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Fall of Thyne
Date 2018/11/11
Location Thyne
Participants Penchant
NPCs Jigsaw, Lockdown
Scene GM Birb
Summary A few days after Penchant returns to his colony, it comes under Decepticon fire!

It's midday, the bright sun high overhead, completely shrouded in the usual stormclouds of Thyne. The watery planet remains just as rain-soaked as Penchant left it, only now it's just the Cybertronians perched on one of the five islands, their cohabiting organic friends absent. Penchant spent the first few days of his return greeting old friends and getting updates from the settlement's new leader, Jigsaw. With the freed up space, they're trying to expand territory, so a decent chunk of the population is out at sea, or on the nearest sister island, building up foundations for an additional settlement. There's talk of Megatron's latest speech, and the question posed to the rest of the council is whether or not their backwater planet can fly under the radar. It's not a "proper" colony after all. No metrotitan, so...

Penchant lingers beneath the downpour at one of the docks with Jigsaw, awaiting the return of a certain ship. He seems distracted as Jigsaw babbles on about the idea of changing up the currency.

The rains of Thyne continue to fall on the Cybertronians, so unlike their old world. They must be masters at resisting rust. It has been calm since Megatron's speech, issued just hours before, but that would expected. Thyne is not a major colony, it has no titan, it is merely an independent assemblage of Cybertronians who stand apart. Which, unfortunately, may be just enoughh to draw that unwanted attention. Penchant and Jigsaw are left waiting for the boat beyond its appointed time, which itself may not be too surprising. Island life, and all, but as they peer out towards the horizon they see a dark shape, unmistakably some kind of vessel, dip beneath the clouds. It is many miles off but is approaching the main island directly. A moment later, Jigsaw's comm chirps: "Governor, pinging multiple ships approaching from orbit...just dropped out of transwarp...they're not responding to us. What do we do?"

Penchant definitely needs to get a reapplication of whatever fancy rain-resistant finish everyone else is coated in, but catching up was priority to him. Can't dwell on what he'd left behind. He squints out across the gray sea and startles at the distant shape. A shape headed straight for them. "Transwarp... Jigsaw, tell them to put up the shields! You still have shields, right?"

Jigsaw holds out his hand in the one minute gesture, other hand pressed to his audial. Then, "Might just be the storm's interference, happens sometimes, get the techs on it and keep hailing them," he comms back.

There is no response. Multiple small vessels are approaching the colony, in addition to the one streaking at them from the horizon. From the vessel that broke cloud cover, three shapes disengage from behind it, flip, and fall into the water. They're probably mech-sized, judging by the splash they through up when they hit the waves. The ship that dropped them pulls up from there, gaining altitude to just below the cloud cover. A few seconds pass, and then that ship gives its reply: the flash of igniting engines as a pair of missiles streak towards the colony, bearing an explosive payload. They are aimed at the cluster of buildings at the island's core.

Jigsaw's optics widen and he fumbles around for the right comm channels. Penchant summons up a little backdoor override to take care of it for him. "PERIMETER SHIELDS UP NOW!" he shouts into his comms.

There's a loud, heavy pulse that emanates from the center of the island, and a rush of air that follows as a warping blue-green forcefield builds up around the shores and docks, forming a dome. Jigsaw finally sorts himself, moving away from the docks as he comms the ships out at sea to return and defend, make haste, we're under attack!

One of the missiles impacts harmlessly against the shield as it snaps into place. The other gets through, detonating just before it hits a building and shredding several floors with shrapnel. The emergency frequencies for the island are soon alight, summoning whatever doctors and medics Thyne has. If it wasn't clear by now, the colony is plainly under attack. Three more ships break through the clouds. They aren't large, and while they might have been built by the Decepticons ages ago they now show their wear. Cannons open up against the shield, testing the island's defenses with each volley. They circle like birds of prey, soon joined by the fourth ship, which also opens fire. For now they are held at bay, giving the island's defenders time to regroup and organize their actions. The away ships are returning, and the attackers do not seem to be aware of them or the work being done on the other island.

"Scrap." Penchant waits for Jigsaw to fold into his motorcycle alt, and hitches a ride back towards the central part of the city. If they can get enough civilians into the bunkers below...

Some of the returning ships are armed, and given permission to unleash heavy ballistics at the circling ships. A few jet-types have taken to the air, hurling missiles of their own. The forcefield ripples under the onslaught as lightning splits the air.

