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Date 2018/11/04
Location Cybertron
Participants Blast Off, Hound, Prowl, Rodimus, Skystalker, Soundwave, Whisper
Scene GM Jay
Summary Rescuebots and cons and neutrals technically I guess.

With Fortress Maximus and his Distraction happening at the edges of New Iacon, Tempo has been left relatively unguarded. The Decepticon force needs all the troops it can get, pulling from the guards who have been overseeing Tempo and his citizens until there's naught but a skeleton crew left to watch the doors. And these 'formers are distracted, touching their audials as they wait for updates on what's happening between their forces and the giant Fort Max bearing down upon New Iacon.

The Lost Light's scouts report this back to the infiltration team. Everything seems to be in place, though time is of the essence. What do you do?

'If Tempo had a choice, he'd have jumped before now,' is what Rodimus tells the team. So something is probably keeping Tempo from jumping. And they can't just kick the Cons out and go: they've gotta find out what's keeping him down, kick the Cons out, then go. Oh. Also? Don't kill the Newbuilds. Disable them, offline them, but don't fragging kill them. So no pressure! This is a totally possible and not at all impossible mission.

As they make their way to Tempo's outskirts, Rodimus reaches out to lay his hands on the Titan: "Tempo, we're here," he says, quiet as a breath but sure that he'll be heard. "We're going to help you. Anything you can do to tell or guide us to help you -- I mean, honestly, we could probably use the help. Windblade's waiting for you back at the fleet." He knows that Tempo has favorites.

Although not one of the scouts himself on this particular mission, Hound is edging forward to look toward the guards from where they're crouched against the outer wall, audial panels swiveling forward and his nose raised to the air. Everything about him is alert and wary, as he looks toward the sprawling expanse of Tempo, eying the guards at their entrances. "I'll try to disguise our approach when we get to the central sections," he tells the others, gesturing with one hand for them to stay close. "The less we have to rely on sneaking, the better."

Prowl had become a little fixated on the size of Rodimus' feet. He hadn't noticed them much before, but now that they were all on a stealth mission, those oversized clompers became a factor. He keeps staring at them, holding back comment, even as Rodimus speaks to Tempo. "He's not going to say anything," he hisses to Rodimus, drawing his rifle. "Hound, we're just going to walk right up?"

Whisper is quick and quiet, taking point on the outskirts of the group. She acknowledges orders with only a little wing-waggle, the slant of her visor tilting as she looks back across the others. Her mouth turns up at the corners at the last words from Hound, and then she begins to slip forward, moving to sneak up on one of the guards at the nearest entrance with careful steps. One moment she is crouched with the others, and the next, she is a ghostly shadow melting towards the guards. Hope no one was expecting her to wait for a signal.

Blast Off stays a bit behind, watching the back, ionic blaster in hand and ready. The Combaticon's here for support- and shooting, if need be. For now, he simply remains quiet, watchful, and ready for orders. And action.

Of them, Skystalker is one of those able to take a higher perch once they get to the outskirts of the titan's walls; he did just that, scaling up and following parallel. The others can spot him if they look hard enough, but it isn't until Whisper moves onward that Skystalker follows suit up above, staff shortened to use as a baton on any guards he comes across watching the doors from here.

"Tempo doesn't need to say anything to be heard," Soundwave tells Prowl, running his fingers over the titan's nearest wall. His shoulder cannon is online, he's got his rifle, and both of his tentacles are out- occasionally crackling with electricity at the end. Not to mention the presents nestled in his chest. He's ready to face some oppostion. But yeah yeah, no lethality on the newsparks. Right. "Hound hid us in plain sight the last mission. It might work for this one. Infiltration, not always the pinnacle of stealth."

"It is if we don't want them sending for the backup that went to Metroplex." There's not much time to do much acknowledging of Soundwave or Prowl's comments here, considering that Whisper has decided to take matters into her own hands, so Hound hisses a sound and steps forward himself, throwing up a hologram to make them look like an unremarkable stretch of wall as Whisper and Skystalker start to take the lead.

