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Date 2018/12/02
Location Lost Light: Science and Medical -- Medibay
Participants Rodimus, Soundwave
Summary Handholding > Coma

Turns out that winning New Iacon is more complicated than just killing Megatron- and that was complicated enough itself. There's meetings to arrange, paperwork to fill out, commands to issue, and messages to sift through. It just grows as time stretches beyond victory. And Soundwave is ready to take it all on. He feels invigorated and even as he carried Rodimus to the medibay- the one under Ratchet's care, of course. Nothing less- he was busy arranging things remotely.

Soundwave was given his own quick check-up and his arm capped off at the wrist- they'll have to get him a new hand when there's less pressing concerns. Once his results came back, he was told to medibay so he wasn't in the way. They don't have time for mechs with perfect vitals. It was annoying but Soundwave made use of the time given to him.

On the first and second day he prowled around the medical deck of the Lost Light, growing frustrated with Raptorion. On the third, he was pacing about at the foot of Penchant's medical berth as he argued with Autobots about what to do with captured Decepticons and ordered Decepticons to release Autobots. On the fourth it was the same, but at Rodimus's medical berth.

By the fifth day, Soundwave falls into the seat beside Rodimus's berth. He's spent, like a newly sparked speedster that's been racing non-stop. He just needs... A few minutes rest and he'll be back on managing the post-war efforts. Soundwave slips his hand into Rodimus's, slotting his fingers between his. Just a few minutes... Optics offlining, he falls asleep beside Rodimus and sleeps right through his 'few minutes'.

Zero point. It's not a nice diagnosis. That microscopic gap in the flow of spark energy has severed Rodimus from its animating force, pulling him into a coma. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, his vital signs grow more and more worrisome. There's not really a treatment: it's more like a collection of theories, with Springer the only true case study. First Aid's replaced Ratchet as Rodimus's physician, given his greater experience with injuries of the spark, but even he hasn't managed to effect a cure.

And yet.

Rodimus's fingers tighten, threading through Soundwave's a little more firmly and squeezing as he firms his grasp. The Matrix pulses in Soundwave's chest, and falls to match the frequency of Rodimus's spark. Days compress back through hours and down to those 'few minutes' that Soundwave rests, as Rodimus stirs, and his gaze onlines. His eyes turn to find Soundwave resting next to him, and his vitals stabilize.

Soundwave's fingers mirror Rodimus's squeeze but he doesn't wake. His head has lulled forward from where he sits back, ventilations soft and even. His shoulders twitch a little, maybe he's dreaming. But he's alive, most definitly alive and so much better than Rodimus last saw him. His frame is whole and vividly blue, biolights nice and bright even in recharge. But he's different too.

Soundwave's helm has softened where it was sharp, no longer holding onto the #Aesthetic of some evil counterpart. And his chassis has become more trapezoid than square- broad at his shoulders and angling to taper more into his waist. His glass front is smaller, semi-opaque, and it lacks any hint of badge, especially a pointy, purple one. Soundwave's chassis dimly glows with a faint, familiar blue light. He turns in his chair, shifting closer to Rodimus.

Spinister pokes his head in through the raised privacy screen- its depressing watching people die slowly- and almost falls on his face upon seeing Rodimus awake. "Alive!" he proclaims before suddenly speeding off. He has to go tell someone! Rodimus hears the Medibay front door open and close. He went to go tell Krok.

As Rodimus takes in all of the differences, he grows briefly uncertain -- even anxious. His clasp of Soundwave's hand grows tighter, becomes a death-squeeze, as he grips and pulls him closer. The better to see him. Rodimus shifts, attempting to sit up, and in doing so puts pressure on his spoiler and back. The lance of pain resulting from that has him dropping right back down again, which comes with an echo of renewed pain as well from the marks extending the length of his spoiler and back. His monitor bloops. "--ow."

