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"I don't need to prove my strength to anyone! I carried that entire stack of boxes up! What guards?" Prowl puffs right up. He'll square off with Rodimus in the hallway at some point and try to drive him off with ridiculous door flares. Then he'll attempt to flee further down the stairs, only to be stopped by Soundwave's very nice guards. UGH.
"I don't need to prove my strength to anyone! I carried that entire stack of boxes up! What guards?" Prowl puffs right up. He'll square off with Rodimus in the hallway at some point and try to drive him off with ridiculous door flares. Then he'll attempt to flee further down the stairs, only to be stopped by Soundwave's very nice guards. UGH.
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Moving In
Date 2019/01/05
Location Cybertron - Soundwave's Apartment
Participants Prowl, Rodimus, Soundwave
Summary Soundwave's settling down.

It took some time, more than Soundwave would have liked. He had a lot of requirements to fill, limited options, and he had to find someone who did not mind having him as a tenant. But a few well placed bribes to Swindle and he found it-- an adequate place to call home.

A spacious enough living area, three rooms, a shower, and- most importantly- a balcony. One that oversees the continuous construction of New Iacon and the untamed Cybertron beyond. Soundwave watched the sunrise on that balcony and signed the lease the same day.

The only drawback is, unfortunately, it doesn't come furnished.

"Rumble, Frenzy, that does not go in your room," Soundwave says sternly, arm halfway into the wall. Whoever wired this place should be fired.


"No." Soundwave rumbles at, well, Rumble. "The bar stays out here. Prowl and Rodimus, will be up with your consoles soon. Be patient" Then he returns to installing the living room viewscreen. It's a very important job and he was stabbed in the back (a long time ago) so he can't carry all their stuff up. Obviously. Besides Prowl and Rodimus are strong.

<< ETA on the twins's boxes. They're not going to last much longer, >> Soundwave comms his helpers.

<< "Well, I got bad news for you, I dropped them down four flights of stairs." >> Rodimus isn't serious. The note of teasing comes through bright and clear in voice as well as mood. He's taken too many boxes, so it's taking them a little extra time to get up the stairs. Prowl's undoubtedly noticed that Rodimus is struggling. Rodimus has absolutely refused to ask for help or break it down into smaller loads. As they get to the right floor, he pauses to rest the boxes against the wall, steady his ventilations, and put a Lot of Effort into making it look ... effortless.

He's totally trying to show off.

"Say a word, and I'll leave you for dead," Rodimus says to Prowl as he steadies himself with a final, long cycle of his vents.

Prowl's smile is faint, as usual. He's been quieter, distinctly humbled by the grand scale of things lately, and glad to actually be of service here, even if it's toting around entertainment systems for cassettes. "You're lucky you didn't fall. Who are you trying to impress? No one considers you the "strong one", Rodimus."

<< "We have them. Control your underlings," >> says Prowl to Soundwave.

<< "You try to control a bored Rumble and Frenzy, Prowl," >> Soundwave says, partially threatens. He'll put you on Terror Twin duty, Prowl. He _will._ But for now he just yanks out wires as he wrestles with mounting this viewscreen to the wall. The tentacles really help here. << "I'm almost done here as well. So long as you don't fall down another four flight of stairs, you should be here by the time I finish." >>

Rodimus glares at Prowl as he wrestles the boxes into a careless-looking heft on his shoulders. "This is why no one considers you the nice one, either, Prowl." Then he pushes his way forward, heading down to Soundwave's door. There's a brief dampening of his mood as he stares at the door: almost a blankness, marked by confusion and uncertainty and bewilderment, but this, right here, this is Soundwave's door. On the other side of it, Soundwave's ... apartment. Not his quarters, not his room, but his ground-based, gravity-stuck apartment. And then Rodimus is shouldering through, easy as he calls ahead to Rumble and Frenzy, "Okay, come grab and help me hook these up, would you?"

