Re: To Rodimus

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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def. got 2 do something with the awk. blank space. it looks all empty?? and weird? maybe more flames. 🤔

u can't have my badge. i'm keeping it and i'm putting it up. it's important it means a lot. so if it goes missing i'm gonna come find you and shake it out of you. also possible your rotors.

thanks tho.


Heard the news! Congrats and all that junk. Badges are overrated! And now you got room for even MORE flames.

I can paint them for you (for a really good price too since you're my favorite Captain around) so just comm me whenever.


PS: What're you doing with your badge?

PPS: Can I have your badge?

PPPS: Kidding!

PPPPS: But seriously, can I have it.</blockquote>