    <FS3> Whisper rolls Stealth: Great Success. (7 8 5 6 2 8 5 3 2 1 8 6 4 7)
    <FS3> Skystalker rolls Stealth: Amazing Success. (1 4 8 5 2 7 8 3 1 3 5 2 7 7 8 4)
    <FS3> Rodimus rolls Stealth: Good Success. (8 4 7)
    <FS3> Hound rolls Stealth: Good Success. (1 6 5 4 2 1 8 8)
    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Stealth: Success. (2 7)
    <FS3> Prowl rolls Stealth: Good Success. (8 5 1 7 4 5 6 7 6)
    <FS3> Blast_Off rolls Stealth: Success. (2 5 5 7)

Tempo remains as he is, a silent ship left alone by the Decepticons. But at Rodimus' touch, at that promise, there's a quiet warmth that bleeds into Rod's hand. He heard you, and he appreciates it.

The problem comes from the remaining guards, who are patrolling Tempo's edges. There's two of them, left alone after their companions were drawn away by the big fight. The first skates along on tiny wheels embedded in her feet, touching her audial as she speaks to her partner.

<<"Oh my Primus, this is so BORING, Flash! We should go to the fight!">>

Flashdance, on the other side, ignorant to the danger, replies, <<"You know we can't, Powerline. We've gotta keep an eye on this Titan.">>

And then both hear something, and Flashdance stops in her patrol. <<"We're not alone,">> she says, dragging out a shotgun from her hip holster. <<"Make sure no one gets in; I'll handle the intruders.">> She's coming for Soundwave and Blast Off, while Powerline skates around the border, blaster in hand.

As the others move forward, Rodimus remains a moment more with his hand pressed to Tempo to provide what reassurance he can. At the warmth, he grins back at Tempo: they got you. He moves forward then, lighter on his overlarge feet than Prowl might believe, as he moves behind Soundwave to provide backup. It's on a private comm to Soundwave that he teases, << "You're too used to letting Ravage do the sneaking." >> He hesitates a moment, then puts his faith in Hound's holograms as he continues into Tempo, charting a familiar path to his heart. It's cool. It's fine. He's stealth.

Prowl follows, for once in his life, falling silent as others appear to take lead here. Okay, good. This is a good thing, he tells himself. << "I assume we'll just be hacking our way in." >>

Soundwave bristles a little indignation but tamps it down as he moves forward. He's decidedly louder than the rest. He's big and heavy and his cloven feet are distributing his chonk like Rodimus's are. Ugh. << "Rodimus... Not incorrect. But you're all being distractingly loud if you ask me," >> Soundwave tells Rodimus over their private comm, and he resist the urge to nudge Rodimus with a tentacle. << "I've got the hacking covered if needed," >> he also assures Prowl. Yeah, let's hack stuff, he loves hacking.

Whisper waits in almost perfect stillness as she watches Powerline splitting off from Flashdance. Her head canted to one side, she gestures towards the hatch with one hand, and flattens herself against the wall, molding herself into the shadows. She waits until the perfect moment, and then strikes as soon as Powerline skates past her, lunging to grapple and attempt to contain and taser the guard to temporarily offline him. If that doesn't work, well, she's going to have to get more lethal.

    <FS3> Whisper rolls Unarmed: Success. (2 5 2 1 2 4 7 3)

Blast Off 's hand tightens, black segmented fingers curling intimately around the grip of his gun. He knows this drill, done it countless times. He waits, though, as Powerline draws closer. The shuttleformer is ready to shoot, but he waits for the right moment to do so. As Whisper goes to take care of her, he looks to the other guard, linging his sights up for a shot.

When Skystalker skulks along the wall, he doesn't immediately run into anything that keeps him from finding a place to drop down onto the other side, keeping in shadow, optics and biolights dimmed low. Listening to the comms offers him an insight to where the others are, at least, and he slinks along the wall to make sure that there is no backup coming from the rest of the current crew.

