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|stars=* For knocking off a baddie's hat during [[Big Trouble]].
|stars=* For knocking off a baddie's hat during [[Big Trouble]].
|level=Level III
|level=Level III

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"Science & Engineering" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Played by: [[User:|]]
"Science & Engineering" is not in the list of possible values (Command, Medical, Combat, Support, Intelligence) for this property.
Alt-Mode: Scooter
Faction: Neutral
Outlier Ability: No

Gearstrip is a tiny mechanic from Caminus who's getting into this whole galactic travel thing.


Curious and energetic, Gearstrip approaches novelty with a quiet delight. A little shy by her nature and inclined to be deferential to others due to a combination of her initial station in life and a natural and cultivated modesty, and often approaches social situations from an off-beat, akimbo angle. Although she loves her home and she came along to help, she definitely finds the uniqueness of the shenanigans to which they have been subjected out here … kind of seductive. There are more things in the heavens and earth, etc.


Gearstrip was born on Caminus and her place in society was one of the faithful, duty-bound and duty-focused. Her creativity did not run into any directions where it was actual useful; where others might build dreams into inventions or help for their home, she was a free spirit in ways that lacked direction.

She is not old for a Cybertronian, nor is she at the top of her field. She was content to her station except for how homebound it was. Encouraged by the amica endura she is closest to in the world (a flippy flyer jet in an entertainer’s role, Flyby), she left behind home by volunteering as a pair of hands for engine maintenance on the Cityspeaker Windblade’s ship. Imagine her surprise when their serious and important work was sidelined into the Lost Light’s wild adventure, and when the ship she’d been plugging along helping Nautica maintain got basically cannibalized for somebody else’s engine.

Rodimus Stars



 Start DateSummary
Zarazee Casino15 August 2016The Lost Light stops by mecha-friendly space-Vegas aka: The Zarazee Casino. Upon arrival, its clear that the glitzy casino is anything but friendly. Viscount Valeen, the overseer of Zarazee, rules over the casino with an iron fist and ensures debts are paid one way or another.
Beneath the Skin8 March 2016A nanotech virus designed by First Aid's evil twin runs rampant on the Lost Light, striking down whole swaths of the crew at once with an illness that takes them out of action.
Colony: Hubworld25 February 2016The Lost Light arrives at the next colony only to find an abandoned, mined-out metrotitan (Amazodon) and a Galactic Council outpost. Hesitantly welcomed at first, the LLers discover a mystical lens to view other realities when one of them invades, resulting in a lot of chaos and conflict.
Learning Curve20 November 2015Rivets, the mysterious bot that came aboard on Luna 1, reveals himself to be Savant, a brilliant mastermind behind several of the complications the Lost Light has encountered - and maybe even responsible for Brainstorm! There's a schuffle, Daytripper is turned inside-out and the engines are exploited for dark matter collection! The whole universe is threatened to be collapsed ... and somehow Pipes still does not die.
Ticked Off!11 November 2015Following the conclusion of the events on Luna 1, some of the lingering resentment literally came into play! The mysterious Rivets took advantage of Swindle to access everyone's subspace to exorcise their demons, causing the crew to lose inhabitions and to act out. A crew full of Rodimii!
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