A few flyers break off of the attack ships to meet Thyne's defenders. They mostly run interference for the gunships, which continue to bang on the shield like a drum to try and get through. For a moment it looks like an even fight, before the gunships and the flyers break off, moving towards the far side of the island and covering what might be a retreat. At least, it appears that Thyne's defenders have succeeded in driving the raiders away from the docks and the energon mines below.

A warning from the secure comms comes to Jigsaw and Penchant, a clear cry from someone on one of their ships: "TORPEDO!" A few seconds later, the entire island shakes, as if hit by an earthquake. Where Thyne's ships were a massive plume of water shoots into the air, tossing mechs and vessels alike in every direction, including into the colony's defensive shield. From that group, and the mines below, silence. Judging by the magnitude of the explosion, which continues to rock the island, it appears that Thyne's energon mines were just hit with a nuclear torpedo, likely upwards of 5 to 10 kilotons. That alone should give Penchant and Jigsaw valuable information about the nature of this attack, and what is meant for their colony.

The island's tremor draws almost everyone's attention to the massive plume. Civilians watch in horror as debris and bodies alike come down on the city's shield. Jigsaw and Penchant struggle to pull themselves out of the shock. "We... We need to leave. There's no defending this island," Penchant murmurs.

"No! We've got more ships coming!" Jigsaw is back in his root mode, hand to his helm as he barks orders.

"You saw that explosion, right?!" Penchant butts in on the comms, once again. "Send a distress signal. Warm up the escape shuttles. Everyone out of the bunkers, we're making a run for it!"

The shield begins to crack, though it looks more like it's melting, patches burning away with the impact of missiles.

When the shield begins to fail, the raiders come out. Dark-armored mechs on personal hovercraft, they fly through the holes their gunships have made and streak towards the city. Penchant and Jigsaw can hear them whizz by, lower caliber arms and smaller missiles raining down on Thyne's civilian centers. They certainly look like Decepticons, and some might even catch a fleeting glimpse of a purple icon. Some of them are beginning to land, including a handful near where Penchant and Jigsaw are holed up. Penchant can see one of them: A tall, slender mech in black with green highlights, sporting spiky shoulders and a white face, which is streaked with jagged black lines. He has a hook for one hand. He gestures, telling his subordinates to fan out. They evidently do not think much of Thyne's defenders.

A good chunk of these civilians are clearly veterans, as they stand and fight when their fellow settlers flee for the tarmac on foot or wheel. Penchant and Jigsaw are tucked under an awning in the corner of the city center's main square, joined by a few other frantic city officials. Shield's down, and they surely don't have enough escape shuttles for this... They just weren't prepared. They didn't expect...

Penchant can recognize the notorious Lockdown, and he recalls what this particular mech does for a living. Lockdown must be on the hunt. But for what, on this non-titan colony?

As veterans square up with the invaders with naught but their fists, Penchant rushes into the square. "Who are you looking for," he shouts at Lockdown. The downpour has only intensified, but it's easy to hear the artillery fire in the distance, the defending jets falling out of the sky, and the rending metal of ships torn apart.

The raiders seem more focused on causing mayhem than on preventing the colonists from escaping in their shuttles. They attack buildings, energon stores, fire into crowds, but aren't interested in the ships. The sea is a roiling mess after the nuclear attack, the wreckage of the colony's fleet and energon mines swirling in the angry tides. The rains do little to douse the fires now spreading throughout the colony.

"Clean 'em up." Lockdown orders his handful of mechs. He has lost a few, jets downed by anti-air fire, others who underestimated a veteran's ability to handle a plasma rifle. One of his gunships is smoking, but the bounty hunter does not look too terribly concerned. Pistol in one hand he fires at a few fleeing mechs, until Penchant approaches him. He turns, crimson optics focusing on the tiny bot. "Cassette, huh." Lockdown says by way of greeting, immediately identifying Penchant's altmore. "Neat paintjob." He turns and flicks his wrist, so that his hookhand changes out for a harpoon. He levels it at Penchant, and fires right at his chest.

Civilians continue to rush past Penchant as he yelps in pain, grasping at the harpoon that broke clear through his armor. Its barb hooks on his back, and energon spills down his armor to join the puddles at his feet. Jigsaw, to his credit, darts out to try and defend, firing green bolts of plasma at Lockdown's back. He's joined by a few more mechs, who scream bloody threats and curse the Decepticons.