    <FS3> Opposed Roll -- Blast Off=firearms Vs Flashdance=10
    <       Blast_off: Good Success (4 2 4 2 1 6 8 3 1 2 1 6 5 2 6 7)          Flashdance: Good Success (1 2 3 3 7 1 6 8 6 3)
    <               Net Result: DRAW
    <FS3> Hound rolls Holograms: Great Success. (2 7 7 6 5 2 1 8 7 2)

With Whisper handling wrestling down the guard, Hound drops back with Blast Off, focusing on cloaking the sniper so that he isn't an immediate target for Flashdance once he takes his shot. "Just because I could cloak a whole battlefield doesn't mean I want to do it at the drop of a hat," he mutters, mostly to himself, his ears pinning down in concentration.

Tempo remains warm. The implication is that he understands, and he is waiting. The problem comes with actually getting inside, and with taking out the guards.

Hound's holograms disguise those trying for access, giving them plenty of time to break the lock on the outer door they've chosen. Meanwhile, Flashdance yelps as she dodges Blast Off's laser fire, while Powerline is tackled by Whisper and thrashes in her grip, just barely avoiding a tazing. Both are still active; both are still alert. But hey, at least they're distracted?

Rodimus tilts his head to the lock and then falls in next to Soundwave, with attention turned outward. He sets himself on guard as Whisper and Blast Off deal with the bad guards. He's a good guard.

    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Hacking: Great Success. (6 6 8 8 4 6 4 3 6 2 7 7 5 2)

Whisper twists and grapples in the midst of the inconclusive grasping of this close quarters combat. This is really diminishing the value of her stealth. Putting her knee into Powerline's back, she attempts to force him up against the wall with her gun materializing to scrape along the back of his head. She mutters in a low growl, "I do not wish to hurt you. Stand down."

Soundwave's hacking skills remain amazing, and the outer door opens. There are no guards inside, because why would there be when outer guards exist.

Blast Off takes the shot, briefly glancing Hound's way as he approaches. "Thanks," the sniper whispers, then focuses optics back on his target. "Frag..." he mutters as he misses his target, "And I'm not making your job any easier, am I? Let's try this again..." he huffs softly to himself. Time to shoot again, aiming to cripple the guard at the very least. He's a sniper, he can do this!

Whisper spends 1 luck points on Being cool, ok.

    <FS3> Whisper rolls Unarmed+50: Amazing Success. (7 5 2 3 5 3 2 6 8 8 8 4 4 6 8 3 3 2 8 1)

Soundwave doesn't fancy himself a miracle worker- but the way he makes that door problem disappear sure makes him think he ought to have that title. He stands when its done, a tentacle trailing across Rodimus's spoiler as he enters- just thanking his good, good guard! << "I'm not picking up further resistance. Take out outter guards and reconvine inside Tempo as soon as possible," >> Soundwave says over comms, rifle lifted just in case.

Prowl similarly turns and leans back against the hall, tap-tap-tapping a finger against his weapon. Antsy. << "Status?" >> he comms, presumably to Whisper and Blast Off. When Soundwave digitally punches the shit out of 'con security, Prowl moves to head in, ducked low.

    <FS3> Blast_Off rolls Firearms: Amazing Success. (7 6 7 2 8 6 8 4 2 7 8 1 4 6 8 5)

"You're welcome," Hound says tersely, stepping against the wall for cover as Blast Off misses his shot and has to line up to take another one. "Just finish it quickly," he adds, eying the Decepticon as Blast Off makes his second shot. If he were organic, he might just be holding his breath.

Powerglide doesn't even have time to warn her amica; Whisper takes her down quickly and quietly, pressing her against one of Tempo's walls. Powerline hisses at the gun to her helm, even as the rest of her remains still. "Fine," she snarls. "Just don't hurt Flash."

A sentiment that's too late, of course, as Blast Off's shot rings true, and Flashdance goes down. The way is clear, now, and the door open; there's a 'former just inside, someone who'd clearly been tasked with watching this particular entrance. Once he recognizes the 'intruders', he waves his hand. Come in.

"I want to hurt no one," Whisper says, her voice a hush. "My one regret is that Megatron betrayed us all." She quickly binds Powerline's wrists, bracing her against the wall. Dropping to one knee, she quickly binds her at the ankles as well, and then comms the others to confirm that she has done so, before moving at a light-footed jog towards the door to join the rest of the team.

