2018-11-15 Challenge

From Transformers: Lost and Found

< DataNet:Soundwave

The audio file appears suddenly and spreads quickly. Anyone may access it, download it, and listen to it. As many times as, they wish. It’s addressed to all Cybertronians- no matter the faction or colony. And it is sent directly to Megatron himself.

It holds a recording of the following:

“Decepticons. Cybertronians. Megatron. This is Soundwave of the Lost Light and I ask you take just a few short kliks to stop and listen to me. For this might be the most important message you have heard in your life.”

“You are being deceived.”

“It was more than a statement. It was more than the truth. It was a call to arms, a call to tear the foundation of society away so the truth lay raw and bare: that we were ruled. That there was injustice. That we lived under constant threat of those who believed themselves greater than us. ‘’Better’’ than us. We would not stand for that. And thus, the pillars of the Decepticons were forged:

“Freedom. Justice. Peace. And equality.”

“We fought against a tyrannical rule, that placed a few above many. That conditioned us into believing this was as good as life could be for someone. That decided what we would do before we could discover what we wanted to do. They turned a blind-eye to our suffering so long as Cybertron was as they wanted. And to those who didn’t fit in their system? They were punished- swiftly and cruelly. With this constant threat hovering over the public like an executioner’s axe, they controlled us with fear.”

“But these demagogues and despots are gone. The Decepticons wiped them away. Cybertron is now free of tyranny! Its systems are just and fair. We are at peace and all or made equal. The Decepticon dream made reality. After four million years, we achieved it. We won.”

“Unfortunately… You are being deceived.”

“Megatron has told you all of this. Megatron would have you all believe it. Megatron. Is. Lying.”

“I ask you to look around, I ask you to wash the patina of complacency from your optics and see the truth. Megatron does not give you freedoms and choices- he gives ultimatums and restrictions to keep you controlled. Megatron’s justice is in the hands of a division of murderers and sadists who need scant little reason to torture and kill. Megatron’s pride has denied us peace again and again; he does not care for peace unless he is the controlling it.”

“The Decepticons have become what we desired to eliminate. Enamored by speeches, spurred by hate. We were too consumed that we never noticed the pyramid Megatron built out of us. And I’m ashamed to have allowed him to position himself at the top. I suppose we are all equal under Megatron. Because, to him, we are nothing more than tools for his rule.”

“This is not the world the Decepticons were told about. It’s not the world we were promised and it’s not the world we fought for. We don’t deserve this- we deserve better. Better than him. And I will no longer watch him destroy us.”


“I challenge you for leadership of the Decepticon Empire and all that entails.”

“You claim that we need you to make Cybertron great again? I disagree. I can only hope that this message- that my challenge against you, the Great Deceiver- will make every Decepticon, every Cybertron, see the truth:”

“We don’t need you.”