Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron

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Artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron
Start Date 2017/06/10
End Date
Location Space
GM Ems, Koi, Mox, Sao, Tez, Jay, Jug


With the Matrix destroyed, the universe is forced to rely on a backup plan to defeat Unicron: gathering artifacts of the Knights of Cybertron to power a mysterious super weapon.

Let's hope it works.

Artifact Effects

The longer you have your artifact, the greater the charge it draws from you, the more the titan is empowered, and the more the artifact itself is empowered. Please click the links below as they become relevant for you -- or if you really, really can't resist spoilers.

One Month:

It has been one month since you found the artifact of the Knights of Cybertron. Since then, it has been a curiosity, an object of interest, but that's about it. If not for the fact that you'd been told it was an artifact of the Knights of Cybertron, you might not be able to guess.

And yet--.

It shows itself in subtle ways, but you find yourself growing to be ... more: more open to the experiences of those around you; more thoughtful as to the long term consequences of your actions; stronger; faster; maybe even a little bigger. More of a hero, like it or not.

Please catch Tez online to be allowed to return to chargen to redo your +sheet. You can make changes within the limits of the chargen system, and then will be granted XP to spend equal to the XP you have gained thus far. At this time, please also let her now which of your attributes you would like to be raised by +1 this season. This is a temporary stat boot. Applicable attributes are: body; mind; presence; reaction. They can be raised above 4 to 5 on a temporary basis if you would like.

Please RP this as a very gradual thing, and one that is not necessarily obvious. It will be a growth of self that continues over the course of the season, so it shouldn't manifest immediately. It's up to you how you play it!

Two Months:

As you recharge, you dream. This dream has a way of clinging long after waking. The sense of lingering connection is hard to shake -- and can even be unnerving.

Please create your own vision, or see if someone else would be willing to write one for you. You are welcome to RP out further dreams and visions and develop the history of this NPC -- who never interacts with or acknowledges you, mind you, so you're probably not haunted. Probably. These moments of connection should be extremely rare, and if you are the type to entirely ignore it and not want to dig into it, it could be just this one moment. If, on the other hand, you are the type of person to meditate and try to connect to the great beyond and you spend a lot of time staring at your artifact in your hand -- well, maybe more frequent.

If you have any questions about what would be appropriate, please contact staff.

Three Months:

When fighting the Unicron-empowered Harbingers or the Unicron-revived Zombie Knights, your hits are ... just a touch stronger. You might even be touched with a halo of light or shine. But maybe that was a trick of the light. (+1 to your rolls in combat.)

Four Months:

Your artifact is at this point fully powered, and will gain extra abilities. Also -- you're definitely lit by a halo in high-drama moments in fights.

Extra abilities can include: a cup might fill with a healing elixir, able to heal dire wounds -- once; a rose might create vines; a gauntlet might create earthquakes; an empty quiver might produce arrows of light; an empty hilt might spring a brilliant blade. If you are unsure if something could work, please talk to staff!

Your attacks are now +2 vs. Unicronians.