2019-01-02 Headphones

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2019-01-02 Headphones
Date 2019/01/02
Location Cybertron - New Iacon
Participants Rodimus, Soundwave
Summary I thank Yam for this no context title.

Two emergency transfusions and one quick surgery later, there's not actually much reason to keep Soundwave. The cut -- while nearly fatal -- was not that destructive. It was neat, clean. Knock Out's even admiring of it, with its surgical precision. It's true, it didn't have the effect that Jumpstart -- Flashwing -- had hoped for, but it came close.

It came damn close.

While Knock Out might not have minded having the media hovering over his shoulder as he worked, Cybertron security forces have been particularly humorless in the wake of the attack on Soundwave. His cassettes were present for the final welds, sealing the cuts piercing his torso, but Rodimus was not. He has no legal standing and no right to be there. Even visiting Soundwave would have been a challenge -- but it turns out, they are kicking him out.

The welds are still tender when Soundwave's turned loose. He's escorted out a side door and into a waiting armored transport. They are getting ready to pull out when Ravage reappears with Rodimus in tow. It's not clear where Rodimus has been, but he looks twitchy and grumpy, and the prickles of his mood only begin to soothe as he sees Soundwave. Already moving fast to catch up before they leave, he takes the last steps in a run, skidding to a halt just as a drone camera rounds the far corner, following him. SNAP.

Then the door closes, and they're away. They don't have far to go. They are quiet minutes, where Rodimus can reach for Soundwave and press his hands to his back to feel the pulse of his spark. It's quieter when they arrive at the temporary lodging, which is now much more substantially guarded. They don't see another spark other than the security forces all the way from transport to door.

Soundwave's vocoder clicks on but never really makes a sound when Rodimus barely makes the transport- drone in tow, hnngh. His back is sore and the light pressure of Rodimus's servo isn't exactly comfortable. But he prefers it to no contact at all. He suffers the short ride over in silence.

But Soundwave makes his annoyance known when there's more guards. "Hnf," he says- sorta says. It's more a noise in the back of his throat that travels out through his facial vents. He's on the verge of saying how unnecessary this all is but, instead, holds his tongue and gets to walking. The quicker to his room the better- but not too quick. He keeps pace with Rodimus.

When they reach Soundwave's rooms, it's two of the cassettes who enter ahead of them in a sweep, then Soundwave, then Rodimus last, with a look down the hall. None of the press drones have made it as far as the hotel corridor, though. Soundwave has that privacy, at least. When the door closes, Rodimus reaches for Soundwave again, hand on his hip, as he draws closer. "Yeah. Hnf."

"Ridiculous," Soundwave mutters, easily drawn in. But its not smooth, cool metal that greets Rodimus but sticky, dried energon. It coats his bottom half- probably a great deal of internals too. Its not a pleasant residue, the smell of the hospital sticking to it. "A gross overreaction."

"A reasonable precaution," Rodimus disagrees. He makes a face, and peels his fingers away one sticky tip at a time. He carries streaks of it here and there on his own frame where he carried Soundwave from the chamber, but he's at least had the chance to go at it and wipe it away. "I think we all expected someone to try something at some point. Just--." He breaks off, and then puts his hand back on Soundwave's hip, this time to turn him and give him a nudge toward the showers. He moves around and ahead of him to see what kind of solvents and detergents are available. "How tired are you? Do you want me to help you get that off?"

"I've been stabbed in the back before," Soundwave grumps. Stupid, new anatomy and internal structure, that's who's fault this is- THANKS MATRIX. He vents a long drawn out sigh as he trudges to the showers. "Didn't expect them to be quite so successful? I suppose its a good thing I'm not as scary as I used to be..." He scrubs a servo over his face. The whole incident feels like a blurr now, just minor details standing out. Or maybe it did all happen that fast. "Everything hurts. Help, appreciated... I had hoped not to get any blood on this frame."

