2017-12-31 Captain's note in daily briefing

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Bundled with the day's morning briefing is a video update from Rodimus. It's not long, and addressed to the crew of the Lost Light in narrow, casual focus:

"Hi, guys."

Rodimus is in his office. He splits the difference between standing, leaning, and sitting, tucked up against the front edge of his desk with his hands braced to either side and his spoiler angled with confidence. He wears a determined smile.

"By now you're probably aware that Orion Pax and Megatron have called Autobots and Decepticons to report to the fight against Unicron."

Rodimus waits a beat and then leans forward, his smile flashing wider: "I welcome them to the battle.

"It's a battle we've been fighting since the beginning. The Lost Light was there when Unicron we formed. We struck the first hits and took the first blows. It's our scouts that tracked him, our soldiers that fought his Harbingers, and our scientists who've worked to uncover his secrets. And, yeah, it's our medics that patched us up more times than I'd like.

"It hasn't been an easy fight. You have stood against the destruction, defending people who -- let's be real -- kind of hate us sometimes. I couldn't be more proud of you guys."

Rodimus sits back then. Though the warmth lingers, his expression sobers. "You're probably also aware that Megs just can't help but pair his stirring speeches with a threat. He's literally incapable. But things have changed. This isn't the Cybertron of the war: an isolated wasteland torn apart by two turbowolves determined to starve the other. We've got the beginning of something awesome here. A Council of Worlds, formed from the lost colonies that we rediscovered, and Cybertron itself reborn.

"This ship has been at the center of it all, and we've been a beginning, too. I'll stand between any threat in the universe and what we've worked to build. And I know I'm not alone.

"Megatron says he will remember. That's fine. Remember that things have changed. Remember those we lost and the home that was all but destroyed. I'm gonna rely on you guys to remember for me. I'd rather rebuild. And I know that nothing -- not factions, not Unicron -- is strong enough to tear down everything we've already begun build together."

...then the screen fades to black on Rodimus fingergunning at the camera.