"Understood," Blast Off whispers back to Hound, and does just that. Receiving Prowl's comm, he glances over to Whisper, who seems to have taken care of HER guard very well indeed, and comms back, "<< Taken care of. Proceed. >>" Welp. He aimed to stop Flash, not kill her, so... well maybe she'll be okay. Not that he's going to go over and check. Time to move.

"<< Confirming on the lack of resistance... The others seem to have drawn the majority of them off. >>" Skystalker chimes in, watching the light of laser fire from the wall; when he hears the prompt from Soundwave he is quick to rejoin them, sliding down the wall to duck inside in their wake, one hand trailing against Tempo's door. Missed you, big guy. At least they've looked after him... in a way.

Rodimus is primed to fire, until the moment when they are waved. It's a close thing still, and he pulls himself back with a twitchy shake of his hand. He gives the Rigardian a quick smile, and then steps to the side to allow the others through. << "Make sure you stash the guards out of sight. It'd be really awkward if someone tripped over them and raised an alarm. Door's open." >>

Prowl claps a hand down on the shoulder of their Rigardian buddy. << "We're headed for the brain chamber." >> This Rigardian buddy is then kinda' shoved out of the way as Prowl folds into his alt and just starts zooming off.

Soundwave comes to a small stop as Prowl zips off. Is that what they're doing? << "I am not fast," >> he reminds everyone. << "I will require a ride." >>

Hound drops the hologram as the shot connects. His attention lingers on Flashdance just a moment longer than Blast Off's does. He nearly takes a step forward before turning away, one hand coming up to cover his nose. When they near the door and the Rigardian, he shakes his helm and refocuses. "Is there anything--" whatever else Hound was going to say, he cuts it off as Prowl starts to charge off into the depths of Tempo. With a huff and an irritated twitch of his audial panels he drops down into his own quadrupedal mode and begins to lope off after him.

Powerline hisses, but doesn't struggle further. Maybe she'd read Whisper's essay, long ago, and recognized the jet for who she was. Maybe she realizes she has no chance of fighting back, especially with Flashdance's silence in her comms. Whatever the case, she goes down quietly. And promptly begins pinging her amica.

Who lies on the ground on the other side of Tempo, leaking energon from a bullet wound. She's probably fine.

The Rigardian, upon being patted, gives Prowl an odd look. And then promptly falls over in surprise when Prowl shoves past him. At least from then on there's no opposition, as any Rigardian they come across steps aside to give them space.

Oh. Blast Off stops at Rodimus' order to stash away the guards out of sight, glancing back to the guard he just shot. From a distance. Way over there. UH.


The shuttleformer glances at the friendly guard stationed at the entrance, thumbing out towards where the less friendly and now-out-of-it guard Flash lays. "Can you.... get someone to hide her away so she doesn't attract notice?" There's a glance as he looks over at Powerline. "Maybe... drag her over next to this one, watch them both?" A pause and he adds more quietly, "...Maybe check on that one I shot too? Stem the bleeding?" Seems Blast Off may have overheard some of Powerline's pleas. "I have to go..."

"<< Chill isn't in his dictionary. >>" Skystalker pauses only long enough to help the Rigardian up off of his aft before he presses on, leaving him to take those few orders from Blast Off. The starfighter jets after the others in root mode, wings flaring and boosters hot. Grim, Prowl says. That might be an understatement, if Max is down a limb.

Whisper flips into her alt mode, flicking camouflage mode on. The reflective mirroring of the bottom of her surface shimmers faintly as she takes to the air, engines cut through a silent running filter. Stealth jet picking up speed, she shoots forward, rapidly overtaking the ground-bound folks.

The Rigardian who'd been manning the door gives Skystalker a grateful smile as he's pulled to his feet. After that, he comms his fellows to take care of Powerline and Flashdance, so taht the Decepticons don't realize what's going on.

In the meantime, as the Lost Ligihters approach Tempo's brain module, they're given a wide berth. Not that there are many Rigardians out and about in general. They're maybe hiding in their homes bcecause of the mech ruling Cybertron currently.

