12-13-17 Report

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Sent-to: Command

Surveillance Report -- Unicron and Associated Forces

Location of the target was within expected coordinates as determined by Intel, allowing for immediate reconnaissance. Initial observation revealed a diminished Harbinger fleet, losses in recent battles making area discipline and defensive posture extremely weak and easily penetrated. Based on number of ships and commensurate activity, enemy forces are estimated at approximately 250 mechs.

Force discipline dissolved entirely during an attack upon an outlying star system's defenses and the defenses of the defending homeworld. There was no rear guard established. Further, there were extended periods of time in which the Harbinger fleet expended themselves entirely in attempting to prepare the way for Unicron. The loss of the planet was surprisingly swift, Unicron undergoing an unknown refinement process that retained the heavier elements of the planet while excreting lighter elements. This was soon followed by a process wherein mechs landed on Unicron's surface to collect discharge from the refinement.

Unicorns next projected target has been mapped with the coordinates and last known acceleration included. Possible tactical consideration: Send combat units to the planet to help in the defense and entangle the Harbinger fleet before infiltration by the special operations team. Keep Redshift in reserve in an unobserved location near Unicron for rapid extraction. Report concluded.



Forwarded by Rodimus, aka Fritz, to Windblade, Fortress Maximus, and Perceptor.