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Transformers: Lost and Found is set in the IDW Continuity, inspired by the More Than Meets The Eye continuity.

The game follows canon events up to the launch of the Lost Light, with one exception: in our game canon, the original crew of the Lost Light was supplemented with a larger crew of Decepticons led by Soundwave. After the point of Lost Light's launch, our story officially becomes its own AU. We may draw inspiration from the existing comic storylines or future comics yet to be released, but we are not bound to any post-launch canon.

The Story So Far

Season One

The Lost Light launched with a combined Autobot and Decepticon crew. Shortly after launch, the ship exploded (a little) when the engines failed. The Lost Light was drifting through space when a Camien ship intercepted and made repairs to the ship, at the cost of their own ship. The Camien crew joined the Lost Light under Windblade's leadership.

Just as repairs on the engines were wrapping up, the crew discovered there was a sparkeater loose on the ship, but a combined Autobot and Decepticon team managed to throw it out the airlock.

The Lost Light discovered that they had no idea where they were. After searching and finding an inhabited planet, they got directions -- and armed a rebellion of organic lifeforms.

Back on track to find the Circle of Light to help them sort out their map, the Lost Light made a brief detour to investigate a dead planet only for the planet to dissolve beneath them. Thanks to the powers of science, they were able to save the day -- but a mysterious, planet-eating vampire remained somewhere out there in the dark of space.

A stop at Constancy ended up putting the Lost Light crew on the Galactic Council's bad list (worse list, maybe; let's face it, Cybertronians are already on the bad list). The Lost Light shuttle took an impact from a different, fleeing ship and landed to find themselves arrested. They broke out and went on a run for it with Grimlock in tow, and only Ultra Magnus was able to keep the peace.

Rodimus and Ultra Magnus wrangled Grimlock's legal status, but before the trial could go off, the Lost Light was contacted by a future Lost Light from a world where Starscream was the last hope for Cybertron and Rodimus accidentally a cult. Their only hope was to disguise themselves as humans and steal the Heart of Cybertron back from a foul villain to restore their nearly decimated species and bring Cybertron back to life.

After saving the future, a milkrun to Delphi turns complicated when strange golden drones set siege to the medical facility. It turned out that the DJD facility also on Messatine had been tossed over and its data stolen by those same drones. Collecting a few new additions to the crew, the Lost Light got out while the going was good before the DJD could return to blame them for the mess.

When the Lost Light investigated a Decepticon beacon on Clemency, they found not a distress signal, but a warning: a monster fused into a Worldsweeper attacked the Lost Light crew. It was particularly interested in Rodimus, saying that he smelled similar to something which had been carried by the Scavenger Decepticons who had set the warning.

The Thingy carried by the Scavengers was also of interest to Ignition, who pursued them to Clemency in order to recover it. Ignition commanded a team of the same golden drones spotted at Delphi. The Scavengers, however, were long gone, having taken Grimlock and left the planet. (And, eventually, leaving him on Constancy, where the Lost Light crew found him.) After putting an end to the monster, the Lost Light set off again.

They soon ran into the planetary vampire from before only for it to turn on them! Two bird-like beings raided the ship's energon stores. Although one escaped, one remained on board. Desperate for energon, the Lost Light crew pursued every lead -- including the mythical, leading them to the fabled Doradus. After a few disasters, they were finally back on course, fully fueled, and ready to go.

Yet when they arrive at Theophany, they find the Crystal City empty, Ignition and her golden drones kidnapping the Circle, and a titan under attack by scavengers. Although the Lost Light crew can't save the Circle, they do save the titan, who tells them where Ignition was headed: Hedonia.

A brief detour in the name of diplomacy nearly turned into disaster when religious extremists attempted to put an end to the Autobot entourage there on official visit ... and the Decepticons who snuck down looking for a sign of Megatron.

Back on track, the Lost Light beat Ignition to Hedonia, where the Scavengers, Lockdown, Ignition, and the Lost Light ended in a scramble for the Thingy and Ultra Magnus learned he wasn't the only Duly Appointed Enforcer when Ignition revealed that she too worked for Tyrest. Her possession of the Circle was classified as lawful detainment. The Scavengers joined the Lost Light crew and the Thingy joined the Lost Light loot. With a tracking device left on Ignition's ship, the Lost Light set back on course following their map.

Soundwave, on assignment from Rodimus, led a time to hit Ignition's ship and rescue the Circle of Light. The rescued a person rather than the many they expected: Axe.

Things immediately got crazy as an unfortunate series of events beginning with a dress and a bored Seeker ended in a Rift in time and space. After beating the bad guys on the ship and more or less working things out with the natives, the Lost Light had just barely gotten back on course before they discovered that more than one monster had been set loose on the Lost Light: Overlord was on board.

A dozen were left dead or injured, including Ultra Magnus, by the time Overlord was killed. Only then Ultra Magnus went missing, followed by Blast Off.

Season Two day...

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