2019-01-04 Is He Good Enough?

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Is He Good Enough?
Date 2019/01/04
Location Cybertron
Participants Sequin, Waspinator
Summary Sequin finds Waspinator after its all said and done. They make some plans.

Cybertron looks… it looks like a mess. Megatron defeated, restorative justice in motion, mechs settling back onto the planet; peace is quickly approaching. Waspinator isn’t sticking around to let that justice catch up to him! Soon as he’s able, Waspinator is ditching Cybertron.

Perched on a building, said bug stares down into the reflective surface of a metal scrap clutched in his hands. Something isn’t right. It hasn’t been right since he was rescued from Trypticon and nearly had every bit of his inner circuitry repaired. Waspinator’s stare hones in on his own left optic. A finger trails along the rim of the glass as his focus drifts off.

"We've all made a bit of a mess, haven't we?" A familiar voice purrs from the ledge behind Wasp, trying not to scare. Though with Waspinator, that seems inevitable. The owner of said voice comes in the form of Sequin's spider form climbing up from the side of the building, many slender legs clicking delicately against the roof as he approaches his fellow insect. "Feeling better, dear? You have me worried for a minute there.." Which is true. Wasp was a strange one, but he had a fondness for the bug.

Waspinator startles but not as bad as he may have in the past. What would have been a leap has faded to a simple flinch. His wings still flare as Waspinator turns. His hand is still dangerously close to the glass of his his own optic. “Oh Zzequin." The wings relax, one lagging only a fraction of a second. Imperceptible to most, but potentially obvious to other insect alts. "How did Zzequin find Wazzpinator?” Not that he is really hidden up there.

If it's obvious for other insects, then it's definitely obvious for Sequin, what with having four times the eyes of others. "It's part of my job to root out hard to find people, my dear. ...Also, just a guess. Winged folk tend to like it high up."

Skittering over, Sequin fluidly unfolds from his altmode and reconfigures back into his base form and sits primly beside the other bug, his long legs folding neatly and hands resting in his lap and against the ledge. "I hope it's alright if I join you? Doesn't seem right for you to be all alone up here." A pause follows, briefly looking him over, before looking pointedly to the optic he's favoring. "..Your optic bothering you?"

“Izz ok.” Waspinator shifts to give the spider more leg room on his ledge. Gaze flicking back to the impromptu mirror, Waspinator admits, “Wazzpinator’s optic isn’t lighting up right…” Like his wing, the difference is subtle. While it is brightly lit, it flickers just a hair dimmer than its right twin. “Izz ok juzzt… weird.”

"..May I see it?" Sequin asks softly, watching Waspinator calmly while the mech studies himself. Should he look back to Sequin he'll see the arachniform holding a hand up to him, asking to touch yet careful not to cross a boundary if he refuses. "I'll be gentle."

Waspinator glances up to see Sequin’s hand already hovering for his permission. He studies Sequin’s face, optics staring from one pair of eyes to the other—he’s got a lot of eyes. Waspinator gives a short nod of permission and tips his chin back to make his helm easier to grab. "Wazzpinator hazz never had to have all circuitry replaced before... izz it normal?"

Sequin is glad to see Wasp accept, a pleased smile warming his lips. With permission given, his hand touches lightly to the side of the mech's helm while another raises to cup his jaw, a thumb smoothing across the edge of his optic in exploration. "Mh.. I'm not a medic, sadly, so I can't say for sure. ..I will say they're very pretty, though." Calm expression brightens with his compliment, though who's to say if it'll stick or just fly over Wasp's head like usual

"Have you told them about it? The medics, I mean. With as much damage as you had, I'd keep up on it." Waspinator's optics dim as Sequin's hands run along his face. Pretty spiderbot touching his face? Not so bad. He'll still bolt if any claws start scraping, though. "Wazzpinator hazz pretty optics?" Sequin gets a perplexed squint, as if he just suggested they do the foxtrot with Unicron. "Wazzpinator doezzn't like the medibay. Izz repaired enough. Can zztill zzee and fly fine."

Waspinator's voice drops as he sends a fleeting look over the city, "Wazzpinator doezzn't want to zztay on Cybertron longer than he hazz to."

The confused question earns a soft chuckle from Sequin, teeth flashing in an amused grin at the insecticon. "You ask that like it's a bad thing." As for his refusal of the medibay, that happy look eases back into a thoughtful one, his helm tilting subtly. "I see.. Well, try not to let it get worse, mm? I'd hate to hear something happened to you again." He punctuates this with more gentle brushes of his digits against Wasp's face, tracing from optic down across a mandible.

But then he speaks of leaving, something that makes Sequin's brows wrinkle just a hair. "Oh? ..You know, if you don't have anywhere planned then you're more than welcome to join me on Khepri again. You'd like it there."

