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Date 2018/12/05
Location Lost Light
Participants Penchant, Rodimus
Summary Maybe.

Penchant hadn't been cleared from the medibay, but no one bothered chasing him down. No time! He's back in his alt, hovering slowly (top speed) down the halls, his cart bed stacked with his gifts - mostly vial of innermost energon. There's a larger, brighter vial in the center of the small crate. When he reaches the lift, he pauses to search for the network commands to summon it, then runs out of patience. "Activate voice commands," he tells the wall. No response. "...Lost Light, voice on." A few more of these variations and he's yelling at the door.

Easy stride carrying him up behind Penchant, Rodimus pauses, leans over, and plucks a vial from the crate. He lifts it and rests it in his palm, grinning down at Penchant as he moves to set it back down. "Hey, Penchant. Good to see you moving. Nice to see you -- you. Old you. You look good!" He moves to thumb at the controls, like Penchant just wasn't activating things right. "Anyway, glad to see mine's safe. What are you even going to do with them all?"

Penchant turns on a dime, headlights flashing in surprise. "Th- Thanks! Rod-!" He's so happy to see this particular mech that he only notices the vial when Rodimus sets it back down. "Was that yours? I haven't gone through them yet. I thought... I thought the brighter one might've been yours." His beaming smile is heard clearly in his voice.

Rodimus's actually looks like it might be a little bit dimmer than the others, and the curve of his lips is wry as he looks back down at Penchant. "Where're you headed?" he asks as he beep-boops the buttons so that the lift doors open. He steps to the side. After you, Penchant! "Mine's actually, uh." He holds up the bright, an average, and then his own flat on his palm. He indicates his own with his thumb. "Probably because of what happened with the Matrix, which means my guess is that this--." His thumb slides. "--is Soundwave's."

"Old habsuite. I wasn't sure if I still had an office. Technically gave it to Hunker." Penchant hovers onto the lift and tucks himself in the corner like a good space-saver. "Soundwave's? The Matrix? ...I need to catch up. Does this have to do with your coma?"

Rodimus fingerguns down at Penchant as he stands just in front of him at an angle, facing him. He directs them to habsuite level. Wherever he was going, now he's invited himself along with Penchant. "Got it in one. So, uh, Soundwave kind of ... died. I mean he was dead. Almost dead. Dead." He wavers over it, flippant tone quickly growing bleak before he brightens it with EFFORT: "Better now, obviously, right? I slammed over there, shoved the Matrix in his-- chest," he says, because that's easier than saying 'gaping ruin where his spark once beat'. "But I took a shot from Megatron's fusion cannon at like. No range. Left a mark, ha ha." He's not actually laughing. "Maybe on the innermost, too."

"Dead!?" Penchant groans, distraught. "He didn't mention that! Figures. Slag. Slag..." It takes Penchant a few seconds to process this news, as the lift moves through the floors. "...Thank you. For... doing that. I mean, of course you would take a fusion cannon blast..."

"A mark?" Penchant's perk ripples up into his swift transformation back to root, where the cart bed neatly folds into his backpack. "Let me see."

"You probably noticed he looks different." Rodimus shifts, turning to expose the full expanse of the scarring to Penchant. It looks raw: not quite settled. The metal is discolored, and any paint was evaporated into plasma by the fusion blast. "A few marks, I guess," he says easily, but his shoulders are a hard line of tension. "Anyway, he might not have mentioned it because the only thing that saved him was the Matrix, and it made some changes on the way. Between that and killing Megatron, he's a little--." He gestures. Soundwave is a little wobble hand.

"That explains his optics. He was pretty evasive. I tried to be sensitive, regarding Megatron... But it's hard. I wanted to jump up and give someone a high five." Penchant isn't shy about examining the scarring, cornering Rodimus as he reaches up to angle the bottom edges of that spoiler. He's tall enough for it now, just barely, and he can't help but trace the swirling patterns with a curious digit. "It looks nice, actually."

Rodimus angles his hand back and down, offering it to Penchant for a high five, only to go sharply stiff at the touch: his armor clamps close against his frame, and his vents hiss in a startled puff of air. "--kk," he says, static-filled, and then eases forward a step away from curious hands. "Sorry, metal feels strange. On my end. I mean if you touch it, it's kind of a lot. Hope that settles. I'll never get it repainted otherwise." He should probably talk to Swerve.

Penchant should probably be wincing. He looks piqued instead. "Huh. Don't paint over it, wear it like a badge! ...The- The good kind." NO BADGES ARE GOOD. It's an effort to fold his hands away, crossing his arms. Behave.

The lift bounces lightly when they reach the habs, and Penchant leads Rodimus out. "I heard Shockwave is still alive. And captive, apparently. I sent Soundwave to go punch him. I was joking, but..."

"He turned himself in to Trailbreaker," Rodimus says, looking over at Penchant. He reaches down, placing a hand on Penchant's shoulder and guiding him forward and into the hall. He follows behind. He lets his touch linger in a quick squeeze. "I don't blame you. You've more than earned the right for a punch. Shockwave creeps me out." He pauses, then says, "I'm sorry we weren't faster. I'm sorry -- I'm sorry about your colony."

Penchant enjoys this moment of contact while he can, before the topic of his colony darkens his optics. "It's not anyone's fault." He stops at his door, turning to face Rodimus, hand drifting up to settle atop the one on his shoulder. "I'll need to go back and try to salvage. Soundwave thinks that I'm... just going to go back to being his cassette again. I don't know what to tell him. He's... he means a lot to me, but I think this chapter of my life is over."

Turning his hand beneath Penchant’s, Rodimus squeezes his fingers. ”I’m not surprised. But I am sorry to hear that, just because I’ll miss you. I think you know that.”

Penchant takes Rodimus' hand in both of his, looking up. "What did you mean by kissing me, Rodimus? It wasn't pity. You liked it, didn't you?"

"It wasn't pity," Rodimus says, but he can't help but wince. "It -- really wasn't. I liked it. I like you. I didn't want to never see you again without getting one kiss." He tries for a grin. But it fades too quickly, and he says, "It hurt Soundwave more than I thought it would, though."

Penchant's stare turns wistful, but the though of Soundwave hurting stops him from voicing the offer on his lips. He looks pained when he blindly palms the keypad to his door. "I'll miss you too," he says, fighting through the waver in his voice. "But hey," he begins, forcing some levity, "There's a thousand loose ends to tie up here on the ship first."

"Maybe I can come visit, when things settle down on the colony?" Rodimus asks, but he takes a step back.

"Maybe," Penchant says, taking his own step back with the clinking jostle of his backpack. Rodimus is left with a plaintive look that turns frosty the half-second before the door slides shut on him. Maybe Penchant forgot to say goodbye.

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