Soundwave's optics flash online when Rodimus cries out in pain and he jumps a little, sitting at the edge of his seat. "Hn- what-?" he mutters, the words slipping out of his vocoder as he straightens out and looks around. It doesn't take him long to zero in on the problem. Or the-- not a problem in the case.

"Rodimus," Soundwave says, any tiredness evaporating away. His optics glitter and he laughs. "Rodimus! You're awake!" Not letting go of Rodimus's hand, he reaches for his face and-- his arm stump gently paps against Rodimus's cheek. "Oh yeah. Sorry."

"M'awake, but the frag happened to you?" Rodimus shifts from a lace of Soundwave's fingers to grasping his arm, and reaches to take his other arm -- fingertips skimming past the cap -- in a grasp as well. "Help me sit up," he demands, barely awake before he's already demanding things, as he swallows back another quiet sound of pain to pry himself upright with Soundwave's help.

The act of sitting is briefly dizzying, disorienting, as his frame and his spark wobble and resettle. It was just sitting up, but for a moment, his systems redline as though he's pushing it. Upright, air circulates past marks still raw as a bare sensor net, unpleasantly cool. Rodimus grips Soundwave's arms and looks up at him, bewildered and disoriented. "What happened?"

Soundwave chuckles but the relief melts into worry again. "Of course..." he says, helping Rodimus up when he's asked. He uses his one hand, the other arm held out for Rodimus to hold onto. "You've been in a coma, Rodimus. And-- Are you alright? I can get a medic if you need. I am sure they can give you something for the pain now that you are awake."

"No." Rodimus's fingers tighten on Soundwave's arm, with just a ticklish prickle of claws. His gaze searches Soundwave's, finding half a stranger in his face. The uncertainty opens like a pit beneath his feet, and his spark drops. "What happened?"

Soundwave stares at Rodimus. "Okay," he says. "Okay, what happened." He hesitates. He's not thought about it much. Not arranged his thoughts on what happened or how they happened. He just focused on what needed to be done here and now. And now... He has to tell what happened. "I'm not... Sure about all of it. But I know how it ended." Again he hesitates, optics flickering. He sighs. Just say it. "Megatron is dead. We won."

Something of the uneasy knot loosens in a fierce pulse of exultation, but Rodimus as watches Soundwave, he keeps it from his features in all but the brightening of his eyes. He nods. He doesn't say, 'Good.' He's certainly thinking it, though. His thumb slides over Soundwave's armor and up his arm to his shoulders. Rodimus's gaze sweeps down his torso and all of its new angles and then back up to meet a gaze that he's struggling not to think of as a stranger's. His expression twists and turns lopsided. "And this?" He taps Soundwave's shoulder. This. Soundwave, Soundwave's frame.

Soundwave wouldn't be able to make it in this new world if he couldn't handle someone being delighted by Megatron's death. He's getting through it. And, honestly, it doesn't feel as bad to hear Rodimus's thoughts turn that way than he thought it would. Actually, he smiles, the edges of his optics crinkling with it. Its nice to hear Rodimus thinking something so normal. "Oh. Hm..."

Soundwave looks down at himself. "I guess that is different. I don't- a lot happened." He glances over his shoulder before back at Rodimus. "How's your chassis? Can you open it?"

Seeing Soundwave smile, Rodimus draws his hand from Soundwave's shoulder up to cup the side of his face. He drags his thumb across the sweep of his cheek and then brings his fingers up to mark the changes in his helm. At the question, he winces -- then laughs, self-deprecating. "I don't know. You tell me. It hurts. I feel -- I don't know, doesn't feel right. Hang on." He drops his hand from Soundwave's face to rest on the battered but clean hood of his chest. However it feels -- bad, mostly -- he's still able to trigger the transformation to open it. "Ah -- oh." He sounds startled at first to find it empty, then his gaze draws sharp to Soundwave's chassis. "I, uh. Forgot. So you--?"

