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Date 2018/11/06
Location Lost Light - Recreation
Participants Drift, Penchant
Summary Drift intercepts Penchant in his 5-mile stalk down the ship.

Penchant fumes as he stalks down the main corridor, a through-line of the ship, straight for the oil reservoir, because that's where you go when you're emotionally wrecked. He wipes energon from his optics (BLOOD NOT TEARS), and glowers down anyone that looks vaguely concerned in his direction. Eventually he just stares at the ground, and it only takes a minute of this for him to collide with the red-white armor of Drift's shin. "Move," he growls at Drift, palming the side of his knee to try and shove him. But he's like, a tiny cassette, so that's probably not going to work.

Drift wasn't terribly surprised when he was told to help write some kind of empowering speech for Rodimus to give the troops, though he was a little worried considering how long it's been since he's had to do such a thing. It's been on his mind ever since and most of his free time has been consumed by crafting the perfect speech. He's walking down the halls to who even knows, tapping away at a datapad when he feels something bump into his shin. "Oh, sorry," is his immediate and natural response despite him not being the one who is so rudely slamming into people's knees and trying to shove them aside. When he actually looks down and sees who it is, he grows visibly concerned. "Oh geez, Penchant, are you alright? You're bleeding."

Penchant steps back and keeps wiping at his optics, which definitely won't stop bleeding. That's slightly concerning. "Why'd he give you up?" he blurts, "What did you do? What should I have done? How did anyone... how... Why Soundwave! Why would Soundwave- Frag Soundwave!" This said, Penchant moves around Drift's leg and continues stalking, trailing droplets of energon behind him.

Drift quickly decides that everything about this short interaction is extremely worrying and that it's his moral duty to assist Penchant any way he can. He tucks the datapad away.. somewhere (subspace? A cute little pocket??) and begins following him. "Penchant, I have no idea what's happening, but I really, really think you need someone to talk to. You want to go sit down and tell me what's up?" He steps on a droplet of energon and frowns. "Also maybe we should do something about your bleeding eyes.."

Penchant pointedly ignores Drift, pressing onward until he notices the glow of energon painting most of his hand and forearm. He slows to a stop. "It n-normally lets up..." Slowly, he turns to look up at the knight. "You r-really don't want to talk to me right now. I can't... can't even think straight..."

"Whatever you're feeling right now, I can guarantee I've felt the same way before." Drift kneels in front of Penchant and whips out a small cloth from a compartment on his hip and offers it to the cassette. There may be a bit of polish residue left on it but all that means is that Penchant will have extra shiny eyes if he wipes his face with it. "I wont force you to talk to me about it, but I want you to know that I'm willing to listen if you think it might make you feel better."

Penchant promptly buries his face in the cloth. "Slag. Drift." He doesn't look up. "Soundwave got angry with me after I... I told him something. I was upset and he just... he told me to shut up, that he'll deal with it later. I felt like a fragging low class bellhop all over again! Rodimus is with him. Rodimus wants him." Cue Penchant dramatically tossing the cloth on the ground, only to go pick it up again.

When Drift said he knew how Penchant felt, he didn't realize just how absolutely true that was going to be. "Oh, Penchant.." He puts a hand on his shoulder, a gentle, reassuring touch. "I know how hard it is to see someone you want with someone else. It's probably the most painful thing in the world, and I've had a sword plunged into my chest." There's a hint of a smile on his face in an attempt to bring some levity to this heartbreaking conversation. "How close would you say you are with Rodimus?"

Penchant steadies under the hand on his shoulder, venting slowly. "You and your immortal spark," he chuffs. "I... I don't know. I thought we were close. We were getting somewhere. I knew Soundwave had interest. I even tried to race him. L-like it was a game. He wasn't making a move so I was gonna'. Ugh. It's all so slagging stupid. You- You were with him. You..." It's hard to tell where Penchant is going with this. He trails off, staring up at Drift's red-streaked face. "I had to get away from it. I said I couldn't be a cassette anymore. Is it wrong?"

Drift works his jaw a bit as he mulls all this over in his head. There's so much to say but the question is, how does he say it? After what may be an uncomfortable long silence that consists entirely of staring into the distance, he finally speaks. "Its easy to look at someone else's relationship and see everything you've ever wanted in it, but there are things a spectator wouldn't see. There are arguments, petty and hurtful, and the delicate balance of giving and taking that changes to suit each partner's needs. There's trust that can be easily lost in a matter of seconds over something you said in anger, or something you did carelessly in a moment of selfishness. There's a lot of work involved and sometimes it takes a few tries with different people to find what works."

He squeezes Penchant's shoulder. "Do you.. get what I'm saying? A person has many relationships in their life, most friendly, some romantic. You have to ask yourself, what do you value more? A friendship you have now, one that you've built over a long period of time, or a romantic relationship you may or may not actually have in the future with someone who may or may not be the one that you need?"

Penchant struggles with Drift's surprisingly insightful advice, at first, glaring into his energon-soaked cloth. He turns his helm, focusing on an errant droplet on the ground nearby. Then, slowly, he nods. "Still hurts. Still hurts like hell. Even if I decide on what I value more. You know how you can dip into recharge after a battle and you wake up and someone took care of all your injuries? I wish I could just do that but with my stupid head." He pauses to collect himself, gesturing for Drift to give him a silent minute or two. Then he reaches up to pat Drift's fingers on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I'm sure this topic sucks for you."

Drift gives Penchant his much needed silence, speaking only when he apologizes for the topic at hand. "There is still some pain there. The loss of a relationship no matter what the circumstances always hurts in some capacity, though it tends to fade with time." He smiles, reserved but warm and genuine. "I'm in a good place with a good person right now, I'm mostly just glad that I could use my experiences to help you with something that was making you hurt so much." There's another squeeze of Penchant's shoulder before his hand retreats. "It's probably a good idea to give Soundwave some time. Probably a good idea to give yourself some time, but I wouldn't let the sourness between you two linger for too long."

Penchant grumbles. "Hey, frag him. He wants to treat me like I'm beneath him, like I'm just one of his troublesome cassettes that just needs a stern voice- That just needs more discipli- dis... d'hhh..." The energon lining the bottom edges of his optics overflows, pouring down his cheeks. He meets Drift's gaze for a split-second, then collapses in a heap.

Drift is emotionally exhausted from his relationship conversation, he doesn't think he can handle a whole new one about healthy boundaries but thankfully (sort of) Penchant collapses in a heap right in front of him. "Ohhh shiiiit, that's.. terrifying," he whispers to himself, like he's afraid the unconscious Penchant is going to take offense. He scoops the cassette up in his arms and stands, making sure to ping the medibay ahead of time that he's bringing the little guy in.

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