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Ward Manager
Division: Medical
Alt-Mode: Leg
Faction: Autobot


Ambulon came online as the original Combiners Program trials. He and the other members of his unit were just guinea pigs there for experimenting on. The trials were rigorous and extensive and they hurt. Ambulon got scared, so did the other members of his unit.

Ambulon eventually became weak, depressed and thought of bailing. But the risk of abandoning the Decepticon cause was terrifying and no matter what decision he made, Ambulon knows he’s going to feel like a coward. Eventually, Ambulon decided he could not bare it anymore and runs. His T-Cog had been mutilated and the process is irreversible so he has to physically flee for his life.

Eventually, he drifts to Delphi and seeks amnesty from Pharma battering his way into the hospital with his minimal background in first aid.

He keeps the past and what happened to him before Delphi quiet. After all, he's an Autobot now, the Decepticon past was past.