2018-11-06 Departure

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Date 2018/11/06
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Rodimus, Soundwave
Summary A six. Leave was already taken. :lolrod:

Soundwave gets a comm when Penchant is taken to medbay. Of course he gets a comm- he gets one whenever one of his cassettes are hurt and getting repairs. And no one knows about their fights, it was private. If they knew, would he have gotten this same message? He doesn't think about it as he rushes to the medbay. More questions than answers ring through his processor on the way- did he do this? Did he do something and not remember or not realize? Is it his fault? Its probably his fault. He should have gone after Penchant and now--

Soundwave has been told Penchant is fine. He'll be fine. But he hasn't seen him. Soundwave stays outside of medbay after being initially informed of Penchant's status. He leans against the wall, shouldering it as he watches the medbay door and anyone who walks in and out. He can hear Penchant from here, hear the strong beat of his spark. His visor offlines briefly before he rubs the side of his head, digging the heel of his hand into his audio. Hnnn...

“Hey, sweetspark,” Rodimus greets in a voice quiet enough that it would not carry to anyone’s hearing but Soundwave’s. He reaches for him, a touch to his arm that strokes up to his shoulder to squeeze, then past to lightly touch the side of his helm near his audial. “How’s Penchant?”

There aren’t a whole lot of names that jump to the top of his queue, but Penchant is one of them. Rodimus looks through the door, on his way in shortly.

Soundwave's visor lights are when they come on, flicking over Rodimus's face. His hand shifts from punishing his own audial to carefully holding Rodimus's hand, pressing it to his head. "He will be fine. A strain, they said. Too much pressure in his cranal cavity, might have burst-- he'll be okay. He..." Soundwave releases Rodimus's hand, his own dropping back at his side. "Make sure he's not alone when he is awake. I have to go... Trackers do not place themselves on Quintessons."

“Of course,” Rodimus says. He’s swift to promise, and warm in the clasp of his hand. “I’ll be with him. Do you need anything else? I didn’t finish the messages. You’ll have to come back.” His lighter words fade in distraction as he rereads the first update on Penchant. “How’d that happen?”

"I'll come back," Soundwave promises. "I still have your last. And I'll comm you... I'm just sorry we have to lose the Quintessons we have to gain any traction." His head turns away and he steps back, ashamed. "We... Disagreed. He lashed out and-- And just be with him. I have to go." Completely pulling way, he turns to go, crossing his arms. Though it looks more like he's holding himself.

Rodimus presses his hand to Soundwave’s back as he turns away. He leans towards him, as though he can physically press words and thoughts and feelings into the touch. And maybe Soundwave can hear it. Then he steps away and turns in to see Penchant with a promise: “I’ll be there when he wakes.” Then he steps into the medibay and leaves Soundwave to the hunt.

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