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Date 2018/11/29
Location Metroplex - New Iacon
Participants Hound, Fritz, Fortress Maximus, Rodimus, Prowl
Scene GM Tez
Summary While breaking through Metroplex's defenses, the Fleet is given a battlefield update on their distraction. Not doing so hot!

The walls of Metroplex have fallen -- or, more accurately -- have opened for the invaders, and the line of battle has rolled right to the heart of the city.

It's the center of Megatron's control now under siege, as the fighting ranges through the city. Prowl and Fritz remain safely protected by their mobile assault platforms, aka their boyfriends, as they direct the flow of soldiers and support.

    <FS3> Prowl rolls Foresight: Good Success. (1 1 6 6 5 1 7 2 4 1 8 7 6 1 2)
    <FS3> Fritz rolls Organization: Amazing Success. (7 2 6 7 5 8 2 8 8 1 6 8)

Okay, things are going relatively well. Prowl pauses for a few seconds to savor the success in this particular route, perched up on the big shoulder turret of Maximus Ambus. Not a lot of cover but a great view. Maybe it's a decent time to check on other threads. << "Hound? What's your status?" >>

Fritz remains pressed against Max's side, now that they've emerged from the tunnels. The battle must go on, after all, and now that he's had (aka: been practically forcefed) some energon, he's feeling envigorated. He goes quiet for a bit, sending instructions through comms absolutely totally with Prowl's authority attached to them as he tries to keep track of the battlefield in his processor. It means he goes silent for a bit, lets Max take over bringing the two of them through the chaos.

Underground of the battlefield, Hound's return message is terse and a little frayed at the edges, slightly staticky, when it comes through. << "Target retrieved," >> is his initial response. There's lead in his voice as he adds, << "Going to need a medic waiting. Shockwave hasn't changed." >>

Max stands protectively right in front of Fritz because old habits die hard, a little cleaned up and refueled. He winces when he senses the tone in Hound's voice. << "Hound, is he...?" >> He's not sure he wants to know the answer. At least if a medic is needed, that suggests Penchant is alive.

<< "Great work, Hound. Fritz, can you make sure Hound gets what he needs? Thanks." >> Prowl moves right along, crossing his legs as he kinda' reclines in his turret chair. << "Rodimus, you dead yet?" >>

Fritz comes back to the present at Hound's voice, and grinds his teeth at Prowl's. <<"Yes,">> he sends back, and then begins coordinating with the medics on the ground. Priority for who Hound is bringing back. The way Hound sounded in his head echoes as he makes the calls. And then: <<"Could you try,">> Fritz asks, sickly sweet, <<"To be more serious, please?">>

The battlelines are in good order under Prowl's command, and Fritz's control of logistics and support means that the medics have not only managed to get injured in for repairs, but a number of them are already back out again. As front line commanders report -- << "Not yet, Prowl, sorry! I can see Megatron's big stupid door right in front of me. It's fragging purple. Seriously, why all the purple?" >> Rodimus, of course. Irreverent. Not very serious at all until, << "Did I hear Hound?" >> -- the nearness of victory, Decepticon forces across the city start, stumble, and stutter at the impact of an unexpected broadcast.

The fleet forces have barely registered the momentary opening, and haven't even begun to capitalize on it, when Blaster notes the signal, decodes it, and forwards it into the command channel for immediate attention:

"--present endeavor demonstrates a certain reckless courage...but against me?" It's Megatron -- or Megatron's voice, anyway. It takes a disorienting split-second to recognize that it is a recording, rather than a direct line. "You are no match!" There's a video feed that accompanies the words. It's shot up and at an angle, taking in both Megatron and Soundwave. Soundwave is on his knees, bleeding, with his tentacles torn and crushed in Megatron's fists. Shards of glass gleam on the ground around him where his dock has been shattered and broken.

Max glances from Fritz to Prowl, possibly a little amused at his boyfriend's Prowl-sassing. Just a little.

All amusement goes out the window as the broadcast hits, the tank staring at his video feed with his shoulders sinking. "...He...lost...? He lost?"

<< "Yeah, you heard--" >> Hound starts to say, but his voice falls silkent as the echo of Megatron's voice rings through the line. It's a long time before he begins to respond or say anything, but when it is, he comes across surprisingly quiet. Not distracted, but certainly dismayed. << "... Knew this was a bad idea..." >>

<< "Apologies Fritz, will work on that." >> Prowl is about to answer Rodimus with a theory on the color purple when the feed crosses the datastream on his HUD. The energon in his lines pumps cold. << "...Get up. Get up!" >>

Fritz stops mid-comm with a medic to listen to that recording, to stare at the video. Any more sass at Prowl is abandoned. <<"We don't...we don't know that this isn't purposeful,">> he says. His voice is shaking, and the rising panic is clear, but he keeps going. <<"Soundwave, Soundwave might be showing this on purpose. To those following Megatron, he, he could be showing his true nature, we don't know that it's a failure!">>

<< "To try to rouse the remaining loyal Decepticons against him?" >> Max's arm goes around Fritz immediately, though he sounds a little hollow himself. << "But if they're devoted to following shows of power and force, he's just...given them exactly what they wanted. I want to hope for the best. We have to hope for the best..." >>

As the feed plays, Rodimus is silent.