As the infiltration group hurries their way through Tempo's hallways, Hound edges forward, moving to join Prowl at the front of the group. He's helped somewhat by Prowl's slight slowing. << "What kind of block could they put on to keep Tempo from teleporting?" >> he asks as they move. << "Whatever it is, it'd have to be with his bridge or the brain chamber, right?" >>

"Tempo might be able to tell us, too," Rodimus says, taking care to come t a complete stop and flip open his door to let Soundwave out. Not like ONCE UPON A TIME when he transformed and FLIPPED SOUNDWAVE OUT AT FULL SPEED. No, now he's CAREFUL. In root mode, he reaches to place a hand on Tempo's walls. "How about it, big guy? Can you light us in the direction of where you need us?"

Soundwave steps out and pops back up into full size. He rolls his neck a little, tentacles out and ready to interface with the titan at his side. "If it is an issue within his mind, I should be able to help him overcome the issue." Beat. "With only minimal mental backlash of my own." He's no cityspeaker but he's the second best thing they have. After matrix bearer, maybe.

Whisper has returned to root mode with the others, but she is not offering any help to anyone to communicate with anyone else. She lurks.

There's certainly something keeping Tempo there, which the group will discover when they reach Tempo's brain room. Those touches - especially from Rodimus, sorry Prowl - warn Tempo's core. And lights along his consoles point the way - there's a mechanism attached to his core that hadn't been there before. With what little control he has, Tempo tries to point it out. To Rodimus, anyway. He's not as warm for Soundwave.

Blast Off 's work with the guards done, he makes his way after the others. Barring shooting, he may just be here for support. The shuttleformer looks all around- he hasn't been in something like this many times before.

Skystalker tries his best not to give Prowl the //strangest// look when they get to where they are going, instead settling onto his heels and aligning his baton at his side, just in case. He hangs back with Whisper, though he keeps his free hand against the wall in passive reassurance.

Rodimus, for his part, immediately directs the others to the mechanism -- because let's be real, he might be able to help spot it, but he's not gonna be able to do anything about it. "Uh, okay so -- what's that? Hound?" It's like he thinks Hound's a scientist again. Do some math, Hound.

Hound is more hesitant than some of the others about touching the walls, but he casts around with nose, audials, and optics, looking for signs and anything out of place. The lights aren't too hard to miss, fortunately. "Why would I know?" Hound says blankly, but he steps forward hesitantly, just on the edge of poking it. His finger remains about three inches away from the device. "Soundwave, check how booby-trapped it is?" he suggests, but he's already searching around the room for something to use as a crowbar.

Prowl peels away to pace and brood over the battlefield updates he's receiving. His doors twitch and twitch, until he finally flags down a nervous city center worker to grill over everything that has happened here within Tempo since the capture.

    <FS3> Skystalker rolls Hacking: Failure. (2 2 4 1)

Skystalker spends 1 luck points on Not Bad Touch!.

Soundwave's head cants. "Is it like an inhibitor?" he asks allowed, tentacles snaking through the air to wriggle around the device. If he can find a connector, he might be able to just get the device to detach itself.

    <FS3> Skystalker rolls Hacking: Success. (7 1 4 2)
    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Hacking: Good Success. (8 5 4 5 2 8 2 4 5 5 4 2 4 5)
    <FS3> Prowl rolls Muttering: Good Success. (3 7 4 7 4 2 5 5 2 2)
    <FS3> Whisper rolls Chill: Good Success. (6 7 7 1)

The nearest city worker wilts under Prowl's attention, but gives what info she can. Tempo has been kept under lock and key, his space bridge inaccessible because of the mechanism in his processor. He can't transform or even speak. Anialus can't appear. Essentially, Tempo is crippled.

Whisper waits with still patience, her arms folded over her chest, her weight balanced between her heels. She is confident that at some point, someone with applicable skills will figure out her next move.

The hacking does---! Something. Doesn't remove the mechanism, though. And somewhere in Tempo, an alarm goes off. Gotta move quick, or take the alarm out.

"Prowl," Soundwave says, the biolights of his cords beating some mild annoyance. "Your muttering is very distracting." Don't worry Prowl, he's more just mad at not making this device disappear like that door. He's sure he's got it now- he focuses on that, rather than alarm.