"Well, that was optimistic of you." Rodimus leans in to turn on the spray and adjust the temperature to something a little cooler than his preferred scald. He turns back to Soundwave then, reaching to tuck his fingers under his chin to steady himself as he leans to drop a kiss on his mask. "You scared me, so maybe you're plenty scary." Not the same. He knows it. He swipes his thumb over Soundwave's mask and then drops his hand, turning and gesturing him forward. "They wouldn't let me back to see you. Security, I mean. Or I would have been."

Soundwave's shoulders lose some of their wind up with the kiss. "Hrmph," he mutters, shuffling into the shower. He flares our his armor to better let the spray get between gaps to rinse him out. "Security, again, ridiculous. I am Soundwave! I don't need a security detail." Even if his knees are a little shakey right now. Just need some more energon. "I miss the baths. Do you remember the last time we were there?"

"Well, Soundwave," Rodimus says, giving his name the weight that Soundwave clearly feels his deserves, "someone still managed to get past your guard fast enough and quiet enough to get a blade halfway to your spark, so I don't think it's actually that ridiculous." His voice is thin, tense, and just a touch sharp. His hands are gentle, however, as he moves them over Soundwave, and coaxes him to lean against Rodimus as he rinses the dried energon from his frame. "I get the pride thing -- I do, honest. But think about the effect this is already going to have on the commission's work. Think about how much worse it would be if she succeeded."

Rodimus rests his hand on Soundwave's side, clear of the injuries, as he focuses on rinsing down a portion of armor just cleaned. He sorts through a few options in reply to the last, then says, "Sounds like you remember."

"It wasn't halfway..." Soundwave says quietly, shifting his weight so his hips press into Rodimus's touch. He looks down to where the solvent is draining. "I just-- Don't want it to become permanent. I can't live with a constant guard following me, going ahead of me. It's not what I had in mind for peace... Um... Is she- hrm." His visor flickers and he drops the question.

Instead, he turns against Rodimus to better face him. Put his dread on pause. Just dump it in the hole, deal with it later. "I remember working towards a kiss and you leaping out to see a chart."

“That doesn’t sound like me,” Rodimus says with a huffed laugh. His fingers glide along the edge of Soundwave’s hip; water follows his touch. “Peace won’t be easy. It’s going to be hard, and uncomfortable. You’re going to have to do things that you don’t like. Like have a guard. I could have ripped that badge right off of her. What a pile of slag. An Autobot is going to kill a Decepticon. I don’t want it to be you.”

Soundwave slides a foot forward, between Rodimus's feet and past his thighs. "It'll be worth it, its just... Not something I imagined." He places his hand on top of Rodimus's, bringing his hard work to a stand still. "I'm glad you didn't. I don't want anything happening to her. Help me make sure she is released... If she's in custody. I don't know what was done with her."

Rodimus bares his teeth, and his engine snarls beneath his low words: "Soundwave, that's asking a lot." He tightens his grip on Soundwave's hip in a protective clasp.

Rodimus shifts, leaning forward to press his helm against Soundwave's; his thighs slip against the press of his leg to draw closer. He cycles a quick, hard puff of air through his vents, clearing them of droplets lingering on their edge. "She's in custody. Of course she's in custody. Why do you want her to be released?"

Soundwave's hands move up Rodimus's, resting loosely on his shoulder. The better to gently stroke the edge of his spoiler. Down, boy. "You heard her, Rodimus. You heard her... And I heard what you said to her." A big, fat nothing that still rings in his audios. If he had claws, they'd be digging into Rodimus and they would not let go. "And its as you said- I must think of how this will effect things. If I can be afforded this chance, then she deserves much more. So I want her released."

"What I said to her?" Rodimus asks. He settles only very reluctantly, very gradually, under the stroke of Soundwave's hand. His spark roils, twisted up in knots. "Letting her go just means she'll feel free to try again. It'll make the next wannabe assassin that much more fearless." He argues, but the foundations are weakening in the face of Soundwave's quiet insistence. It's fear that plants his feet, rather than anything else.

