind.


The @finger command is an OOC command that provides a short list of information IC and OOC information

You can set the fields in @finger using the following commands:

  • &species me=
  • &title me=
  • &origin me=
  • &profile me=
  • &shortdesc me=
  • &alts me=
  • &wiki me=

The information that you set should agree with the information that was in your application and is on the wiki. Species, title, origin, profile, and shortdesc are all IC fields. Alts and wiki are OOC fields.

The primary character sheet is your character's wiki page. Please make sure that field is set.


We have a diceword included as part of the @roll command. You are the only one who can view or set your diceword other than game staff. To set your diceword, type:

  • &diceword me=

If your diceword was kittens, it would show in an @roll like:

  • <OOC>: DICEWORD - kittens - Tez rolls a D10 and gets 7.


  • @ic
    • @ic will return you to last IC location if you are on the OOC grid.
  • @ooc
    • @ooc will take you to the OOC grid.
  • pax's jump stuff


Getting Help

  • Use the Help or Public channel to ask questions.

Type he I have a question! or pub I have a question! on the game to get help from anyone on the channel.

  • Send staff a mail.

If you're having trouble connecting to the game, you can always send an email to

  • Page a staff member.

Type @staff when you are connected to the game to see a list of staff members. You can type p <name>=Help! to page a member of staff for help.