Lockdown staggers when he's hit with a few of those plasma bolts, which scorch his back armor. He turns towards Jigsaw and returns fire, blasting him with his own pistol while moving to find cover. A pair of Decepticon raiders provide covering fire so that Lockdown can retreat with only a few burns. However, he still has Penchant on a string, and doesn't hesitate to reel him in, the harpoon digging into Penchant's back armor befor dragging the lighter mech towards where Lockdown is waiting. "You'll head to the shuttles, if you don't want me to blast your friend's processor all over this slaghole colony!" Lockdown shouts at Jigsaw once he can get hold of Penchant, pistol visibly positioned by the cassette's head.

Jigsaw holds his busted shoulder, grimacing as he tucks back behind a large chunk of fallen masonry. His backup is swiftly taken care of by Lockdown's raiders, and he suddenly finds himself alone in the square.

"It's fine!" Penchant barks, falling still under the barrel of the pistol. "Go!"

Jigsaw hesitates, then beckons for the trembling huddle of hiding city officials to follow out of the area.

When Penchant realizes he's probably not going to be killed, at least not here and now, he thrashes and kicks and unsheathes his heel spurs to try and drive the nano-edged blades into whatever he can reach of the bounty hunter. "FRAG YOU!"

"Gyah!" Lockdown hisses when those nano blades slice into his armor, drawing energon to the surface and sending it down his torsoplate in a fine sheet. But he is not overly harmed, even if Penchant has cut him up on his chest and arm. "Big mistake, tape." Lockdown growls. He stabs his harpoon into the ground, effectively pinning Penchant in place. The captive mech hears a click, and when Lockdown steps away the steel cord attaching the harpoon to his armor extends between them. It's like he has Penchant on a leash. "So. Whaddya think, spots?" Lockdown asks, drawling. He turns and levels his pistol, his arm nice and straight. "I bet you I can hit that friend of yours from here." He sights down the barrel of the pistol. "Yeah...he's runnin' in a nice, straight line." Lockdown pulls the trigger.

(Penchant flips a coin. It comes up HEADS.)

Penchant grunts as he's pinned, and continues to fight against harpoon, unable to get a good purchase from the slippery energon. He stops and looks over. "Wait! No! Please, leave him-"

Jigsaw catches the shot in his back and falls lifelessly in a heap. The mechs following him try to rouse him, but eventually break away, fearing the black-streaked mech with his pistol lifted. Penchant falls completely still and quiet. He'll behave now.

"Ha! Not bad." Lockdown seems pleased with himself, watching Jigsaw's innermost energon leak onto the rain-soaked path. "See boys? Still got it." He holsters the pistol at his hip, the colony mostly routed by now. Shuttles are taking off and leaving Thyne behind, so at least some will survive. "Round up anyone who looks important. Grab what energon they got left for ourselves. Tell our seamechs to hit the energon mines with another nuke before we go. They have to totally inoperable or we'll take a cut." Lockdown comes over to Penchant, looking over him. Rain drips from his helm onto Penchant, and a flash of lightning briefly casting a shadow over his form, save for his glowing red optics. "Neat heel blades. Might try 'em on." Lockdown raises a broad foot and stomps down, crushing one of Penchant's knees. "Do I need to do the other one or are you gonna behave, spots?"

Penchant is still clinging to the harpoon, if only to ground himself. So to speak. He gazes blearily at the roiling sky, when Lockdown's shadowed figure fills his vision. There's a sickening crunch, then another intense surge of pain that prompts a sharp scream. It melts into a whimper as he nods, optics shuttered. "Won't fight," he almost gurgles, energon flecking his lips.

Lockdown nods appreciately. Good mech. There's a click, and the steel cable tying the two mechs together detaches. The hook reappears at the end of Lockdown's arm. "Good." He crouches, grabbing the harpoon and wrenching it out of the ground. With Penchat still attached, he stands and hoists the cassette up to eye level. "I know, I know." Lockdown grins. "You might think this is the worst day of your life, spots. Colony ruined, friend dead, harpoon in your chest, I get it. Might even be true. But, looking at your frame?" He grin doesn't abate. "I have a feeling that your real troubles begin right here." The Decepticon bounty hunter tosses Penchant to one of his waiting mechs. "Patch him so he doesn't bleed out on the trip to the rendezvous. We'll get a bonus for that one, I'm sure. Extra round on me." The handful of mechs around give a whoop and a holler while Thyne burns around them, the last of the shuttles streaking through the crowds. No longer colonists, now refugees at whatever port they can find.

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