Ship Message: Command Changes

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Rodimus sends the following as a video message, which means no one has to try to decipher his idea of proper grammar or spelling:

"So now that you've all had a little time to absorb Ultra Magnus's message, let me first confirm it, second thank him for his service and wish him luck, and third, tell you a little bit about where we're gonna go from here.

"Ultra Magnus submitted his resignation a while ago, and we've been working since then to make sure that this transition is about as smooth as we can manage it. It's tempting to think that he's irreplaceable, and maybe he kind of is: he handles as one person what it's gonna take three to do without him. Luckily, I've got that three, and hundreds more besides.

"So, thanks, Magnus. Thanks for seeing us through let's not count how many -- and I mean it, please don't count -- crisises. Thanks for being an unwavering foundation of principle and discipline. Good luck.

"Hound will be assuming Ultra Magnus's former rank and duties as executive officer and second-in-command. Drift remains as third-in-command."

Rodimus steadies himself, then regards the camera directly as he says, "And Soundwave will be joining command as the final bridge officer."

There's a long pause as he clearly tries to figure out the best way to wrap that bomb up, then Rodimus just says, "Okay, bye, have fun on Velocitron but not too much fun, you know?"

Then message ends.