From Transformers: Lost and Found

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[The following is a video posted anonymously on the Lost Light's datanet. It is from a popular daily news program in the Galactic Core.]

Reports are arriving at this hour of a Cybertronian attack on a fringe world. The attack took place in the late evening hours at the Zarazee Casino and lasted for several hours. Galactic Council officials have issued a statement stating that there is no threat at this time to the core worlds or to neighboring systems. The threat, for now, has moved on.

[The program cuts to images of the Zarazee Casino, its defenses shattered with smoke rising from a few of its gun batteries.]

Eye-witnesses at the scene describe a sudden and unprovoked onslaught by Cybertronian forces against casino security forces. The motive behind the attack is at this time unknown, but we are all familiar, some painfully so, with the random nature of Cybertronian violence against organic worlds.

[Another cut, this time to emergency responders carrying away beaten, burnt, and sliced organics who up until a few moments ago served as Viscount Valeen’s enforcers. A crowd of casino patrons looks on.]

Cybertronian attacks have been on the decline for a generation, amid reports that their eternal war had drastically reduced the Cybertronian population and even recently come to an end. Cybertronian experts have warned that, even as the era of Cybertronian expansion which terrified our ancestors and destroyed entire civilizations comes to a close, we can expect lone-wolf attacks from Cybertronian remnants and mechanical gangs driven mad by the eternal war. Whether the night of terror that struck the Zarazee Casino is just one of these random acts of violence that have for so long characterized our experience with the Cybertronians or a harbinger of a return to the dark days of rampaging so-called transformers, remains to be seen. Whatever the case, Galactic Council officials stress that its defenses are ready, and that the Cybertronian threat will never again threaten another race with extinction. We can only hope that, if the grace of a higher power be with us, that they are right.

In other news, the Galactic Fleet Service has confirmed that last month’s assassination of Viceroy Bel’gabrub of the Synan Sector was carried out by infamous Black Brahmin Three Songs at Dawn Before Battle. The brazen attack on a Council official is expected to spur reprisals against the Black Block. . . .