"Me," Soundwave says with a nod, his smile going a little stiff. Like he doesn't want to admit it. Looking over his shoulder one more time, he opens his own chassis. It still swings forward on hinges- at least that's not different. But there, nestled in his far shallower deck, is the shimmering Matrix. All gold and blue. "Do you want it back? It... Could probably tell you more about what happened than I could. All I remember is-- Is waking up and wrestling Megatron's cannon away." He's lying. "Do you need help taking it? You're more injured than I had thought."

The blue and brilliant light casts Rodimus in sharp shadows: white and black and shaded in sharp lines. He vents quietly, unsteadily, and then leans forward, as if drawn by a magnetic lure. "I remember you falling. I don't -- I mean." He hesitates, leaning back, and sweeps his gaze back up Soundwave. He looks unnerved. "Do I want it back? I can't even begin to tell you how weird a question that is. How weird this feels. Is this what Optimus felt like when I brought it back? Am I supposed to ask for it? Am I supposed to -- acknowledge your claim on it instead? Are you claiming it?" Honestly, it's a stupid question.

Soundwave grabs Rodimus's shoulders, his handless arm bouncing off harmlessly. He tries his best not to jostle him too much. "Rodimus, I was being polite. Please take this before I eject it and stuff it back into your own chassis. It did what it was supposed to do and now its done. So. Please." He almost looks ready to :rodhork: at the prospect of claiming the Matrix.

It's almost visible -- and it's certainly audible -- to Soundwave as Rodimus gets ahold of himself. He wipes his memories of the past, and focuses on the moment, and on how uncomfortable Soundwave looks. Then, unable to help himself, he grins. "Shut up and get down here," he says, reaching with one hand for the Matrix and with his other hand for Soundwave to pull him down and into a kiss.

"But-" Soundwave starts, on account of Rodimus clearly not feeling so well. He doesn't finish- he doesn't even try to finish. Soundwave presses into the kiss, warm and happy. The Matrix practically falls from within his chassis and into Rodimus's hand. Its warm and happy to be home too.

And then the thought of how close they were to losing this moment together comes to Soundwave. And he pushes himself foward, sliding on top of the medical berth. He grabs the back of Rodimus's head, fingers gently but firmly curling against his helmet as he draws him closer. The warmth of the kiss grows into burning effervescence as Soundwave pours his sheer joy of their dumb luck of being alive and together.

Rodimus's hand is shaking as he guides the Matrix back into place. The monitor tracking the oscillations of his spark goes wild in a beep-BEEP shrill before settling. His armor locks back in place once the Matrix has been settled over his spark, and Rodimus lifts his other hand to Soundwave's shoulders. "You're here." He laughs, and as the smile stretching his lips breaks their kiss, tilts his head to dive right back in with a nip of teeth to find his way. His arms tighten over Soundwave as though he'd draw him in just as close as he's pulled the Matrix. He tilts his head to the side, nuzzling against Soundwave's cheek. "I'm here."

Soundwave's chassis rumbles when the kiss is broken, but its for the best because he needs to concentrate just a split second. As he moves his legs and he he slides up, rubbing against the outside of Rodimus's thighs. And- yes, there. Just like how he's seen Rodimus do it, the perfect stradle. (Eat your heart out Matrix.) Hand moving, his thumb rubs the end edge of Rodimus's pointed faux-chevron as he craddles the side of his head.

"I was worried, for a minute," Soundwave confesses. "That it would be the last I saw of you for a long time... But you saved me, you saved my life. I'm so glad you're awake." He turns his head to press his lips to Rodimus's cheek. And then another, and another. Gently trailing down to his jaw, down his jaw, at his lower lip. "Thank you."

