Cybertronian Links to Orion Arm Anomaly Emerge

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Barristers Note: Ive been following Hanrahan for a while. You can read as much of her in this one article as you can in a thousand. As ships counsel, I strongly discourage any pleasure trips to organic worlds, especially alone.

Also, if anyone sees Xaaron putting a scratch on my body, I am to be notified immediately.

Cybertronian Links to Orion Arm Anomaly Emerge

Ailliotta Hanrahan for the Division of Veracity, The Empty Quarter, Shandam

Incidents involving the Orion Arm Anomaly have mounted in the week since Admiral KGard declared martial law throughout the Orion Arm sector. The Council has continued to operate dozens of refugee camps throughout the Orion Arms uninhabited zones to ease the stress of the mass influx of refugees on settled worlds. Together with the ongoing fleet build up at Issicus, Council outlays to cope with the Anomaly crisis have caused significant strain on Council finances.

That cost is likely to grow as reports indicate that the Anomaly may be associated with the Cybertronians. The Mechanical War, long thought to have been on the decline, appears to have resurfaced as local governments across the Orion Arm report Cybertronian attacks ahead of encounters with the Anomaly. The Division of Veracity has even received reports that Megatron, wreathed in a blue-white flame, has personally led attacks on organic worlds.

The alleged links between the Cybertronians and the terror wrought by the Anomaly have been fed on illicit Black Block Consortia messageboards. Anti-Mechanical pogroms have swept the Orion Arm following the release of a recording purporting to show the interrogation of a Council officer by Prelate Azzak, one of the leading members of the Black Block Consortia. Mechanicals of all races, Stentarian, Autonomon, Lithonite and Goh-Bat have been reported victims of vigilante attacks.

One of those attacks took place here, on the desert world of Shandam. According to local legend, a non-combatant Cybertronian settled on Shandam before major organic civilization reached this part of the planet, known as the Empty Quarter. Locals knew the Cybertronian, who wandered the silicate wastes and occasionally traded deep desert ores with the local Shandians, as Hightracks. In my reporting, I found merchants who had known the Cybertronian for generations and considered it an important cog in the local economy.

As of last night, Halftrack is no more. Your reporter observed fast-moving gangs of Shandians mixed with refugees set upon the Cybertronian as it came to the settlement. They attacked its armor with pikes, harpoons, hammers, and anything else that was at hand. The Cybertronian turned to flee into the desert, before its treads were destroyed by improvised explosives. Your reporter did not observe the Cybertronian changing shape, for which its race is famous. As the sun rose the next morning, the pieces of Halftrack were still strewn about the wastes. None moved to salvage it. Although your reporter has been reassigned to cover the fleet buildup at Issicus, she expects the desert to be the Cybertronians grave.

At the risk of editorializing beyond that appropriate for a duly-appointed veracitor, one sworn always to tell the truth as best it can be known, these past weeks have changed the Orion Arm in ways that your reporter fears cannot be repaired. He That Hungers can be felt from the most distant star to the galactic core. We are all tossed about in his wake.