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Prize Fight
Date 2018/11/26
Location Cybertron -- Kaon
Participants Soundwave
NPCs Megatron
Scene GM Birb
Summary Soundwave challenges Megatron.

Kaon. Old Kaon, where it all started. It's fitting that it should be where it ends as well.

Thanks to Cybertron's merging with Unicron, the area formerly known as Kaon- now made wild and new- is in a slightly different location. Further from New Iacon than it had been pre-merging. Soundwave didn't pick this spot based off pure nostalgia. Should anything go wrong, its best if it takes Megatron as long as possible to get back. Hopefully, it won't come to that.

Soundwave arrives a little after the agreed upon time, something important held him up at shuttle bay, but he lands in the wilds of former-Kaon without a problem. And then he takes a minute, steadying his hands and prepping a message. It sits in his out-going as he steps out of his single person shuttle. Soundwave shines, meticulously polished and buffed for the occassion. The perfect mirror finish is interrupted by a few magenta and orange scuffs. He's without his shoulder cannon- unarmed just as they agreed. He takes several strides away from his shuttle before coming to a stop, standing there stiff and silent.

"The last time I was here I gave Deathsaurus an ultimatum. Join me in the fight against Unicron, or suffer the consequences." Megatron is already here. Punctuality is one of his many virtues. The Decepticon leader emerges from the shadows cast by a series of broken metal spires: even in rebirth, Kaon is jagged and chaotic. But there is platform enough for the two Decepticons to fight most unimpeded. Megatron, too, is lacking in his signature weapon. He has come unarmed, as promised.

But he has not come alone. A number of optics flicker in the darkness, a handful of Decepticons who stand ready in the even that this was some elaborate Autobot ruse. Seeing that Soundwave is alone, they hang back. This is Megatron's fight. What appears to be a drone (but that the psychic Soundwave will immediately realize is the microbot Deaddrop) zips above Megatron and trains its camera on the pair. Recording the fight for posterity, you see.

Megatron regards his former lieutenant with a scowl carved onto his features. He is not so shined up as Soundwave, but he is obviously good repair. He is tense, but when he advances Megatron has the measured, easy gait of a predator. "Well then, Soundwave?" The tyrant challenges. "Did you come to challenge me, as you so self-righteously proclaimed, or now that you are away from the Autobots have you come to beg me for mercy again?" Megatron lowers his helm. "You will find none here."

Soundwave's spark feels like it might seize up when he sees Megatron. No, when he hears him and all the intent he carries with him. But the others- their faint buzz of thought and life, loosen him up. He glances to Deaddrop and then back to Megatron. "You cannot help yourself, can you? You must always have an audience."

Soundwave cycles a slow exvent, ready to signal the nucleon-enriched energon to drop into his tanks. But not yet. Not... Yet. "I'm not here to find mercy," he proclaims. "And I will meet the challenge I gave, if that is what is to happen tonight. But Lor--" His jaw tightens, the word caught and ultimately swallowed. Its with a small note of desperation that he finishes: "Megatron, this doesn't need to happen. I ask- I plead- you remember all those years ago, when we first met. Of what you wanted then... There's still a chance to right the path you are currently on. Reconsider, please."

"It is you who have forsaken the path, Soundwave. For a matrix bearer, no less." Megatron replies, and there is no teasing or even mockery in his tone. There is rage in him, the familiar rage that pushed him through the end of the war when it seemed that nothing else mattered except for slaughtering the Autobots and standing atop the corpses. Megatron advances, his black-armored fists clenching. "I am building a new world here, Soundwave. The world of which we dreamed...but it needs my leadership. It demands that my hand shape it! I must be equal to this moment, so that every moment that preceded it was not in vain. We have given so much for what we now have, Soundwave. Would you just hand it over to Starscream? To whatever new Prime the matrix has chosen? To the wayward colonies? No. The iron is hot. The hammer must fall, to shape and temper what is to be." Megatron draws himself up in front of Soundwave. "If you disagree, if you are intent on this challenge...then dispense with your tired mewling. I have heard enough. Act, Soundwave."

Soundwave keeps his ground, every joint tightening like a loaded spring. His neck cable so taut they might snap with any wrong movement. But he doesn't bow under Megatron's glare nor his words nor the boiling rage that pours over his senses. It takes effort and concentration, his resolve not breaking but shaking before the presence of Megatron.

Out of his side comes a tentacle, a metal ribbon wrapped around its top, and it gently touches his hand. His fingers brush the innermost energon inlaid within the ribbon. Soundwave's hand curls into a fist and he steadies, tentacle slinking back inside him. "You're wrong, Megatron," he says. "We don't need you- no one does." And he drops the superfuel into his tanks before aiming a punch at Megatron's jaw.

