2018-01-03 Message to All Decepticons from Supreme Commander Deathsaurus

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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The message from Supreme Decepticon Command is sent across all the usual channels. It opens straight away to an image of Deathsaurus, seated at his desk aboard his warworld, with a large Decepticon symbol emblazoned on the wall behind him. His pointed fingertips rest lightly on the desk surface, and he looks from side to side, as if to call attention to the lack of lackeys.

"Fellow Decepticons, I, Deathsaurus, greet you. As you know, we're living in a trying time, with threats from every direction. I need not recount them here; you're living with them now, and you've heard enough messages from others to remind you of any you may have forgotten." The commander smirks.

"Megatron has put out a call for you to fight Unicron alongside him. Put simply, he has returned from captivity with Optimus Prime, rescued by the crew of the Lost Light, with the intent to not just take on Unicron, but pit Decepticons against one another and destroy the peace that is already upon us, simply because it's not his peace. What's more, he has threatened any Decepticon who refuses to join his splinter group, threatened you if you don't obey him, for any reason. I ask you: is this competent, confident leadership?

"Yet, Megatron has forced a choice upon you all the same. However, he is not supreme leader of the Decepticons: that office is mine, and I have not relinquished it. So, with that authority, I declare that you are free to decline his request. You can fight alongside me and my Decepticon army, and Autobots, and neutrals, and the Council of Worlds.

"However, you are also free to accept his request. After all, the destruction of Unicron is of utmost importance. Whether you fight alongside Megatron, or alongside me, you've chosen well. Unlike Megatron, however, when the fight is over, I shall not reject you, or seek vengeance. You'll be free to return to the greater Decepticon family, welcomed as heroes of our common cause.

"You see, we are Decepticons because of our collective ideals. Following those is all it takes. They don't bend to the interpretation of any individual, even one who originally set them down. They're ours. They're yours. So, think of them, as you make your decision. You should consult with those you trust, Decepticon or not, if you need to.

"The Council of Worlds has offered you sanctuary as another option, after also rejecting Megatron's claim on their own warriors. I hope that you'll remain by my side, but I do permit you to choose that option. Decepticons are more than simply fighters to be thrown at a problem, and we can serve in many other ways.

Deathsaurus looks back at that big symbol behind him before concluding. "For a long time now, my army and I have been on our own crusade, eliminating threats to Cybertron far and wide. We have a wider perspective on what it means to be a Decepticon. It's more than fighting Autobots, or serving the whims of a single leader. So much more. I hope you understand that too. But no matter what, as long as you fight for our ideals the best you can, I'm proud to share my badge with you. I'll see you on the battlefield." The supreme commander gives a firm thumbs up before the message ends.