"Everyone asks you for favors if you're the nice one," Prowl says, grin broadening. He waits as Rodimus has a small crisis over the door, oblivious to it, and follows him in to set his stack of boxes aside. "They are professionals," he says, loud enough for the cassettes to hear. "I'm certain they understand patience, or your team must be terribly chaotic, Soundwave." He makes no effort to hook anything up.

Soundwave turns and stares Prowl down as the twins make a run for Rodimus. Frenzy lunges for the boxes as Rumble tries to take out his legs. They hit like tanks. Compact tanks.

With a hefty shove, something clicks into proper place and Soundwave takes a step away. Carefully, he tilts it up and then left and right. It's subtle, the way his armor shifts- perks up- in pride at having the first permanent piece of his home put in place.

"Viewscreen installed, ready for connection," Soundwave announces, walking over to help disentangle the twins from Rodimus. " Come on... Go bother Prowl," he tells them. "Hang off his grill."

Rodimus, already overburdened, collapses under the assault in a yelped cackle. His twist to keep from dropping anything on Frenzy or Rumble ends with him whacking his elbow, hard, and landing halfway to folding his spoiler back. The boxes are saved, mostly by Frenzy's lunge, but any attempt that Rodimus put into looking cool is now THOROUGHLY ruined. He mutes a noise of pain as he straightens, boxes and twins and pride picked up from the floor. His gaze lingers on Soundwave, studying those subtle shifts of posture, and he's muted -- if smiling -- as he's finally freed to stand again: "Looks good."

Prowl watches Rodimus go down, and takes a cautious step back, tactically flattening himself against the wall. "No, don't touch me," he warns the twins. "Where's Ravage?" As if Ravage can save him. Sensible cat. "It's a nice place," he adds, if only so he doesn't get menaced. He'll be NICE. "Your tenant is a saint. Is Rodimus staying with you?"

"Oh, he's around. Can't you see him?" Soundwave asks Prowl, no tease in his tone but in the glint of his visor. The twins take their boxes with a few, promising grabbing motions to Prowl before they go. They're well practiced in the set up, now they're background noise arguing over what to play.

Soundwave reaches for Rodimus, to turn him around and inspect him for damage. "Thank you," he says, sounding genuine. "A saint with terrible signal service. I'll have to look at his box, see if I can boost the input/output..." He glances to Rodimus at the question. That's for him to answer.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," Rodimus says, impatient with Soundwave's study in a slightly sheepish way. He reaches for Soundwave's hand, taking it in a quick squeeze to ease the sting, and says, "Hey, Ravage," do a point of blankness on the wall just to mess with Prowl a lil' more.

Looking between Prowl and Soundwave at the last question, Rodimus can't really help but grimace. He gives Prowl a mildly heated glare for asking it, and avoids Soundwave's glance. "I've got -- stuff to do. Out there. Gotta find Orion, to start. Soundwave, Ten, and Cosmos gave us a really good place to start. Thought you might want to come, Prowl."

Prowl SQUINTS at the blank wall, and the amount of tracking reticles that appear on his HUD would be laughable if anyone saw. He performs an exasperated shrug that doesn't reach his shoulders when he's glared at, but perks slightly at the offer. "Yes. I'd be glad to take Orion down in this mess. What do you need?"

Soundwave nudges Rodimus, just slightly, with his shoulder. Barely. "You're always welcome to stay before you go. And after, of course." That thought sends Soundwave chassis in a warm hum. Rodimus returned, here. It's something to look forward to. He straightens. "Yes, what do you need."

Rodimus's light glare settles to a glower at Prowl. "We're not going out there to take him down; we're going out there because he needs help, even if he doesn't know it." At Soundwave's question, he shifts, angling to face them both -- and then pauses, looking at the two of them. Something about it softens his expression into a smile, and renews his enthusiasm, because when he begins again, it's with vibrant energy. "Okay, so, Soundwave got a tracker pretty deep into Quint space, and we know that's where Pax was last seen--." He lays out what they know, and what they don't know, with a fairly convincing frame of likely destinations formed of the intelligence the (ex-)Lost Lighters have already gathered. "I'd take the Lost Light, but she's not exactly subtle. She's big, and people know her, so we need something low key, probably smaller, and maybe something that's not registered to Cybertron to get in close to Quint space."

