Big Trouble

From Transformers: Lost and Found

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Big Trouble
Start Date 2015/12/01
End Date 2015/12/04
Location Asteroid
NPCs Bludgeon
GM Pipes


Buldgeon's kidnapping green-sparked Transformers to fuel his ascension to godhood!


The Lost Light crew answers a call onto to end up in more trouble than they expected. Shenanigans end in a daring rescue, mad heroism, a mysterious potion, and evil defeated.


Its the Lost Light versus Bludgeon's army of Syncons. As Rodimus gives a showy entrance, Bludgeon begins to cut into his green sparked prize as a fight breaks out. Cyclonus makes quick work of those who dare step in his path while Slugfest sears through a gaggle of syncons in the most comedic fashion imaginable. It is through releasing Animus and smashing Bludgeon's scanner- thanks to Geastrip and Tailgate- that the mech is defeated and brings his own lair down on top of himself.