"I thought--." Hand falling from Soundwave's shoulder to his leg, Rodimus drags his fingers up the outer curve of his thigh, and follows their path with his gaze to Soundwave's hips and torso. There's a thought -- one that makes him laugh, it seems -- that he doesn't quite say. "Never mind what I thought. Everyone else? Minimus? --Penchant? I heard Hound, right before it all went to slag. He found Penchant? How long was I out? I have so many questions."

Soundwave doesn't chase after what Rodimus thought. At some point they'll need to. At some point the details they possibly don't want to think about will be something they need to talk about. But not today. Not right now. Soundwave would rather just enjoy and celebrate the here and right now. Worry about the rest later.

Soundwave leans his forehead against Rodimus's, golden optics not wavering from those Matrix blue. He missed them- it felt like he almost lost them. "Minimus, functional. His repairs will take some time- ununtrium complicates things. And Penchant is here and safe- with his own body, even." Soundwave has to pause, their happy moment plagued by a sudden wave of regret and rage. But it subsides and he continues. "This was the fifth day, I believe. As things started to worsen, I wouldn't leave. Just-- I'm glad you're awake and have so many questions." He chuckles, smile turning coy before he adds, "I bet there's so many reports with answers for you to read through."

"I don't want reports," Rodimus says, catching Soundwave by the hip to pull him closer, and to draw against him. "I just want you."

He's probably ignoring several high priority messages in his inbox right now.

Rodimus's touch gentles, but the heat and closeness of his proximity remains. He quiets, eyes dimming to focus on the sounds of Soundwave's frame, and the subtle ways in which they've changed. "You sound different. You feel different."

"You've got me," Soundwave promises as he's pulled closer, Rodimus sliding through his thighs. "However long you need me, you've got me." He wraps his handless arm around Rodimus and rests his head against him. Relaxed.

And then not so relaxed.

Soundwave's body tenses, legs squeezing Rodimus's hips. "Different?" he asks warily. "Is it... Bad? Its the Matrix's fault." He's so quick to throw the thing that rebuilt him under the bus.

Rodimus winces as Soundwave wraps his arm around him: not in actual pain, but anticipation of it, as Soundwave's touch flirts close to scarred metal. When he tenses, Rodimus places a reassuring hand on his thigh and rubs in gentle, coaxing circles. Shh. "It's okay. You're here. That's a miracle. The changes? Not good or bad: just different." His gaze lingers on Soundwave's glass-frosted dock, then lifts. "Show me later. I want to see it all. But Right now, wanna help me bust out of here? Find a medic, get cleared, very busy, can't stay, then we're out."

Soundwave's shoulders fall- he hadn't even realized he was holding them. He's relieved the changes aren't bad, honestly. "You were different after you came back, too," he points out with a gentle nudge and smile, nose scrunching. His head cants a few degrees to the left. "Are you sure that's wise? You seemed to be in a great deal of pain earlier..."

Reaching up for Soundwave, Rodimus pulls him close with a hand at the back of his neck, thumb gliding against the base of his helm. "Soundwave, I'd like you to please listen very closely to me: help me bust out of here, because I've already wasted five days, and we've already wasted years, and Cybertron has wasted millions of years and billions of lives. I am not letting time slip away from me this time."

Soundwave's armor prickles, a shiver that rolls down his frame. He's pressed close enough to Rodimus that he can feel every little, excited shift. Awareness has dawned on him quickly this time. "I see," Soundwave says, optics wide and shining with understanding. Eagerly, he adds, "Then, is retrieving a medic your orders, Captain?" For no descernable reason, his voice is rather hoarse when he asks.

Watching the way Soundwave reacts, Rodimus grins. He lifts his chin, rolls his head back on his neck, and then tilts his helm to the side. He gives Soundwave's hip an encouraging little pat-push. "Yes. It is."

Even as he pushes Soundwave off, Rodimus sits up to follow after him. He catches Soundwave by the arm, and leans forward to brush a kiss against his shoulder. Quietly, Rodimus says, "Special commendations for doing so quickly." He wants out of here. He's got shit to do.

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