Prowl's features twist... complicated. But his doors tick downward, so maybe he feels bad. "Of course. Obviously we'll help him. I can procure a colonist ship, maybe, if Soundwave doesn't want to one-up me here."

Soundwave shares a look with Prowl, lifting his chin. He is sure going to try and one-up him. "Swindle could procure a ship clear of any Cybertronian contact. Or help us. Ratbat owes me a few favors, he can fund it. Given time, I could help falsify a few signals to replicate that of the Quintessons."

Prowl tries to interject. "I'm pretty sure I can get a ship manufactured, AND, it'll have flames."

Rodimus makes a face when Soundwave suggests involving Ratbat. "I imagine the Autobots will also be willing to f-- hmm." Having looked to Prowl to confirm this, Rodimus's gaze drops to his badgeless hood, then back up. His expression brightens. Noticeably. "But like, cool flames, right? Not tacky, Thunderclash flames?"

"Stylized flames. Like your hood there. Three dimensional. But subtle. We don't want to be in Ratbat's debt forever, Soundwave," Prowl says, smug.

Soundwave bristles. "I'm not in his debt," he snaps at Prowl with a sudden, unfriendly intensity. "He is in mine." The hum of his chassis has become a growl. He works to smother it.

"Fine, if you are building a ship, the. I insist you use the Constructicons. They may not have Scrapper any longer but there are no better engineers on this planet." Soundwave looks to Prowl. "Unless you have better, faster builders."

Rodimus reaches to Soundwave, placing his hand lightly on his back in a half-stroked soothe. "The most important thing is that it's done quickly. Might be best to use the Constructicons to refit one of the colony ships, and Soundwave can work on falsifying the ship's ID to read Quint while that's being done." Threading is way between both, he looks at them in an expression both encouraging and expectant. "That should work, right?" Low key: it better.

Prowl eases up when Soundwave seems to growl. "Sure. Constructicons. That works." Rod's expression makes him stand up a little straighter. "Yes, it will. Soundwave, when you're through homemaking, find me at the city center in Iacon." He looks around for Ravage, once more.

Soundwave sighs, cycles his vents, and nods. His chassis settles back into quiet hum. "That will work. Just... Come home safe." Beat and Soundwave puts a hand on Prowl's shoulder. "Both of you."

Watching Soundwave extend that to Prowl, whatever amused Rodimus earlier bubbles right back up again to break in a grin. "Don't worry, I'll drag him back. Cybertron's not done with him yet, after all." It's a light reference to the restoration work that awaits them both: he skirts the edges of it, not lingering too long.

Prowl can only endure so much of this friendliness. He eyes Rodimus and peels away, stepping towards the door. "I think I did pretty good. No one tried to kill me, anyway." He grins too brightly over his shoulder, to assure that he's joking and we're all friends here dammit. "Glad you survived that."

Soundwave tilts his head, pinging Rodimus. An indication he thinks he's about to be funny. "Query: where is Prowl going?"

"I have clerical work to do," Prowl mutters, half turned in the doorway.

"He's trying to get out of carrying more boxes up." Rodimus shifts his hand to squeeze Soundwave's hip then steps away, following Prowl to the door. "I'll walk him out and go grab a couple more." He probably won't try to carry as many, given the failure of his last attempt to impress anyone.

"Prowl agreed to assist. I hardly call this assisting... Perhaps the boxes are too heavy," Soundwave agrees. "Or maybe it's really important paperwork. I'll have Ravage escort you both down. Make sure the guards don't hassle your old, rusted gears, Prowl." He's not but Prowl will never know. He is serious about the guards. Remnants of his security clinging on. They're actually nice mechs.

"I don't need to prove my strength to anyone! I carried that entire stack of boxes up! What guards?" Prowl puffs right up. He'll square off with Rodimus in the hallway at some point and try to drive him off with ridiculous door flares. Then he'll attempt to flee further down the stairs, only to be stopped by Soundwave's very nice guards. UGH.

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