It's Soundwave that speaks next on the recording, in a voice broken and scraped over a shattered voccalizer, raw with pain and weak with exertion: "I'm not. I'm not a match..." There's a ping in their inboxes. Soundwave's voice brightens. "But I don't need to win to beat you."

The ping unfolds as a new message in their inboxes. It's a message from Soundwave, sent to the fleet: sent to all, from the newest foot soldier. It's a short message: simple, plain, much like the mech who sends it. Functional, rather than flowery. Yet the words are undeniably optimistic, a message of hope, of encouragement: they can win; they can beat Megatron.

<< "I'm going to fragging kill him," >> Rodimus says, his voice ragged.

<< "... No you're not. Stay the course. Everyone! We don't have a lot of time!" >> Prowl isn't reclining anymore, at least. He aims a fresh barrage of fire on the Decepticons before them, while they're caught up in the broadcast. He'll... read the message later.

Another long pause. << "Understood,">> Hound says finally. << "I'll be in soon. I can... join the Captain." >>

Fritz immediately reads the message, with lightning speed borne of a secretary and mailman, and his optics spark at the edges. <<"Keep going,">> he says to Max, his voice firm despite the tears in it. The rest comes over the comms: <<"Soundwave's given us a chance. We have to take it. Move forward!">> And he's back to silence, concentrating his efforts on the organization of their medics and their supplies, leaving the tactics to Prowl.

<< "...Right." >> Max is silent out of respect for Soundwave, and then forms fists. << "He's buying us more time. We can't waste his..." >> Sacrifice? Is it too early to say something like that? << "His actions. We can't fail now." >>

    <FS3> Fritz rolls Organization: Success. (5 5 1 5 3 1 2 7 2 6 5 5)
    <FS3> Prowl rolls Foresight: Good Success. (6 5 3 3 5 2 4 8 2 4 2 8 6 2 6)

Fritz spends 1 luck points on gotta organize.

    <FS3> Fritz rolls Organization: Great Success. (4 8 2 8 2 5 7 7 2 6 2 6)

Prowl spends 1 luck points on Reroll!!.

    <FS3> Prowl rolls Foresight: Good Success. (4 8 1 5 3 2 2 1 6 7 6 7 5 1 5)

<< "Get your extraction team moving!" >> You know, to get Soundwave. So Rodimus can kill him. << "Megatron brought a fragging vid squad; we can send someone to get him out." >>

It's funny: as the broadcast plays on, Megatron's grandstanding about, as one does when one is a tyrannical warlord, and Rodimus's name on Megatron's lips crosses Megatron's name on Rodimus's lips. It swiftly becomes clear that they would have to move very fast indeed to retrieve any pieces of Soundwave bigger than maybe the size of a hand, as Megatron's beating turns savage. Soundwave's face looms large suddenly in the field as Megatron drags his battered frame toward the camera's lens. "Behold the fate of those who defy Megatron!"

Fritz's clever eye allows a squad of saboteurs to sneak through and send up a weapons cache under the noses of distracted Decepticons; Prowl's steely hand on the reins keeps the lines from folding when pockets -- particularly a certain magenta pocket -- of command turn useless. But even as they steal these victories and reinforce their lines, Megatron goes on. He can't help it. It's what he does.

"The Decepticons are mine, now and forever! The challenge has been given, and answered! All Cybertron, and her colonies, are under my protection. To any usurper, I send you this message." Megatron drops Soundwave onto his knee, shattering his spinal column and wreaking further havoc on his internals. So broken, Megatron pushes his former lieutenant aside, down to the surface of the new Cybertron. There is only contempt in his optics.

"Deaddrop. Open the space bridge." Megatron reaches down and grabs Soundwave by his collar. "It's time for our final play."

The feed drops, and it is outright chaos on the battlefield.

The visual sends a shudder through Max's frame. "Slag. He's...rallied them, alright. Okay, I'm going back out there!" He raises his machineguns and steps forward. "The battle for Metroplex isn't over! I'm gonna get some order going on down there and face this 'final play' head on."

    <FS3> Astrotrain rolls Logistics: Good Success. (2 4 2 8 6 7 3 6 3 6 4)

<< "We'll show him defiance," Hound snarls, all hint of hesitation gone from his voice in favor of burning fury, a deep growl that resonates through his entire chassis. The feed breaks briefly with some static-- from the sounds of it Hound is finally depositing his retrieval bundle with that medic-- then he ignores the connection in favor of making his way toward the battlefield, shouting at their forces with both comms and words to rally them.