    <FS3> Soundwave rolls Hacking: Good Success. (6 1 4 1 4 1 8 1 6 3 8 4 3 5)

Prowl pauses in his muttering, more for the Rigardian's wilting than Soundwave's complaint. He tries to put on a friendly face, which doesn't look... great. "You and the rest of the Rigardians did well holding down the fort. We're going to get you out of here," he promises. When the distant alarm goes off, he glares over at Soundwave.

Prowl's grilling of the worker is hard to miss when he steps aside, and Skystalker cannot help but eavesdrop. The story is too familiar, and it curdles the fuel in his tanks. He steps forward to put his hand to the edge of the chamber console, watching on in silence as Soundwave toils.

    <FS3> Skystalker rolls Hacking: Success. (8 1 2 4)
    <FS3> Rodimus rolls Command: Good Success. (1 2 3 2 2 5 7 8 5 5 5 6 8 3 5 5 2)

"Prowl, stop muttering," Rodimus asides in defense of Soundwave -- CLEARLY PLAYING FAVORITES. He shifts his attention back to Tempo, to those small signs that he'd used to guide them forward and direct their attention, and slips a quiet suggestion to Soundwave on private comm.

Stepping aside to let the hackers do their thing, Hound finally comes up with a length of pipe, held in his clawed fingers. As soon as they're done, he'll be ready to physically pry the device off of Tempo's systems as well.

Between Soundwave and Skystalker, the mechanism is hacked. But it's Rodimus' suggestion that has it finally falling away from the wall, and Tempo's lights grow brighter without it. Though it isn't his usual haunt, Anialus appears, a hologram in the corner of the room that is very haughtily distressed.

"Thank you," he says. "Though I must ask, what took you so long?"

Yellow visor gleaming as Whisper turns her head, she says nothing, but there's something about the set of her flat mouth that suggests a skeptic's air. She turns her expectant look upon Rodimus. Well.

"I'm- I'm not muttering," Prowl hisses, then notices Hound move over with a pipe in hand. A pipe to knock something off the brain module. Thankfully he doesn't have to say anything with the device popping off by itself. "Great." He promptly ignores Anialus. "Let's warp out of here."

Skystalker watches the lights as they pulse with what seems like relief, at least to him. Maybe so. He tosses the others a closed smile, his own lights brightening, even when the hologram flickers into sight to give them a harumph.

"It's nice to see you too, Anialus."

"You really wouldn't believe me if I told you," Rodimus tells Anialus with a wearied sort of smile. "Actually -- maybe you would. All things considered. We want to get you out of here: do you know if all the Rigardians are on board and accounted for? Any reason we can't just jump?"

Well, that was easier than expected. Hound still cruches the device anyway, just to be thorough. "They should all be inside, if the Decepticons were trying to make this place secure," he says, tilting his helm.

Soundwave catches the device in his tentacles, which then deposit it in his arms. Gonna save this for science examination. He glances to Anialus... And then turns to the consoles. He reaches out, finger hovering over a button almost comically. But, deadly serious, he asks, "I can still delete the apparition if there are no objects?" He's joking! Probably. He's so glad you're free, Anialus, haha. (Not really.)

Anialus? "Long time, no see..." Blast Off murmurs to himself as he watches from the sidelines. He glances over at Hound, then catches sight of Skystalker's smile, though he neither smiles back, nor could anyone see if he did because faceplate- but he gives the other spacer a nod. Beyond that, he simply watches the others as they work and waits for any problems that might pop up- or need being shot at.

"With the inhibitor removed, we can 'jump', as you put it." Anialus gives Hound a very skeptical look. What is that pipe for. He also ignores Prowl, though Skystalker receives a smile. "The Rigardians are here. For the most part. We should leave as soon as possible. You do know how to activate Tempo's teleportation ability, don't you?"

And then Anialus graces Soundwave with his attention. "He'll hate you if you do," he says. The salt is more obvious than usual. He's maybe learned something you millenials.

Prowl keeps his hand to his audial, grimacing. "Figure it out. I need to give the command for a retreat over in New Iacon. They're struggling out there, badly."