"Didn't say," Soundwave corrects gently, gaze dropping to Rodimus's blank chassis. His optics stay there, head swaying to softly, faintly nuzzle Rodimus. "We denounce her actions. They were wrong, yes. She is barred from further court proceedings unless she is partaking. And we put into motion a restraining order- that if she were to break, she would be held accountable. But I want to move forward. And to punish her for hurting seems... So against what we are trying to do." His thumb sweeps over one of the scars of Rodimus's back, a kiss of touch to metal, and then it hovers. Lingering so only the faint electrical charge beneath his fingertip can be felt. "She tried to kill me, I forgive her, we structure and... We move on. Restorative justice- this could help us."

What he didn't say is no more clear to Rodimus than what he did, but he sets that puzzle to the side. His hands sweep up and over Soundwave, a splish-splash of water dripping down around them. He brings his hands to take Soundwave's arms and to draw his hands where he can hold them: away from the distracting, shiver-provoking, mind-blanking touch to his scarred back. "I will support you, whatever you choose to do. And I can even see your point, and I think it's brave, and I think it's -- good." He squeezes his hand. "But I don't like it. I won't like it. She came so close to killing you."

"Very. I could feel the tip of her sword against my spark. Now everything aches," Soundwave moans, moving his fingers so they slot with Rodimus's. He gently bunts his facemask to Rodimus's cheek. "And thank you. It is what I want to do... I hope she can find peace one day. I know I am still looking."

"Soft-sparked idiot," Rodimus says like the most tender of lovewords, gentle against the side of Soundwave's helm. "You wouldn't hold back if she'd hurt one of your cassettes." His hold on Soundwave shifts, less supportive, and more grasping, pulling him closer. He remains careful of the fresh welds. "I hope you find peace, too." His hands tighten, and his voice quiets. "Even if it's here."

"No, probably not," Soundwave whispers. "But none of them are monsters." He takes a step forward, and then another. Rodimus pulls him close and he pushes Rodimus back, against the wall. Solvent falls over the top of them, just making it easier not to chafe when he presses himself flush against Rodimus. He noses the side of his helmet. "You won't stay?" he asks, even quieter than before.

Rodimus shifts, rolling his shoulders back against the wall to take the weight off his spoiler and spinal strut; his hips angle, cant, and his feet shift as his legs slot to either side of Soundwave's, laced like the curl of their fingers. He did make sure to set the temperature to something less than boiling due to Soundwave's less heat-resistant flame, but steam begins to fog the air, regardless, as the liquid washes over his frame and warms. He brings his arm around Soundwave, and draws his hand over and across the weld, with his fingers spanning the metal in a gentle stroke, never touching the injury. "I need to find Orion."

Soundwave shudders. Even though his injury is never touched, the area is sensitive, but its warm and the soreness begins to soothe. He leans his weight against Rodimus, able to settle against him easily with his height advantage. But his fogged visor brightens and dims with the news. His hands at Rodimus's waist curl. "Need," he rumbles lowly. "You don't-- can't someone else? Can't we be rid of him?"

"Soundwave," Rodimus says. Just that: Soundwave. He's mild and chiding, even as his fingers whisper back and forth in a careful caress against his side.

Soundwave mutters indistinguishable things, still pressed heavily against Rodimus. Then he turns his head, nuzzling against the cords of his neck. "Fine," he finally says. "If that's what you want, I support you... Even if I want you to stay." His hands slide and pick over the biolights of Rodimus's waist. His visor dims again- or maybe its the heated fog. "You won't leave and change your mind, will you?"

The lights at Rodimus's waist brighten, stirred to life by Soundwave's touch, and their glimmering red glow lights the space around them. Rodimus shifts, nudging Soundwave's legs a little farther apart, coaxing him to put a little more weight on Rodimus, and the wall. "Change my mind? About -- you?"