    <COMBAT> Megatron attacks Soundwave with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Head.
    <COMBAT> Soundwave attacks Megatron with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Left Arm.

Megatron is caught offguard for a brief moment. Soundwave isn't that fast, he's never been that fast. Megatron practically flinches, lifting his arm to ward off the blow, which puts him on his back foot for just a moment. "Of all my lieutenants...Starscream, eternally scheming, Shockwave, inscrutable and working his own agenda...the corpses of the hundreds who challenged me and failed...I never thought you would be so foolish as to join them!" At last the tyrant counterattacks, shrugging off the blow to slam his fist into Soundwave's head. The impact of the superfuel is felt immediately: he knows he's been hit, but it feels distant. Like the jarring blow to his brain module is happening to someone else. Soundwave's awareness is expanding as well. As Ratchet said, there was no way to guess how it might interact with his outlier ability. Megatron's rage looms larger, but so to can Soundwave hear other, more distant voices. Penchant's pain throbs on the other side of the world like an open wound. Somewhere Ravage is looking at Hound with disdain. Rumble and Frenzy shake down Swerve for a good luck drink. The birds look at the birds arrived from Eukaris and make snide comments. It's all there, but Megatron is here. Immediate.

And he seems to be all rage. With a roar, Megatron aims another blow at Soundwave's chest, aiming to shatter his glass case and reach into his insides.

Soundwave is taken off guard after he lands a blow. By the rush, by the impact the superfuel has on him. He can hear it, feel it all. He hardly registers the fist to his head as the pain and nerves and confidence and rage fill him. His optics shutter, focus and he charges Megatron with an angry cry of his own.

Soundwave fearlessly enters Megatron's range. Getting close so he can twist and throw his fist in an uppercut into Megatron's chin.

    <COMBAT> Megatron attacks Soundwave with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Right Hand.
    <COMBAT> Soundwave attacks Megatron with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Head.

Instead of smashing through Soundwave's chest as he intended, Megatron is stopped cold. Soundwave catches Megatron's fist in his hand. He can feel that this hurts, a strut or two might have snapped, but it's no issue. His hand functions and the fuel keeps him going for a bit longer. When Soundwave turns and uppercuts Megatron in his chin, the tyrant is not just stopped he is thrown back and down to the surface of the world he claims as his own. Megatron swiftly returns to his feet and wipes a trail of energon from his jaw. He's not smiling. "Modified, is that it? You were never my equal in anything, much less combat!" Not to be deterred, the Decepticon leader charges in, a predator's fury in his motions as he simply tries to pummel Soundwave with whatever opening he's given.

    <COMBAT> Soundwave attacks Megatron with Sparring but Megatron DODGES!
    <COMBAT> Megatron attacks Soundwave with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Left Hand.

Soundwave shakes his hands, none the wiser to any damage- too focused on Megatron give his HUD and its damage updates any heed. His feet scrape the ground as he races after Megatron to match his charge with his own. He draws a fist back and-- he misses.

Soundwave has never been a flexible mech but this fuel gets him to push his boundaries, even as he burns through it. And he twists to avoid any damage to his chest, catching Megatron's hand in his own again. He doesn't mind how the impact makes energon spatter out the sides of his servo. He holds it there, vents hissing. "I'm no longer holding back for you," he growls at Megatron. With a harsh exvent, he snaps the elbow of his arm up to bury into Megatron's face.

Megatron matches Soundwave. He actually starts to grin when Soundwave holds him off. The fight is starting to get to Megatron, the old battle lust that carried him through the pits in Kaon claiming him again. "Oh, Soundwave." Megatron's own servos creak and strain at the effort of matching Soundwave's superfueled attack. "I made you so much more than you are now. Look at you. A Prime's plaything. When you served me, you were feared Soundwave. Now you are just a cosmic joke. You don't even realize the punchline at the end of this little, insignificant brawl." Megatron grins, showing the energon pooling between his teeth. "You cannot win this fight, Soundwave. You can only lose." Megatron moves in to smash into Soundwave with his shoulder, hoping to avoid the elbow.

    <COMBAT> Soundwave attacks Megatron with Sparring but Megatron DODGES!
    <COMBAT> Megatron attacks Soundwave with Sparring - Moderate Stun wound to Chest.

Soundwave's elbow sails past Megatron's head. Megatron is surprisingly nimble for such a large mech. Soundwave's feet leave the ground from Megatron's impact and he struggles a moment to get them back under him. He manages to just barely keep from falling back. Just in time to hear the glass of his chassis crack, the impact spiderwebbing out in lines of frailty.

