2017-06-17 Refugees Riot, Dozens Feared Dead

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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  • From time to time, Barrister of Iacon, Ship's Counsel, collects interstellar news articles that may be of interest to the Lost Light crew. This article was among those recently circulated.*

Refugees Riot, Dozens Feared Dead

Ailliotta Hanrahan for the Division of Veracity, Healoa City

Refugees from the destruction of the Ummah of Rior have driven Healoan security forces from the central district in the capital, which has been wracked by three nights of rioting. The security forces attempted to intervene to quell clashes between different Rioran sects that have been clustered in Council Resettlement Authority camps on the outskirts of the city, only to be routed by the alien refugees. What began as unrest in the resettlement camps has engulfed the mid-tier world capital in violence.

The first ships, crammed full of civilian refugees from the Rior System, began arriving over the past few weeks. The survivors told a harrowing tale of the fall of their world and its colonies at the hands of an as-yet unknown force. The Council Resettlement Authority has declined to comment on whether the destruction of Rior was brought about by a natural calamity or something more malicious, such as a hostile alien intervention. No ships have been received in the Healoa System in the past five standard days. No automated Council probes to the Rior System have returned or broadcast information from the disaster zone.

The Resettlement Authority estimates that the sentient population of the Ummah of Rior was upwards of ten billion prior to the calamity. Slightly over two million refugees have thusfar been registered. "Whatever struck the Rior System brought swift and total devastation." Professor Shemdan of the Curricula Institute for Unprecedented Threats said. "We will bring all resources to bear to protect the surrounding systems in the sector and ascertain the precise nature of anomaly."

In the meantime, the Healoan Hierarchy has appealed to Frontier Fleet: Orion Arm for assistance in maintaining order. Council Marines are expected in the next several days, though the Healoan security forces have resolved to retake the areas that have fallen under refugee control. "We understand our obligations to assist sentients who have suffered catastrophic disaster." The spokesbeing for the Hierarchy told reporters. "But our obligations do not come at the cost of our security. Our patience as host is wearing thin."

As dawn breaks over the crystal spires of Healoa City, security forces gather for an imminent offensivee. The fires in the central squares have died down, and the devout among the Rior kneel for dawn prayers ahead of the crude metal altar they have erected at the heart of the square. It calls to mind the maw of some fanged creature, its teeth reaching into the air. "The old gods are dead." A young Ummah priest told this reporter. "There is only He That Hungers."