"What do you mean, for the most part?" Rodimus hesitates before giving the order, glancing over to Prowl. "How long can New Iacon hold out? Can we get a call to any Rigardians to get here in time?" Then, slowly, coming around to the possibility: "Can you let them know we'll be back?" He looks to the others: does anyone know how to activate Tempo's teleportation? He clearly doesn't want to admit ignorance.

"We have removed the device. I fail to see how a titan cannot enact his own systems... Or maybe its just your failing memory drive, Anialus. Putting you out of your mercy, a kindness," Soundwave says. He's no longer threatening to delete Anialus as he begins tik-taking against Tempo's console. "If he can't get his teleportation in order, I will have it activated in a brief moment, Rodimus. Suggestion: get that message to remaining guardians quickly."

Whisper returns a blank stare for Rodimus's question, and then turns her blank face on Anialus. "We don't," she states, flatly. "This is no time to dally. Tell us what we need to know, or don't."

Prowl shakes his head, obviously distracted. "I'll see what I can get our remaining troops to convey. I'm telling them to fall back. Don't want Max captured." He tucks against the nearest wall to do some remote commanding.

"Maybe we can solve two problems at once," Hound suggests. "Just give it long enough that the alarm draws some troops off from New Iacon, and give time for the Rigardians to get back to us. They can't teleport over here-- well. Maybe Skywarp. But Skywarp can't take down a Titan on his own."

"If there are some left out there... we can at least relay a message to stay low, if we can't get them here, or none of us can pick them up..." Skystalker glances briefly to Blast Off and back to Anialus and Rodimus. "Hound has a good idea. They'll already be splitting off now, I expect."

"I have been imprisoned for months, you cannot expect me to keep track of Tempo's population," Anialus snaps, armor flaring as he puffs up. Even as a hologram he sure can get mad. "Tempo is still recovering, he cannot access his own systems. If none of you can activate his teleportation, then I fail to see the point in coming here at all." He straight up ignores Hound. None of that is important enough for his attention.

Prowl shifts a few times, anxiously flexing his fingers and tapping his armor. "You guys can handle this. I trust you'll manage fine. I'm going to New Iacon to ensure some... things. Good luck." He turns to drop back into his alt and zoom back out through the city center, sirens on.

Blast Off glances back to Skystalker. "I can take as many passengers as can fit, yes." Pause. "If it's... required."

"You were not imprisoned," Soundwave says to Anialus as he works. "And we are here for Tempo and the Rigardians- you just happen to be a ghost clinging to Tempo. My suggestion: cease your incessant speaking unless it is to help us like a proper knight." Soundwave presses one last button before nodding and looking to Rodimus. "Teleportation systems engaged. Ready to depart upon your order, Captain."

"Prowl--." It's too late. He's off. Rodimus is left with a flattening of his spoiler and a scorching blister across the comms: << "Just make sure you get back in one piece," >> he comms Prowl on a private line. "We'll put out word to the Rigardians. We're not abandoning them."

Rodimus glances over at Soundwave, clasping him briefly on the shoulder. "Please stop antagonizing the AI, sweetspark," he says in a sing-song voice of affectionate sarcasm. Sarcastic affection? Maybe that one. He gives Anialus an apologetic shrug. He braces a moment more, clearly wishing no one was left behind -- then vents a hard exhale. "As soon as Prowl's clear, jump us."

There's a puff of agreement(amusement) from Skystalker's vents when there is attempt from Rod to sway Soundwave into calmer waters. Looks like they are getting out as soon as they can. Skystalker nods just once. "We can have some of them send out comms so that anyone we miss lies low. The wilderness may be best." He moves away to find one of the nearest Rigardians to do just that.

As anticipated (by Rodimus), Anialus bristles at Soundwave's comments. "I am much more than a simple hho

As anticipated (by Rodimus), Anialus bristles at Soundwave's comments. "I am much more than a simple ghost -" he begins, until Soundwave activates Tempo's teleporting. Without the energy to do that and also support his local knight, Anialus disappears, and so does Tempo. The Rigardians left outside are privy to their home suddenly vanishing. Powerline thrashes against her bonds, while Flashdance silently watches her charge disappear. Welp.s

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