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Date 2018/11/12
Location Unspecified Planet
Participants Whisper, Soundwave, Prowl
Scene GM Tez
Summary Soundwave, Prowl and Whisper try to pin down marauders to get some answers on tape. Soundwave has no chill.

<FS3> Prowl rolls Foresight: Amazing Success. (8 7 1 8 7 6 7 1 3 2 3 7 6 3 1)

    <FS3> Rodimus rolls Inspire: Great Success. (1 7 4 6 2 2 1 2 5 4 3 1 6 3 7 8 7)

The thing about chaos is that it isn't, quite. There's always a pattern, an order to it. And Prowl is very good at recognizing patterns. As others rage, and craft stirring speeches, or off the cuff moments of bravado and inspiration, it's Prowl who sits quietly at his desk -- the table, really, of the incident room, that he has commandeered for his own -- and finds a pattern to a particular run.

He knows where they will strike. He knows when they will strike. And the Lost Light is ready and waiting for the forces that have attacked the outlying, unaligned colonies to come into their baited trap.

The civilians have been cleared, but the colony still looks occupied. It's the work of illusions and clever signal-fakers, reinforced by a few of the Lost Light's sharpest fighters. They lure the attackers out of their ships and deeper into the colony; they bait them, until the commander arrives. It's at that point, when the fighting elsewhere is fiercest, that Prowl, Soundwave, and Whisper have their moment. If they are going to capture the leader of one of these strikes, this i the time.

It's not Lockdown. It's not someone from Lockdown's team, either. To the outward eye, the attack is being led by a large organic, fungal and towering. It moves along a slime trail that dissipates in its wake, evaporating or fading into the air. He's surrounded by a few soldiers, also outwardly organic and largely myconid or plant-like.

One thing: reports from farther in have already revealed that this is nothing more than a disguise, and that as the raiders fall, they are nothing more than Decepticons, disguised. So deceptive.

Her stealth field activated, Whisper is the advance guard of this action, showing faint reflections of cloud and sky on the underbelly of her sleek jet alt mode. Closing on the "organic" leader in question, she's still far away when she takes the first image at maximum magnification and fires it back across a private, secured channel between Soundwave and Prowl. Her report is without words, and her next one follows a few minutes later as she continues to whisper through the air, taking images of advancing hideous mushroom tower with clinical remoteness. She also takes images of the ground, hunting for a good ambush point that they can use as cover for their smash and grab.

'Cover' comes in the form of structures large enough to take up positions behind. Whisper doesn't have a stealth field in her root mode to complete her camouflage and relies instead on training and experience to set herself behind a wall and watch.

There's probably more elegant, more graceful plans. Plan with finesse, with grace, with poise... And then there's the ever faithful 'shoot them with a missile' plan. Soundwave does the latter, shoulder cannon launching one at the 'fungus' people. Mostly the soldiers, leaving the commander to suffer just some collateral from shrapnel.

Prowl rides the thrill of everything executing perfectly, everything lining up, everything resolving so predictably. Just a few more things to tackle. To wrap up in a neat bow. But he won't dirty his hands, if he can help it. That's why Soundwave and Whisper are here. He's silent with his sidearm drawn, watching Soundwave just... blow everything up. A piece of shrapnel darts and sticks into the wall of a building, right above Prowl's head, between his chevron. << "Hey, maybe cool it? Just a tad?" >>

Whisper answers Soundwave's order by whipping her sniper rifle out and setting herself behind the wall, dropping to a knee and angling carefully to cover possible exit routes on her side of the ambush field. She is absolutely silent, waiting and expectant, but holds her fire so as to avoid giving away her position in advance of anyone actually making that break for it. Her yellow visor is a pale glare in the dark, biolights a faint glitter of white against the dark depths of her navy frame as she waits.

    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Firearms: Good Success. (6 8 3 5 5 8 5 1 6 3)

The missile impacts the wall behind the fungal tower as it -- somehow -- leans out of the way. The shrapnel rains over them all, however, and the walls goes down over one of the plant-creatures, which splats wetly and gooely enough to call into question whether or not they are organics or disguised. Maybe it's a really good holo disguise. That's enough to put the small squad on alert, though: two more fungal creatures and the one remaining plant turn their attention outward and toward the approaching troops, firing at Soundwave. The large tower begins to retreat.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Fungi=6 Vs Soundwave=reaction+reaction
    <        Fungi: Good Success (3 1 8 4 8 8)          Soundwave: Success (6 8 6 6)
    <                Net Result: Fungi wins - Solid Victory
    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Fungal=6 Vs Soundwave=reaction+reaction
    <        Fungal: Good Success (8 3 5 1 6 7)          Soundwave: Failure (1 5 2 5)
    <                Net Result: Fungal wins - Solid Victory
    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Plant=6 Vs Soundwave=reaction+reaction
    <        Plant: Good Success (2 7 8 5 7 1)          Soundwave: Good Success (7 1 6 8)
    <                Net Result: Plant wins - Marginal Victory
    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Fortitude: Good Success. (5 1 5 6 5 1 4 1 5 8 6 7)

Prowl has no answer for that. He slinks back behind some rubble to get better cover as Soundwave endures a beating from the disguised marauders. Those icky sticky parts can't possibly be holograms, can they? He reaches to scoop up a nasty chunk, and it gets to ooze over the rest of his subspace pocket's contents as he leans out and attempts to provide some support in the form of plasma bolts steadied on the plant-type.

