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Important events from the IDW timeline have been excerpted below:

  • 12 million BCE
    • Cybertronian religion says that the first Transformers were created very early on by the Guiding Hand.
  • 10 million BCE
    • There is a war among the gods and they only survive by becoming the transformation cog, the brain module, the Matrix, and Vector Sigma. The Cybertronians gain wisdom, immortality, and transforming skills, and form the Knights of Cybertron.
    • The Metrotitans leave Cybertron, some together with the Knights of Cybertron, others to establish colonies on other worlds. The colonies evolve separately from their ancestors and develop unique societies.
    • 10 - 8 million BCE
    • Nova Major declares himself Nova Prime, discovers Omega Supreme and with his aid, introduces Cybertron's "Golden Age".
    • Under his direction, the Cybertronian empire expands, with the Primal Vanguard serving as offworld peacekeepers.
    • Vector Sigma's life-giving, Hot spot-igniting pulse waves begin to slow down, prompting Nova to task a team of scientists led by Tyrest with extracting new sparks from the Matrix of Leadership, dividing causing Cybertronians to have either "forged" or "cold constructed" origins.
    • The first Ark launches is lost in the Benzuli expanse. All aboard perish. Ish.
  • Interregnum
    • Delta Magnus of the Primal Vanguard protects the Matrix of Leadership until a new bearer can be found.
    • Apartheid exists against those who were constructed instead of forged. This will eventually end but there will still be prejudice.
  • Senate Corruption
    • A corrupt Senate governs Cybertron, with Nominus Prime as Matrix-bearer.
    • A policy of "functionism" is instituted, with robots expected to stick to a single job determined by their alternate mode; monoformers, those without alt mode, face shape-hate.
    • The Senate use the sinister network of secret facilities known as the Institute to brainwash dissenters, and subject criminals to a head-and-hand replacement ritual known as empurata.
    • Megatron, a lowly miner who believes in changing the planet with non-violent actions, is left embittered after being subjected to police brutality.
  • Rise of the Decepticons
    • The Senate's head of security, Sentinel, is installed as the new Prime.
    • Megatron, who had been sent into exile offworld, escapes to join the gladiatorial games in Kaon. The Decepticon movement forms under his leadership.
    • Megatron kills the Senate and Sentinel Prime. The Decepticons occupy Kaon.
    • Zeta becomes the new Prime.
  • The Great War
    • Megatron holds Declaration Day.
    • Zeta is killed, Orion becomes Optimus, the last of the neutrals flee Cybertron, and the planet descends into a war that will last 4 million years and span the galaxy.
  • Earth Adventures
    • Beginning in 1984, increasing Cybertronian activity on Earth starts in infiltration and ends in something just short of war.
    • In the end, Autobots and Decepticons alike return to Cybertron to end an incursion from the Dead Universe. Together Optimus Prime and Megatron turn back the final death of Cybertron, which is instead reborn.

Comic Canon

We more or less follow the IDW comics G1 continuity through the The Death of Optimus Prime. As there are conflicts even within that continuity, feel free to ask if there are any points of confusion.

Our primary inspiration is the More Than Meets The Eye series, and as such we tend to place greater weight on stories in more direct agreement with those stories, including Last Stand of the Wreckers, the Chaos Theory arc during the Transformers ongoing, including issues 22, 23, 24, 26, 28, and 30.

TLF Canon

Following the events of The Death of Optimus Prime, our game diverges from IDW canon. We may continue to draw inspiration from existing storylines, but don't expect to see the exact same issues revisited in the exact same ways!

The Lost Light of our canon launched with a decidedly mixed crew, including a significant number of Decepticons under Soundwave's leadership. The war's end remains fresh in the minds of all the crew.

All Decepticons joined with the understand that they answer to Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, and Drift through Soundwave. Their I/D chips were removed on this promise of cooperation. Tensions may be high, and fights unavoidable, but maybe they can hold together long enough to at least do what they set out to accomplish.

Whatever that is.