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The following channels are public channels and free to join:

  • Public: For friendly chatter with the game at large.
  • RolePlay: RP arrangement and requests!
  • Newbie: Need help? Give a holler here and someone will answer you!
  • Plot / Scene Channels:
    • BigScene: Used for plot chatter during plot scenes and ongoing plots.
    • BiggerScene: Spillover channel used for ADDITIONAL plot chatter during plot scenes and ongoing plots.
  • Media, Etc.
    • Babylon5: Babylon 5 discussion.
    • CivilWar: Cap 3 (Or Iron Man 4 if you're feeling salty) discussion and spoilers.
    • Fallout: Fallout 4 discussion.
    • Spoilers: The place for Wednesday comic book spoilers!
    • StarWars: Discussion of all StarWars media, including spoilers for new things.
    • StevenUniverse: WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS.
    • Undertale: Flowers and skeletons.
    • VideoGames: I bet you can guess.
  • Discussion.
    • CharChat: Wanna talk about your characters or character ideas? This is a good place for it!
    • NSFW: More ADULT adult-type conversation.
    • SrsBzns: A channel for discussion, politics, etc.. It's generally adult-oriented content and should be treated seriously. It may get heated.

If you'd like to request a new public channel for a topic, please ask a staff member or send a +request.

Helpful commands include:

  • help @channel
  • +help channel
  • +help addcom
  • +help delcom
  • +help comlist
  • @channel/list
    • Lists all channels that you have access to.
  • @channel/on <channel name>
    • Join a channel.
  • +comlist
    • This will show you a list of aliases you have set for channels..
  • +addcom <alias>=<channel name>
    • This will allow you to an alias for a channel you're already on. For example, you could type addcom pu=Public if you think typing +pub takes too long, or you don't want to use + to access channels.
  • @channel/who <channel>
    • This will show you a list of people who are on the channel, for example @channel/who Public will show you a list of people on the Public channel.
  • @channel/gag <channel>
    • This will temporarily mute a channel. Useful in instances when you need a little temporary quiet!

Other examples and help can be found on our start guide. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask on game!