As the fungal tower begins to retreat, Whisper covers it through the scope of her rifle, and melts around to the other side of the building that she is using as cover so that she can better track its progress. As Soundwave fires his missile, she reorients through the scope, watching the other targets with deep patience. It's impossible to read her expression because she's hiding and it's masked behind a visor, so what she thinks of Soundwave and Prowl bickering over the comms will never be known. << "Priority target in retreat. Secondary target in my scope. Preparing to fire." >> A beat passes and she adds in a tone of mild query, << "Priority target to be captured alive?" >>

    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Firearms: Good Success. (7 3 6 3 1 2 5 2 6 7)
    <FS3> Prowl rolls Firearms: Good Success. (4 3 3 7 4 4 4 4 2 1 5 6 4 2 3 7)

Once again, Soundwave impacts another chunk of wall; once again, another wall falls, sending one of the two guard-shrooms stumbling, bending, and snapping in half under the weight of the wall. Prowl's shots head dead-center, and after a moment, the holo-leaves begin to smolder and smoke quite realistically, until one stops to notice the smoke dissipates quickly.

Later, when Prowl opens his subspace pocket, he will realize that he got a fistful of mud. It was, in fact, hologoop.

Falling in around the commander, the smoldering leaf creature and the last mushroom return fire, while their leader fires on Prowl. There's a squawked signal on the edge of Soundwave's hearing: a call for reinforcements that no one else hears.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Fungi=6 Vs Soundwave=reaction+reaction
    <        Fungi: Failure (5 3 1 3 2 1)          Soundwave: Failure (1 1 3 1)
    <                Net Result: Both Fail.
    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Plant=6 Vs Prowl=reaction+reaction
    <        Plant: Good Success (7 4 1 2 8 7)          Prowl: Good Success (4 7 1 5 7 1 8 3)
    <                Net Result: DRAW
    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Boss=8 Vs Prowl=reaction+reaction
    <        Boss: Good Success (7 8 6 6 7 5 3 5)          Prowl: Success (3 2 6 3 4 8 3 3)
    <                Net Result: Boss wins - Solid Victory
    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Hacking: Good Success. (1 4 8 2 4 4 3 1 7 5 8 5 5 3)

Prowl gets a nice lance of energy across his chest and into his shoulder. He gasps and pulls back around his shoddy cover, ripping his flaming hood off so nothing can ignite. << "To clarify, yes, keep the leader alive." >> Prowl puts a little more care in edging out around the masonry this time, to fire on the leafy guy.

    <FS3> Prowl rolls Firearms: Amazing Success. (7 8 6 6 1 8 8 5 4 8 2 6 3 4 1 7)

Having taken time to set up her fire, Whisper focuses on her vegetable target. Putting imagination to work, determining where on the plant's body a head would be if the plant were a Decepticon in root mode, she squeezes off -- with focus and precision -- what could be a headshot right at that stamen.

    <FS3> Whisper rolls Firearms: Great Success. (1 3 8 7 4 5 4 7 3 1 8 6 4 3 2 1)

Great. Cool. Cool, cool, cool. This is going great. Holo smoked by the fire of Prowl and Whisper's combined shots, the plant-figure goes up in smoke to reveal the crumpling Decepticon beneath. As the fight turns, the only thing that keeps the mushroom tower from panicing is the knowledge that reinforcements-- that the reinforcements will be -- why aren't they answering? Soundwave manages to block every call that goes out, to leave a scream for help unanswered.

The mushroom tower and his last squad member exchange ... well, it's only a look so far as you don't think about how they can do that, and ten they bolt. AHHHHH.

    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Hacking: Good Success. (3 2 7 4 7 2 6 6 3 1 3 6 8 6)

Whisper chambers another round in her sniper rifle, and even though it is going to give the fleeing plant guy more time to get distance, she takes her time to set up her shot before once more squeezing the trigger. She offers no commentary over the radio, still and focused and quiet.

    <FS3> Soundwave rolls BOOMbox: Success. (2 1 8 3 4 4 3 4 6 6 3)
    <FS3> Whisper rolls Firearms: Amazing Success. (1 1 8 1 4 3 7 1 7 6 7 1 8 1 8 4)

Prowl ramps up over his cover in his alt, taking chase. He's pretty sure fungal tower guy will survive getting run over. He guns it with a screech of his tires, frame still smoking.

    <FS3> Prowl rolls Transportation: Great Success. (4 6 6 7 8 7 1 2 7)

Loud Soundwave may be, but he staggers no one. If he gives vent to any rage inside of him, though -- well, it just makes them run faster. Whisper manages to take out the last of the guards, while Prowl rolls right over the tower -- which is less squishy than he might expect. It's a hard impact, and the wobbly, fungal tower dissipates as he crunches a Cybertronian under his tires. "Stop, wait, I surrender, you can't hurt me, I surrendered!"