Now partially laying on Rodimus, Soundwave presses his face into Rodimus's neck. He doesn't say anything, only nods against him.

Rodimus shifts, bringing his arms around Soundwave to take his weight. He rolls back upright, and pivots, gathering him into his arms to press Soundwave against the wall. He runs his hand down Soundwave's side, under his leg, coaxing it up and around him. It's a good thing Rodimus is a little taller than he once was; it's a good thing Soundwave is a little shorter than he once was. It's a very good thing that Rodimus is strong.

It's also a good thing he doesn't drop him.

Rodimus shows exquisite care in the shift of his arms around Soundwave, working to keep from straining the welds, and holding him like something precious. He tilts his head to press his lips against the side of Soundwave's helm, to nudge and turn him until his visored gaze meets Rodimus's eyes. "I'll come back to you."

Soundwave settles in Rodimus's arms and its a good thing Rodimus has him because his tired legs are getting wobblier knees. He should lay down and drink some energon- but he prefers it right here. And when Rodimus tries to lock eyes, he chuckles. He can't see Rodimus one bit. It takes a few seconds for him to slip his visor off, optics adjusting and settling on that bright blue Matrix gaze. "Good... You'll always have a place here, too. When you come back. I'll find somewhere big enough."

"Good." Rodimus noses the side of Soundwave's mask again, his eyes darkening; he presses gentle, shapeless kisses to the side of it, and then tucks his head to rest it alongside Soundwave's as the heat slowly settles to a low glow of warmth. His arms tighten around Soundwave. "Someplace with a view. Where you can see the new buildings, as they go up. Where you can see the planet rebuilding."

"Mmm," Soundwave hums, mostly from his chassis. His tentacles swarm from his sides, wrapping around Rodimus snuggly. "I'll ask Ratbat for a loan, then." Views aren't cheap- but they're worth it! His optic flit to Rodimus before closing, allowing him to focus on listening to him. He makes lovely, tiny little sounds. "You know they will say things-- about you. If you live with me, now that they know what I've done."

"Frag, don't ask Ratbat for a loan." The wrap of Soundwave's tentacles, the hum of his chassis: it's enough to draw out the lingering warmth of Rodimus's frame, to keep it just on the edge of kindling. "It doesn't have to be large.

"There just has to be room enough for me and you to lie together." And also the cassettes, the less romantic part of Rodimus's thoughts acknowledges, and then discards. Anyway, they definitely aren't going to be there when Rodimus takes Soundwave in his arms in this imaginary future. "They're already saying things. I knew that would happen. People have been saying stupid things about me for a very long time. And I don't mind if people know that I still think you are worth loving. Maybe it'll help someone, somewhere realize you've grown past what you were."

Soundwave smiles, unseen but felt with how closely he's pressed against Rodimus. "I love you. I can't wait to spend everyday with you... So comeback safe from finding Orion, alright? If I find even a scratch, I might have to spend hours making sure you're polished and buffed."

"Way to make sure I crash into a wall before landing," Rodimus says, turning his head against Soundwave's as he chases that sense of a smile. Speaking of: the turn shifts his balance, not enough to drop Soundwave, but enough to set him down again, and then reach to turn off the spray, and stop wasting it. "Right now, though, it's my turn to dry and polish you, to touch you and make sure you're whole -- and your turn to refuel, and rest, and let me. How's that sound?"

Soundwave bumps against Rodimus once his feet are one the ground. "It sounds absolutely perfect," he confirms, tentacles giving Rodimus a pinch as they recede.

Rodimus places a hand at the small of Soundwave's back, and then leans over to press a kiss to the back of his helm, near the base. He pushes him out, dripping, and follows with cloths to dry and polish. As he works, and Soundwave refuels, the talk about the home that Soundwave will build here, and this time, Rodimus sounds almost hopeful, almost like he looks forward to it.

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