"Good leaders are proud of their charges being strong without them- not indulge in their weakness!" he snaps. Soundwave shifts his feet back into proper fighting formation and leaps back at Megatron. Fearless still, not realizing how he seems to have slowed from just a short minute ago.

Megatron regards Soundwave's latest attack and finds it wanting. He notices that the superfuel has been largely expended, even if he doesn't know exactly what has taken place. "I did make you strong!" Megatron snarls as he shifts back into a stance to receive Soundwave's attack. "Decisive, ruthless...nothing would stand in your way, Autobot, Decepticon, or neutral! It is your weakness that I lament, Soundwave." Megatron turns into Soundwave's attack, trying to drive his fist into his former lieutenant's midsection.

    <COMBAT> Megatron attacks Soundwave with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Chest.
    <COMBAT> Soundwave attacks Megatron with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Right Arm.
    <COMBAT> Soundwave attacks Megatron with Sparring but Megatron DODGES!
    <COMBAT> Megatron attacks Soundwave with Sparring - Serious Stun wound to Abdomen.

Soundwave's chassis chips, some of the loose glass from Megatron's last blow now trickling down around Megatron's fist. But the glass holds, if just so. Soundwave brings an arm down, smashing Megatron's away. He lunges for Megatron but fails to make contact again- the same cannot be said for Megatron. Soundwave hardly bats an eye but his body, physically, is shaken by the blow. He tastes his own energon on his tongue. "You may have opened my eyes, but you are not the one who made me strong," he mutters, throwing another punch at Megatron.

"Deaddrop, you may begin broadcasting." Megatron tells the hovering news drone once he's battered Soundwave's body a bit. "You have always been dependent on others, Soundwave. Your cassettes saved you. You clung to me. When I was gone you found the Autobots, who never did find a mech they couldn't coddle into softness. And now you are here, about to be beaten by me." Megatron does not fear Soundwave's blows. He steps into Soundwave's attack and tries to grapple him, so that he can hold the other mech close. "It is not my fists that will defeat you, Soundwave. Though they are sufficient. No. You will surrender to me, because I have made myself the lynchpin of our race, as I was always meant to be. Listen to my spark, Soundwave. See for yourself."

Soundwave feels like he can keep fighting. He doesn't feel like his abdomen is now concave, that he's broken his fists, that his chassis is one hit away from being a gaping hole of vulnerability. He feels like he can take Megatron- his body is beginning to beg to differ. As he and Megatron grapple, he's unable to turn parts right, unable to move right, and he's caught in Megatron's hold. Vents heaving. He glowers up at Megatron. "I do not yield," Soundwave practically spits at Megatron. But he listens. Of course he listens, he can't help himself. It's what he does.

    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Telepathy: Good Success. (5 2 1 7 2 1 2 4 8 5 6 6 1 4 5 4)

Megatron's spark pulses powerfully in his chest, that much is clear. Soundwave has felt it many times. But it's different, now. Changed. Something interferes with the pulse, or measures it. Monitors it. Waits for it to fail. "By now even your Autobots have discerned what I have done. I will not be shackled by god's design. I am Megatron, I make my own way." His grip tightens on Soundwave, and he can feel the weakness in his frame. "You will yield, Soundwave, and submit, because I am the trigger. If I perish, if my spark is extinguished...then my passing will unleash the wave of destruction that will cleanse our race and leave behind only our fallow world, to be inherited by these new innocents. Free from our religion, the titans destroyed, free from our petty conflict, the sides from everyone who would force them into the same mistakes that we have acted out all these millions of years. They will be guided by my hand, or none at all."

Soundwave's optics widen beneath his visor. He sees what's been done now- to kill Megatron is to condemn every Cybertronian. Every living one, at least. The fresh and new generation in Iacon, lost. The colonies and all those who found refuge among them. Gone. Soundwave stares at Megatron, his disgust and horror not seen. But it's not hopeless- he knows what's happening in New Iacon right now.

"Why?" Soundwave asks at last. "Why are you doing this? You wanted Cybertron to be free but you have just shackled it to yourself. Aren't you tired of this? Of threatening and fear and war... Or are you so godless that the loss of millions before and millions now doesn't bother you in the least?" There's not a single word of surrender spoken. He's stalling. Thinking.

Megatron grins. The expression is almost...warm. He grip slackens just slightly. "I am, Soundwave." The tyrant admits. "Between you and I, yes. I do not want to fight the war again. When I extended my hand to Rodimus and offered him peace...I meant it." Megatron's grip tightens again, threatening to collapse Soundwave's compromised structure. "But I must be strong. Cybertron needs me, Soundwave. We have enemies, within and without. To allow Starscream to rule Cybertron is to cause another war in the future. The matrix bearers will bring back their religion and with it the oppression that first lit the spark of rebellion in me. So I am left with no choice." And now the time for talk over. Megatron lifts his knee, intended to finish what he started and shatter Soundwave's core.