    <FS3> Cosmos rolls Recon: Good Success. (7 4 7 5 8 4 5 6 6 1 4)
    <FS3> Minimus_Ambus rolls Command: Great Success. (3 8 6 8 1 1 8 6 6 4 2 1 8 4 6)
    <FS3> Hound rolls Command: Success. (6 2 2 4 2 5 5 4 2 3 7)
    <FS3> Fortress_Maximus rolls Firearms: Good Success. (3 2 1 7 8 1 2 7 5 6 4)

Hound spends 1 luck points on better than a 1 please.

    <FS3> Hound rolls Command: Good Success. (2 2 2 8 7 5 7 1 6 2 3)

When Hound returns to the field, there's a palpable easing of rising tensions. Dogs are good for energon pressure, you know? De-stressing. Secure in the hands of their ten billion year old commander -- seriously, it's amazing how far that rumor has spread; colonists newly arrived to the colonial fleet marvel at how well Hound has held up -- the forces rally, and push back with Fortress Maximus clearing the way. Leg guns. Gotta love 'em.

Prowl spends a little too long resisting Rodimus' demand for that extraction team for Soundwave, until the sight of Soundwave's back strut breaking changes his mind. It doesn't matter, however, as Megatron appears to be dragging Soundwave straight to their battlefield. Nnnnot great. All Prowl can do is make sure everyone (aside from the magenta pocket) is pushing forward and wreaking havoc. Naturally he's back on that turret.

    <FS3> Prowl rolls Command: Failure. (2 4 3 1 4 5 3 1)

Prowl spends 1 luck points on im fuckin.

    <FS3> Prowl rolls Command: Failure. (3 6 4 2 2 2 5 3)
    <FS3> Minimus_Ambus rolls Inspire: Success. (3 2 7 1)

As Prowl resists, Rodimus turns blistering in Prowl's audial off of the main command channel -- then, worse, pleading. Just once, just a word: << "Please." >>

It's probably Rodimus's distraction that undermines Prowl's command of the battlefield, but the overall structure of the assault is dissolving, falling to the skills of his subcommanders. Astrotrain's unable to quite master the flow of battle, and the number of injured in need of evacuation and soldiers in need of support rise. They've got a good view of the battlefield, at least, thanks to Cosmos keeping the scouts on track, both on the ground and in the sky, and right now what's most clear is that Minimus Ambus -- Maximus Ambus, aka, The Other Maximus -- is an anchoring stone preventing collapse of the forward line.

Fritz has never liked Soundwave, any more than he's ever liked Prowl. Yet when he watches what Megatron does to Soundwave, in front of all of Cybertron, his optics spark and they don't stop. He just manages to keep his voice even in his comms, falling back from the battle, organizing from afar with a steadiness that forces all of his emotions to exit through his tears. It lets him get back in touch with the battle, and try to cue the medics to where they're needed as the number of injured rises.

    <FS3> Fritz rolls Hacking: Great Success. (8 2 4 7 8 2 4 5 3 6 8 7 3)

As the flow of battle shifts, Fritz finds that he has to content with a great deal more activity on the part of Megatron's spies and sneaks -- emboldened, perhaps, by the defeat of the once-legendary Soundwave. How many of them learned from him? Served under him? Feared him? Now they do everything they can to shred the fleet's operations, only to be countered by Fritz and his support squad.

Prowl ends up relying heavily on Minimus as command slips through his fingers. He's distracted, for sure, trying to piece together the timing of it all. << "We're spread thin, Rodimus. Megatron isn't going to be in Kaon. What are you going to do? We need to break through in the next... I don't know, ten seconds? I'm still working on the logistics!" >> It's then that Minimus starts a lumbering charge towards what looks like a vulnerable opening, guns blazing. Prowl abandons everything to just cling and not fall off.

The tide of battle changes, as if a deft hand has taken hold of the chaos and straightened out the Decepticon battle line. Moments later, a broadcast goes out to the Decepticons, piped to their personal heads-up displays -- then hijacked by Blaster, only moments delayed, to forward again to the command channel. The image of Megatron's face is sent to all his followers, one side of his helm crumpled from a blow received from Soundwave, and a patina of energon dried on his teeth. A classic case of 'you should see the other guy.' Megatron speaks: "Decepticons! Take heed, your leader has returned. The traitor Soundwave has been vanquished. Decepticons, rise up! The enemy has delivered himself to us, meet him! The battle is ours, I am here, and together we will turn back the tide of our enemies."

<< "What am I going to do?" >> Rodimus asks, snarling over the lines. << "You heard him. Megatron's here. I'm going to go find him." >> He lunges forward, the point of the vanguard spear as Minimus provides the mass and thrust of the charge. Prowl wants them to break through? Okay. They'll work on that.

    <FS3> Minimus_Ambus rolls Firearms: Good Success. (8 6 3 5 6 1 3 6 8 7 4 6 6 4)
    <FS3> Rodimus rolls Firearms: Amazing Success. (7 7 4 7 1 8 2 3 1 2 6 4 1 7 8)

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