Soundwave blames earlier blaster wounds. Hit his speaker systems. He bites back another snarl and marches after them. His steps are thunderous in his furry. << "Meet up at priority target, Whisper," >> Soundwave directs as his tentacles slide out of his side. "Prowl, get off him. He is mine." He really has no right to claim their now-prisoner. But he is. Look at him do just that.

Whisper emerges from cover, flipping her rifle back into place as she strides forward. She says nothing whatsoever as she moves across their erstwhile battlefield, a dark shadow but for the white glitter of bioighting and the glare of her visor. Her head does cant slightly to one side as she surveys Prowl, Soundwave, and their surrendered prisoner.

Prowl casually rolls his front tire over the leader's neck as he pushes off and hops back into root mode. "Please get answers first, Soundwave." He's got his taser out. It's very mean-looking.

"I surrendered! Stop it! You're an Autobot, you have to stop him!" their captured fearless leader whines. He continues to batter the comm lines, but nothing is getting through. "Don't you know what Soundwave does to people?"

Whisper steps forward a few more paces and comes to a stand right beside their captive. Her gaze is altogether steady, cool and weighted with lips gone impassive. She drops into a hunkering crouch, elbows propping against her knees with her fingers lacing together as she stares into his features. Her navy and white frame has been stripped of its insignia, so there is nothing to give a clue to her identity here. She says nothing. She just looks at him.

Soundwave settles a large foot on the mech's chest and leans into it. The Decepticon's head fits so nice between his cloven toes. His tentales slide around the Con, brushing up against his arm, his shoulder, up his neck and around his helm. Slithering just in the peripheral of the mech's vision. "No. They don't. And neither do you. Because what I do to people-- what I will do to you-- is between me and souls too lost and broken to put a single thought together." He grinds his foot into the mech... And stands. "But, answer our questions and you'll only be jailed. I'll give you a few moments to think your options over."

    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Telepathy: Great Success. (5 4 8 3 3 4 7 7 3 7 1 7 1 3 1 5)

Prowl shrugs down at the mech. "You think I have any control over what he does, soldier? All you need to do is cooperate." The arc of his taser snaps as this thumb rolls over the toggle.

The Decepticon under Soundwave's foot ... screams.

Not out loud; not with any sound: it's a soundless, primal howl of fear that shrills through his systems, racing up and down his lines as Soundwave's cords slither across his frame. He doesn't dare move, not even when Soundwave rises. He barely breathes, barely looks at the still gargoyle of Whisper or the slightly less terrifying specter of Prowl.

And then -- he nods.

Whisper tips her head slightly to the other side, and lifts the weight of her unblinking stare from his features when he nods, looking up at Prowl and Soundwave.

Soundwave's tentacles recede, no longer touching the mech. "Wise decision," he says evenly. "Keep in mind, I will know if you are lying. First question: Do you know where Lockdown and his raiding party are?" That's definitly not what they need to know. Tough cookies.

Prowl glares at Soundwave. << "This is what I get for letting you run the show." >> Letting.

A flicker: not coordinates, but the name of a ship; no base, constantly moving. Hesitating, the Decepticon shakes his head. "No, no idea. He's probably on his way to the next raid, I guess. Never worked with him."

Soundwave snarls and uses his foot to kick the mech over to Prowl. Useless. "You'll answer him honestly as well, or you'll be taking a cot next to Bumblebee," he threatens. Then he nods to Prowl. Who's letting who run the show again?

Whisper stands straight from her crouch, wingspan lifting in a shiver of suppressed reaction, and wait otherwise still, lips still pressed thin and tight. The cant of her head sends her gaze sliding over Soundwave and then away, watching their prisoner from standing height now.

Prowl looks down but otherwise doesn't budge. "I'm only going to ask this once. Don't make me clarify or jump through hoops. Who is ordering the attacks on Cybertronian colonies? Speak clearly."

Looking between them all, the Decepticon says-- "I want protection. A full frame rebuild. Then a ship. No registry. I want to vanish."

Soundwave's glare at the ground rises to burn into the poor mech. Tentacles slide and begin to wrap around his arms and shoulders to drag him back. "I believe you have forgotten the position you are in," he says, cold enough to give someone freezerburn. "Answer the question, or I will broadcast your name and face and failure across every airwave."

There is a faint click from Whisper. Click-click. She doesn't move, aside from a slight lowering of her wings behind her.

Prowl is obviously still considering the mech's request when Soundwave takes over. He hesitates, conflicted. << "He has reason to fear repercussions, Soundwave. This footage has to be believable. We can't be cruel- I can't believe I'm the one having to say this." >>

The Decepticon flinches at the click from Whisper, as though anticipating a shot. Even as Prowl cultivates the tender leaf of newly budded conscious, the Decepticon dragged forward by Soundwave squeaks, "Megatron. It's Megatron."

Well then. Prowl reaches to haul the mech up by whatever kibble he can reach. It's supposed to be undignified. "You'll vanish within the confines of a protected cell. Your fate might've been a lot worse." He pulls out an inhibitor claw to plant on the mech's chest, and comms for a pick-up.

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