2016-08-31 A holovid for download

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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The following holovid was posted anonymously to the ship’s datanet.

[The scene opens on a dark highway. Those who are in the know might recognize the industrial skyline of pre-war Tesarus in the background. An INNOCENT MECH rumbles down the empty streets, from the look of him obviously menial class. He comes to a stop at a checkpoint bearing the Senate’s insignia.]

OFFICER: Transform and display proof of function!

[The mech transforms and stumbles, showing telltale signs of energon overindulgence.]

INNOCENT MECH: What seems to be the problem, Officer…

OFFICER: That’s enough out of you! I’m going to have to take you in!

[A pair of headlights lance out of the darkness and an engine revs. A sleek, black luxury car peels out of a convenient shadow and approaches the two bots. At the last moment the mech transforms, and BARRISTER stands between the INNOCENT MECH and the OFFICER. His armor is a little more rounded and the quality of his polish is not as good, lending his black carapace an oily appearance.]

BARRISTER: Hands off! I’m Barrister of Iacon and THIS. MECH. HAS. RIGHTS!

[OFFICER turns to the camera, shocked at the appearance of THE LAW. Uplifting music plays and the scene shifts (while Barrister remains fixed, finger pointed accusingly at the agents of oppression) to a small but tidy office. BARRISTER turns to face the camera. His features are grim, professional.]

BARRISTER: It’s a dangerous world out there and you can’t afford to navigate it alone. I’m BARRISTER OF IACON, registered legal counsel. There’s a Clampdown in effect and you need someone who’s on your side. If you’ve been unlawfully detained, injured by security forces, or deprived of your valuable property by an unjust system, remember: YOU HAVE RIGHTS. Now, you need an advocate who fights FOR YOU.

[The scene cuts to images of riots throughout the Five Cities and elsewhere, with Senate enforcers assaulting protesters and passersby. Eventually, the scene fades back into Barrister’s office from a different angle.]

BARRISTER: All it takes today is one mistake and your freedom could be in jeopardy. I’ve represented the best and taken the worst that the criminal justice system has to offer. I will fight tirelessly, day and night, for you. The other side doesn’t fight fair, but with my centuries of legal experience we can level the playing field at score a win for justice. That’s the BARRISTER ADVANTAGE.

[The scene cuts to a third angle of the office, apparently for the sole purpose of allowing BARRISTER to turn dramatically to face the camera while propped against his desk. He smiles as a lengthy comm number flashes in neon green at the bottom of the screen.]

BARRISTER: My team of legal experts is standing by to take your calls. Don’t hesitate. The difference between a bad day and becoming another victim of the system might be the number you decide to call. Make an informed choice. Call BARRISTER OF IACON.