“Zzequin wantzz Wazzpinator to go back to bug colony?” Waspinator snaps his helm around (as much as he can in Sequin’s grip) to focus on his companion, “Why?” Why would anyone in their right minds want WASPINATOR to come back somewhere? It goes against everything the universe has stood for ever!

Well, maybe it's time for the universe to change its tune a little. At least that's what Sequin would have to say about that.

To keep the big in his grasp from wrenching his poor neck, he releases him and grins invitingly, all eight optics glowing bright with enthusiasm. "Why not?" Is his initial answer until he follows up with a little more, "You may not have come from Khepri, but that doesn't mean you're not one of us. I think you'd be happier, or at least I'd hope. I know people liked you, and we travel so there's plenty to see and do. I won't force you, of course, but the invite's always open."

Waspinator watches Sequin’s face for longer than necessary. His slow mind carefully goes over all his options. All two of them. Three if Waspinator really pushes himself to think. Coming to a conclusion, Waspinator is slow to nod. “If… If Zzequin izz willing to take Wazzpinator with him. Only hazz to take Wazzpinator, then can leave him!” Wasp will figure out what to do from there somewhow! "... Zzequin izz zzure izz ok that Wazzpinator izzn't a fancy bot like all the others?"

Sequin pivots to look back out over the city while Waspinator goes over his options, heeled feet swaying lazily to await his decision. And lucky for him, Wasp agrees, making the corners of his glossed lips curl and optics squint up like a pleased cat. "You know, I'm not that easy to get rid of, dear. So don't expect me to just up and leave you stranded when we get there. I have to get you settled in, after all."

It pains him to hear Waspinator talk down about himself, so Sequin is quick to nip that thought with two of his hands moving to lightly cradle one of the other mech's. "You'll be just fine. Don't think so little of yourself.. Hopefully while you're with us you'll be able to see how the rest of us there see you. You'd be pleasantly surprised."

“Wazzpinator hazz been zzurprised before.” Waspinator informs Sequin, his gaze steady, “Usually aren’t good zzurprises.” It isn’t exactly denying what Sequin suggests. Progress! “Does… Does Wazzpinator have to do anything if Wazzpinator izz moving to Khepri?” Is there some weird.. bug test he has to pass?

Yes, progress! It's painfully slow with the likes of Waspinator, but it's nice when it happens. As far as doing something on his home colony, Sequin has to take a second to think on that, using an extra hand to thoughtfully tap his chin. "Hmm.. Well, I'm sure they'd be happy to spoil you as a guest for your stay, but that can get boring after a while if you ask me." A glance and a smirk turns to Wasp. "There's always something to do, I'm sure there'd be a perfect position for you somewhere if you wanted."

“Wazzpinator juzzt needs engex.” A serious response from the wasp alt. “Wazzpinator can alzzo do…. Uh…. Wazzpinator can do…..” What can Waspinator do in a civilian setting? “What jobzz do bugbots do?” Is there something easy and repetitive even he can succeed at?

"It's an entire civilization, so there's a lot." Sequin shrugs his shoulders and releases Waspinator's hand in favor of standing, his steps casual while walking along the building's ledge without an ounce of fear of falling. "Farming, culinary, scouting, recycling, energon production, there's really too much to list." He chuckles and turns on a heel to the other bug. "Maybe even something in the palace if the Queen likes you. But I suppose we'll have to figure that out when we get there."

That said, he looks over the city a moment, contemplating, until he adds, "I'll stay here just a little longer, I think. Just long enough to tie up some things. Then we'll go together, yes?"

“Wazzpinator hazz never… had a real job before… Wazz homeless before war. No mechzz would hire dumb beazztformer.” Waspinator looks down at his own feet handing over the edge. He watches the mechs below from between his legs. So many mechs also trying to adjust to what is going on. Only many of them know what they wish to do with their lives, have lives to return to, or have others willing to help them figure it out. Until this very second, Waspinator had none of that. “… Wazzpinator can wait that long.” Especially if it means a new start, even with the risk of it starting terribly.

Sequin may not have experienced the beastformer hate as much of the rest of his kind who originated on Cybertron, but he could imagine it and it rubbed him the wrong way just as much. "None of that talk, now." He says gently when stepping up beside Waspinator again, a hand reaching down to help him to his feet. "C'mon, there's plenty left to do while we're here. And maybe we can grab a drink after, mm?"

Waspinator looks up as Sequin comes back. The efforts to drag him up are helped by Waspinator’s wings. They buzz and flick as he hovers himself to a stand. Waspinator takes one of Sequin’s hands in his own. His fingers graze the back of the spider’s hand as he stares at how differently they are built. Will Waspinator really fit in on Khepri? Who knows? It has to be better than Cybertron. “Wazzpinator… would like that.”

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