    <COMBAT> Megatron attacks Soundwave with Sparring - Light Stun wound to Chest.

Soundwave jerks awake and its enought that Megatron's knee doesn't completely demolish his chassis. It does break, the glass breaking around Megatron's knee. But pieces cling, jagged shards hanging from the frame of his deck. The atmosphere of formerly-Kaon chills Soundwave's chassis, which runs hot from battle.

"You decieve yourself, Megatron," Soundwave says, tentacles spooling from his sides. They snake up to coil themselves around Megatron's shoulders to yank him and throw him away. "You have a choice-- you've just made up your mind. As have I. You think I need to snuff your spark to destroy you? You've forced my hand."

Megatron did not get the resounding crunch and broken mech that he was hoping for. Insteads those tentacles, those damn tentacles, unspool once again. The one adorned with Rodimus's innermost does not go unnoticed. The tyrant is lifted and thrown, but he reacts quickly, reaching out to try and grab the tentacles in his crushing grip before they can fling him away completely. "At last, you decide on something! Then let us see what you amount to in the end, Soundwave!"

    <COMBAT> Megatron subdues Soundwave!

Soundwave may have been able to sail past the pain and damage earlier but the tentacles are different. Not completely Cybertronian with direct access to his mind, integrated fully into his nueral net. Its all a fancy way of saying: Megatron hurty. Soundwave's vocoder chokes on a sound and he falls on a shakey knee, vents laboring. The biolights running the length of the cords beat a flash of panic.

Soundwave attempts to recall the tentacle with the ribbon of innermost energon, to pull it away. The other, despite the grip, pulls and searches for an access point on Megatron. It can't reach his neck but sometimes there's a few ports alont the arms or waist. Its little claws pry desperately at Megatron's armor.

"You are on your knees, Soundwave." Megatron notes, his voice turned cold. "These alien things have weakened you. Considerably." The tyrant places one of his feet on Soundwave's shoulder, bracing himself, before he pulls on the tentacles. His fingers dig in, hoping to have a sufficient grip on both tentacles to tear them from Soundwave's body before he can find an access port. "You still think you can pit your will against mine? The foolishness of your present endeavor demonstrates a certain reckless courage...but against me? You are no match!"

Megatron's gambit to pull the tentacles away before they can get to him pay off. The hunting tentacle peels back the protecting armor of a connection port, its end cycling open to connect and-- pop. It goes limp, the close call avoided. The other, the one Soundwave is clearly more invested in retrieving, tries its best to slip through Megatron's fingers. It doesn't and with a sickening pop it goes still and dim as well. They both bleed from where they're torn, any length left retreating back inside Soundwave. Energon oozes from his busted plating.

Soundwave's vision has washed white and he falls forward, just able to catch himself with his arms. They shake with the effort. Oh, this might be the crash Ratchet mentioned. Soundwave's vocalizer crackles with a quick cry of pain, too weak to muster up a full scream. His systems heave and he glances up. "I'm not. I'm not a match..." He smiles beneath his mask, the message that's been waiting finally sent. "But I don't need to win to beat you."

Megatron tosses Soundwave's tentacles aside like they are so much refuse. Which to him they are. "Nor do I need to kill you to satisfy my intentions here." Megatron replies, unfazed by Soundwave's seeming bravado. He works his fingers. "A shame that Rodimus isn't here to this. It would have given me some satisfaction. Well. I cannot have everything that I desire." Megatron turns, driving a powerful fist into the side of Soundwave's head. Another follows from the other side. His visor is all but destroyed, his mouthplate cracked. Satisfied with this, Megatron grabs Soundwave at the shoulder and lifts him, holding the beaten mech up for Deaddrop's electronic eye to see. "Behold the fate of those who defy Megatron!" The tyrant bellows. His followers have finally emerged, knowing that the fight is over. Megatron's grip creases Soundwave's armor. "The Decepticons are mine, now and forever! The challenge has been given, and answered! All Cybertron, and her colonies, are under my protection. To any usurper, I send you this message." Megatron drops Soundwave onto his knee, shattering his spinal column and wreaking further havoc on his internals. So broken, Megatron pushes his former lieutenant aside, down to the surface of the new Cybertron. There is only contempt in his optics.

"Deaddrop. Open the space bridge." Megatron reaches down and grabs Soundwave by his collar. "It's time for our final play."

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