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Transformers: Lost and Found is set in the IDW Continuity, inspired by the More Than Meets The Eye continuity. Chris McFeely has created a video series called Transformers: The Basics, and one of those videos can help orient you to the IDW universe.

The game follows canon events up to the launch of the Lost Light, with one exception: in our game canon, the original crew of the Lost Light was supplemented with a larger crew of Decepticons led by Soundwave. After the point of Lost Light's launch, our story officially becomes its own AU. We may draw inspiration from the existing comic storylines or future comics yet to be released, but we are not bound to any post-launch canon.

Current Story

The Lost Light has been grounded, all but destroyed by Unicron. After a heavy landing on the colony of Rigard, repairs are ongoing and expected to take months.

However, the crew isn't trapped. Rigard was the last stop by the Knights of Cybertron, following their own battle against Unicron. Although they weren't able to kill Unicron, they were able to defeat him, sealing him in stasis for ten million years. They left a weapon to defeat Unicron on Rigard and an A.I. patterened from one of their own, Anialus, to work with the colony's living titan, Tempo, and guide the Cybertronians of the future to kill Unicron.

Unfortunately, Unicron has forces of his own. The strange alternate reality version of the Lost Light appears to have made contact with Unicron and are now acting on his behalf. They are unnaturally strong and are devestating the forces of the galaxy in advance of Unicron. It's up to the Lost Light to stop them, recover the Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron, and defeat Unicron. Or else.

No pressure.

Current Mysteries

Players are keeping track of current ongoings on the page Season_Three_Player_Notes. If you are NOT a plot staffer, and you find clues out ICly, please list them here!

Colonies Visited

You can learn more about the places we've been by visiting the Colonies page.

Current Missions

Players are welcome to run missions for each other on the following guidelines. Please drop a quick update after you run something to the Story Updates board so that everyone knows what's going on!

  • Artifact Retreival
The weapon to kill Unicron is powered by artifacts that were left behind by the Knights of Cybertron. The artifacts are registered with the machine at the heart of the metrotitan upon retrieval. After that, residual spark energy is gathered through the artifact and fed to the titan's machine. There doesn't seem to be any draining effect on those who have registered artifacts, however; it is pulling waste energy that is otherwise unused. In fact, those with registered artifacts feel very much ... more.
Every plot will be centered around the retrieval of an artifact. These artifacts come in some expected shapes -- weapons, shields, jewelry -- and some completely inconsequential bits of trash. You only get one item for yourself this season so think hard about what you want it to be. These items are more than just the ordinary. They were forged by the Knights during the Golden Age of Cybertron.
It's one artifact per plot, and if by the end of the season you haven't had a chance to grab yours on a plot on-cam, you can assume you grabbed it off-cam. Everyone will get one. Swap plot-running with a buddy for the chance to get your own artifact! If you have any questions about what might be appropriate for an artifact, feel free to ask PlotStaff (+list plot). They should be considered to be legendary weapons ... or legendary bits of trash if that's your aesthetic.
  • Scouting for Unicron
Where is Unicron going? Why is he going there? This is a great excuse for characters with space alt-modes to spend time in space, or people to grab a shuttle and follow Unicron's trail of wreckage. Contact alien species that have been hit hard by Unicron, and -- once they've put down their guns -- offer aid. They are used to Cybertronians being an attacking force. Maybe we can present another face?
  • Shadow Selves
The alternate reality Lost Light -- think Shattered Glass -- has been remade as Heralds of Unicron. They are sweeping the galaxy ahead of Unicron and taking out anyone that stands in their way. They are also creating some REALLY BAD PRESS for the Lost Light, Cybertronians and Transformers in general. Meet up with your favorite sadomasochistic / hippy dippy alter ego and FIGHT. Or rescue them. Soundwave has it bad, guys!
Please keep in mind that the alternate reality Lost Lighters have advanced armor and weaponry as a result of being remade by Unicron. All of their rolls should be made with a +2 advantage to reflect that. Don't expect to win a 1:1 fight.
  • Council of Worlds
Plans are in motion for Cybertron, its colonies, and major independent forces to gather as a council of equals: allies in the fight against Unicron. Starscream's not all that happy about control slipping from his grasp, and schemes at every turn to pull the colonies back to his side. Reach out, make connections, and help the colonies rebuild as you bring them into the fight against Unicron. We need their help to collect artifacts!

The Story So Far

Season One

Long story short:

The Lost Light left Cybertron looking for the Circle of Light -- an old pacifist Primalist cult dedicated to the Knights of Cybertron -- to ask for their help decoding a map discovered in the Matrix of Leadership. However, the Circle of Light was missing: abducted, it turned out, by Chief Justice Tyrest of the famed Tyrest Accord that restricted the trade of Cybertronian technology.

