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Our goal throughout is to be transparent and accountable in all matters relating to stats and abilities. If you are confused about any matter of our system or its use, please don't hesitate to speak up.

In use, we aim for as seamless an experience as possible. It should be easy to use. Combat, stats, and abilities are designed to supplement RP and add an element of chance when characters would like it. It is not a required part of the game, and roleplay always comes first.


Our stats can be rough divided into combat and non-combat stats and abilities. The stats primarily involved in combat are:

  • Strength
    • Strength is used to represent melee attacks.
  • Speed
    • Speed is used to represent a character's ability to evade a hit.
  • Endurance
    • Endurance represents a character's ability to take or shrug off a hit.
  • Firepower
    • Firepower is used to represent ranged attacks.


As our stats may be considered combat and non-combat stats, so some abilities -- even those related to combat stats -- are non-combat. The more or less purely combat-related abilities are included below:


  • Close-Quarters Combat
    • This refers primarily to striking styles of combat, be it street brawling or advanced martial arts. Boxing rather than wrestling; karate rather than judo.
  • Grapple
    • This refers to forms of combat focused on grappling and submission holds. Wrestling rather than boxing; judo rather than karate.


  • Evasion
    • Evasion covers the ability to dodge a hit or tiptoe through a minefield.


  • Hardiness
    • Hardiness is how many hits you are going to take before you get knocked down, including armoring and natural resilience.


  • Sniping
    • If you want to make that long shot from far away like a cool, collected badass then you better level up your sniping, son.
  • Small arms
    • For the dual-wielding gunslinger in your heart: small arms.
  • Demolition
    • You going to blow something up? You going to STOP something from blowing up? You better know what you're doing.


The following are temporary suggestions for how to resolve combat using dice as our full combat system is adapted:


To keep a scene running as quickly as possible, players or GMs may ask players simply to roll for their strength or firepower. This can be done with a simple @roll of 5, such as @roll 5 which will give a result from 1-5. If the number is equal to or less than the character's strength or firepower, then they have hit.


But wait, you say -- what about speed and endurance? What about the defender? Don't they get to roll? Sure! They can roll, too. Much as the attacker rolled strength or firepower, the defender can @roll 5. This can get a little more complicated, as a straight comparison of rolls -- if the attacker rolls 2 and the defender rolls 3 -- does not take into account what their actual stats are. Please note that the defender will always win a tie.

To determine the effectiveness of an attack, take the character's Strength or Firepower and subtract the result of the roll. For example:

Strength (4) - Roll (1) = 3


Firepower(2) - Roll (3) = -1

Then, the defender should roll based on whether they are trying to dodge the attack or shrug it off:

Speed (4) - Roll (2) = 2


Endurance (5) - Roll (2) = 3

This can have varying results. For example:

Strength (4) - Roll (1) = 3


Speed (4) - Roll (2) = 2

In that case, the defender is not able to dodge fast enough, and the punch hits.

Strength (4) - Roll (1) = 3


Endurance (5) - Roll (2) = 3

As this is a tie, the punch might hit, but the defender shrugs it off.

Sometimes you may have an attack that looks like a miss, only the defender is even worse:

Firepower(2) - Roll (3) = -1


Speed (3) - Roll (5) = -2</code>

In that case, the shot would hit.


But none of these rolls include abilities, you say! You're right. To include abilities in your rolls, you would @roll 10 and consider things such as:

ATTACKER: Strength (4) + Grapple (2) = 6


DEFENDER: Speed (3) + Evasion (4) = 7

ATTACKER: The attacker rolls a 4.

DEFENDER: The defender rolls a 5.

The attacker's total points are 6. 6 - 4 = 2.

The defender's total points are 7. 7 - 5 = 2.

As this is a tie, the defender wins.


In the future, we will be using a combat system adapted from Firan MUX, with permission from the game creators.