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The following channels are public channels and free to join:

[Public]: For friendly chatter with the game at large.
[RolePlay]: RP arrangement and requests!
[Help]: Need help? Give a holler here and someone will answer you!

Helpful commands include:

  • @clist
    • Lists all channels that you have access to.
  • comlist
    • This will show you a list of channels that you have already added and what your alias is.
  • 'addcom <alias>=<channel name>
    • This will allow you to add a new alias for a channel. For example, you could type addcom pu=Public if you think typing pub takes too long.
  • <alias> who
    • This will show you a list of people who are on the channel, for example pub who will show you a list of people on the Public channel.

Other examples and help can be found on our start guide. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask on game!