218-05-20 Farewell For Now

From Transformers: Lost and Found

2018-05-20 Farewell For Now
Date 2018/05/20
Location Cybertron - New Iacon
Participants Chimera, Fortress Maximus
Summary But not for long.

As head of Combat, Fortress Maximus had to make appearances at the victory celebrations. He said his bit, and if he seemed a little reserved and antisocial, at least one can just say 'that's Fortress Maximus, he's like that.' Or they could assume it was modesty, or maybe arrogance. Let them assume what they want. His spark isn't into it the way it ought to be.

He ought to be used to this by now. Think of Simanzi. Compared to that, these losses are light. He's gone soft.

Now, with a bit of a hangover, he sits on a piece of rubble amid parts of Unicron drones, looking out at the Cybertronian sunrise as it creeps its way over New Iacon's towers. Anything to get himself out of his empty room.

Chimera may have been seen among the injured and those slain brought in after the battle against Unicron, offering prayers and rites in the preferred religions, but when it came time for festivities and even the vigil for those lost she was nowhere to be found. It's unlike her, but.. she has her reasons.

Exiting New Iacon on foot, Chimera wavers when she sees a familiar frame sitting where the city limits and the battlefield blend together. She should keep moving, but.. "Maximus.." The giantess greets plainly when turning from her path to head his way, carefully stepping over the rubble. It's obvious she isn't out for some leisurely stroll by looking at her, donned in a cloak of black, alien reptile scales. The same she wore when meeting the Lost Light.

At the sound of the resonant, familiar voice, Fort Max looks up and around before he catches sight of Chimera. The cloak earns a curious, slight helm-tilt. He waves her over and welcomes her to sit next to him. He's washed himself since the fight, but his sluggish movements suggest someone who is in desperate need of a clean, sober recharge.

"Chimera. I'm just-I thought I would look out here. Try to see if it helps me come to peace with things a little easier. I used to recover from this faster, you know."

Chimera finds herself hesitating at his offer to sit with him. It's only a moment, but she's quick to relent and step over, seating herself on the piece of rubble and settling with a sulk of shoulders. "I understand.." She speaks softly, a mutter beneath her hood which she eventually pushes back from her helm. She had hidden it for good reason, looking tired as dim optics turn towards the sunrise. "We have changed in our time away from conflict, so accepting loss does not come as easily anymore. Nor should it. This will take time to recover from, both physically and mentally. ..My only regret is that I shall not be here to aid you in working through it."

Seeing how weary Chimera looks, Max sets a hand on her shoulder if she allows it. "I'm sorry," he says simply. "I know you were close to him..." He dims his biolights in part out of respect. And then what she said catches up with him. "Wait. Are you going somewhere?" For a brief moment there's a flash of panic. No, no, can't lose anyone else, can't let anyone else go--

No. Stop. This is selfish, Max.

"Where are you going?" he asks instead, curbing that impulse to pull back.

Chimera allows the touch, usually not one to pull away from contact. It helps somewhat, but her spark still aches when he alludes to Rodimus, Chimera fighting the pain as it twists. "..Thank you.." She murmurs, voice hollow while gaze falls to her lap.

That is until she hears a moment of panic slip from him before he can contain it, drawing helm up to look at the big mech. Her mouth remains firmly set while searching his optics, not wanting him to worry, but she supposes at least one person should know. "I am leaving for the wilds for a time. I shall return, but I do not know when that will be.." Trouble creases her expression, brows knit and optics cast off to the side and down. "I only know that I must do this in order to do my own healing, much as I do not wish to leave you all at a time such as this.. Please forgive me for being so selfish.."

"...You don't need to ask my forgiveness for that." Fort Max shakes his head. "You're not selfish. You fought alongside us, through all that. I'm sorry I-I worried you there for a moment." He's the selfish one here, and can't stand the idea of making her feel guilty about it.

"Is this a Mortilus follower thing? A ritual? Mm, forgive me if I'm being too nosy or curious. Everyone copes in their own way, I guess...better than not coping at all."

"No, it is alright to ask. I just.." Chimera bites her lip, pensive, before continuing and looking back out to the rising light on the horizon. "..A part of me does not wish to let go or accept, something I seem forever doomed to repeat, so I would like to embrace solitude for a time and meditate over this. Attempt to seek answers, whether they be within myself or beyond the mortal plane.." If she could just hear him one last time, know that he's alright--

Chimera closes her suddenly heated optics tight against that string of thought, helm lowering to rest face against palms to keep the slivers of light at bay. "..I hate it.." Her voice croaks, thick against the growing lump of emotion in her throat. "I am a servant of Mortilus, I accept and embrace Death, but always it tests me by taking those closest to my spark.."

When he sees the start of tears, Fort Max startles and leans in closer to Chimera, offering her a gentle hug and a shoulder pauldron to lean on if she needs it. She might be bigger than him, but he's strong enough to handle it. "I hate it too. I's a good thing, right, to be open enough to people that it hurts to lose them? For this to be a tragedy and not normal like it was in the war. That things are safe enough that fatalities are still a shock. But slag, feeling like this is awful. Good people dying is-it's awful."

He dims his optics. "I don't want to let go either. I don't want to lose anyone anymore."

Chimera has wept so much already when the song of a unique spark was no longer heard, but that doesn't mean the tears of light come less easily. Maximus' offer of a hug is readily accepted, Chimera wilting into him, remaining silent for a time as she vents to calm herself.

"I knew he would do something like this.." She eventually murmurs against him, the tension in her limbs gradually releasing yet still climbing to him. "It is who he is, like you, to put others before himself.." But even with that in mind it still doesn't help stem the ache. Though their kind doesn't have family in the traditional sense, she still felt herself like some sort of guardian to him. A protector, an advisor..

And before those thoughts drag her down yet again and prevent her from leaving, Chimera forces herself to draw back from Fort Max, hands resting on his shoulders while looking into his optics. "I am sorry, truly.. but I cannot stay. Please, be well while I am gone, be good to Whirlwind, though I know you will." Though tear stained, her face manages a weary smile when touching his cheek. "We shall have those drinks when I return and I will be sure to sing you an old song of victory." Leaning forward, she touches forehelm to his, holding a long second, before drawing away and standing. "I will only have my emergency communications open, so call me if there is need. ..Farewell for now, Fortress Maximus." Venting deeply once more, she replaces her hood and turns out towards the battlefield before striking off for the wilderness.

Max just holds Chimera, as long as she needs it. He's not used to hugging someone honestly bigger than he is. "Hey now," he whispers. "I-I don't want to make you cry again. You'll get me all choked up..." Case in point, as he brushes red sparks of light away from the corners of his optics.

He looks up at her when she draws away, into her intense gaze. "I'll protect him. I'll-I'll protect them all, Chimera. It's my job now." He reaches to squeeze her hand, and then lets her go as she pulls away.

"You come back safely too, Chimera. Promise!" he calls out after her, before slumping back against the rubble.

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