The Lost Light clashed with Tyrest's latest Enforcer, Ignition, over possession of another item that Tyrest had been searching for: The Thingy was a quantum spark-resonant containment chamber, discovered by a group of Decepticons known as the Scavengers. When Tyrest attempted to use the Thingy to kill Cybertronians across the galaxy, the Lost Light saved the day and saved the Circle of Light, but at the cost of their map. Their half of the Matrix was shattered, and they were forced to continue on without it.

The long version:

The Lost Light launched with a combined Autobot and Decepticon crew. Shortly after launch, the ship exploded (a little) when the engines failed. The Lost Light was drifting through space when a Camien ship intercepted and made repairs to the ship, at the cost of their own ship. The Camien crew joined the Lost Light under Windblade's leadership.

Just as repairs on the engines were wrapping up, the crew discovered there was a sparkeater loose on the ship, but a combined Autobot and Decepticon team managed to throw it out the airlock.

The Lost Light discovered that they had no idea where they were. After searching and finding an inhabited planet, they got directions -- and armed a rebellion of organic lifeforms.

Back on track to find the Circle of Light to help them sort out their map, the Lost Light made a brief detour to investigate a dead planet only for the planet to dissolve beneath them. Thanks to the powers of science, they were able to save the day -- but a mysterious, planet-eating vampire remained somewhere out there in the dark of space.

A stop at Constancy ended up putting the Lost Light crew on the Galactic Council's bad list (worse list, maybe; let's face it, Cybertronians are already on the bad list). The Lost Light shuttle took an impact from a different, fleeing ship and landed to find themselves arrested. They broke out and went on a run for it with Grimlock in tow, and only Ultra Magnus was able to keep the peace.

Rodimus and Ultra Magnus wrangled Grimlock's legal status, but before the trial could go off, the Lost Light was contacted by a future Lost Light from a world where Starscream was the last hope for Cybertron and Rodimus accidentally a cult. Their only hope was to disguise themselves as humans and steal the Heart of Cybertron back from a foul villain to restore their nearly decimated species and bring Cybertron back to life.

After saving the future, a milkrun to Delphi turns complicated when strange golden drones set siege to the medical facility. It turned out that the DJD facility also on Messatine had been tossed over and its data stolen by those same drones. Collecting a few new additions to the crew, the Lost Light got out while the going was good before the DJD could return to blame them for the mess.

When the Lost Light investigated a Decepticon beacon on Clemency, they found not a distress signal, but a warning: a monster fused into a Worldsweeper attacked the Lost Light crew. It was particularly interested in Rodimus, saying that he smelled similar to something which had been carried by the Scavenger Decepticons who had set the warning.

The Thingy carried by the Scavengers was also of interest to Ignition, who pursued them to Clemency in order to recover it. Ignition commanded a team of the same golden drones spotted at Delphi. The Scavengers, however, were long gone, having taken Grimlock and left the planet. (And, eventually, leaving him on Constancy, where the Lost Light crew found him.) After putting an end to the monster, the Lost Light set off again.

They soon ran into the planetary vampire from before only for it to turn on them! Two bird-like beings raided the ship's energon stores. Although one escaped, one remained on board. Desperate for energon, the Lost Light crew pursued every lead -- including the mythical, leading them to the fabled Doradus. After a few disasters, they were finally back on course, fully fueled, and ready to go.

Yet when they arrive at Theophany, they find the Crystal City empty, Ignition and her golden drones kidnapping the Circle, and a titan under attack by scavengers. Although the Lost Light crew can't save the Circle, they do save the titan, who tells them where Ignition was headed: Hedonia.

A brief detour in the name of diplomacy nearly turned into disaster when religious extremists attempted to put an end to the Autobot entourage there on official visit ... and the Decepticons who snuck down looking for a sign of Megatron.

Back on track, the Lost Light beat Ignition to Hedonia, where the Scavengers, Lockdown, Ignition, and the Lost Light ended in a scramble for the Thingy and Ultra Magnus learned he wasn't the only Duly Appointed Enforcer when Ignition revealed that she too worked for Tyrest. Her possession of the Circle was classified as lawful detainment. The Scavengers joined the Lost Light crew and the Thingy joined the Lost Light loot. With a tracking device left on Ignition's ship, the Lost Light set back on course following their map.

Soundwave, on assignment from Rodimus, led a time to hit Ignition's ship and rescue the Circle of Light. The rescued a person rather than the many they expected: Axe.

Things immediately got crazy as an unfortunate series of events beginning with a dress and a bored Seeker ended in a Rift in time and space. After beating the bad guys on the ship and more or less working things out with the natives, the Lost Light had just barely gotten back on course before they discovered that more than one monster had been set loose on the Lost Light: Overlord was on board.

A dozen were left dead or injured, including Ultra Magnus, by the time Overlord was killed. Only then Ultra Magnus went missing, followed by Blast Off.

They were taken by Tyrest. The Lost Light followed, of course. Blast Off was being used to allow Tyrest to kill all Transformers with a broken spark chamber. The Matrix was used to repair the damage done, which shattered the map. Tyrest was killed(?) and lost to a portal that he claimed lead to Cyberutopia, as was Star Sabre and Ignition. The Circle of Light was rescued by a team from the Lost Light, but Dai Atlas was killed.

But the Lost Light still saved the day, even if the Matrix was dust and they had no map for their quest.

Season Two

Long story short:

Although they had lost the Matrix, a second map was found doodled onto Rodimus's desk: a copy of the Matrix Map. The crew of the Lost Light used this map to reestablish contact with 9 of the 13 ancient lost colonies. However, something strange was happening to the ship: each time they touched down on a colony, the ship experienced a power drain, which grew stronger and stronger the more colonies they visited. At the 9th colony, monoliths broke free from it and the other colonies the crew had visited. The monoliths gathered at Earth to reform Unicron. The Lost Light was all but shattered in the fight and forced to retreat.

The long version:

A crisis vote left Rodimus just barely hanging on to command, and the Lost Light continued on their quest using a partial map that Rodimus had drawn onto his desk. They made plans to hit the colonies and speak to the colony metrotitans to help fill out the map.

An attack from subspace compartment ticks left the Lost Light crew acting without restraint on their way to Caminus, leading directly to Brainstorm's encounter with his creator: Learning Curve.

When the Lost Light reached Caminus, the Lost Light accidentally inflamed an ongoing debate on energy on the resource-starved colony. A peaceful resolution left Caminus stepping toward equality and the Lost Light with directions to the next colony.

Shortly after leaving Caminus, a team departed to investigate a strange signal only to find it a Bludgeon-lead trap, and they'd just escaped from that to pick up a few supplies (and presents!) when crew members were captured and forced to fight in gladiatorial games in the Arena.

Finally, they reached the next colony: Prion, where there were No Survivors of the original colony. The planet had been converted into a prison world for Cybertronian lifeforms thanks to technology that Swindle sold to the Black Block Consortia. The Decepticon Justice Division took exception to this, and the Lost Light limped away.

A prior present became a present problem when Ammonites on Blast Off's shuttle started causing trouble, and no sooner was that problem solved than they arrived on the next colony to find a dead metrotitan gutted for parts -- and ran into some alternate versions of themselves, where evil Autobots bent on destruction and piracy took their enslaved Decepticons and stole ships. It turns out that the evil First Aid had unleashed a biological weapon on the ship as well.

Lead to the next colony by Tailgate's dying confession, the Lost Lighters rescued their wayward security chief and healed his terminal injury, while the colony after that had the Lost Light meeting Elita One and her crew of scientists and explorers above Eukaris. On Velocitron they settled a class war between the fast and the slow while fixing the colony's titan, and then they were off to Dunia where they were forced to put a maddened titan to death to save the colonists.

Taking a little break at the Zarazee_Casino, the crew gambled themselves into trouble only to get themselves out of it with a last touch of lucky. Unfortunately, that left the losers sore -- and as a result, they ran into some credit issues that grounded them untli they scraped up the car wash money to go on. After a few of them spent little time spent in animal form, and a few others spent a little time running from an evil needle monster, the crew finally made it to the next colony: Colony:_Verander.

There, Brainstorm discovers there is a monolith buried beneath the colony that is the source of a presistant energy drain that has been effective the Lost Light's engines every time it lands on a colony. It's a couple of detours before they hit the next colony: there's a carnival to see, a return of the personality ticks, a nasty brush with functionists, and some weird drug interactions.

On the colony of Shivah, something reached a breaking point: the crew discovered another of the mysterious monoliths that sapped energy from the ship, from the colonists, and even the colony's titan -- and this time, the monolith broke free.

The monolith lifted from Shivah's surface, tearing free and leaving chaos in its wake on its way to space. The Lost Light followed it to Earth where they found similar monoliths that had broken free from the other colonies they had visited, also leaving destruction behind. The monoliths joined, reforming into a threat so old that its name was only a shadow of the memory of the oldest among them:


Season Three

The Lost Light limped to harbor on Rigard: a colony formed by the remnants of the Knights of Cybertron following their last stand against Unicron. They've been granted hospitality by Tempo, the living metrotitan of the colony. There, an AI hologram of one of the Knights named Anialus told them that to defeat Unicron, they would have to retrieve the scattered relics of the Knights of Cybertron. The relics had been scattered across the galaxy to keep their power hidden -- but now, it was time to find them, and to draw on the power of the Knights once more.

The long version:

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