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Date 2018/10/15
Location Piezo Derby
Participants Rodimus, Soundwave
Scene GM Yam
Summary Rodimus and Soundwave find someone in need of rescue.

In the fuzzy sea of organic thoughts is, of course, the sharper, brighter song of Rodimus' mind, but there's another voice in the distance, clearly Cybertronian. It's quiet in its wandering tangents of despair and hunger, fading in and out. Soundwave and Rodimus elect to investigate, and follow the string of grim thoughts to a bay on the fourth floor. Soundwave determines it belongs to the Quintessons, and Rodimus distracts a nearby helper moth so Calidus can CRACK open the overhead door.

The Quintessons' garage bay has one lone car in it. A sleek number, similar to Sideswipe's build, with an iridescent, black sheen, like oil. The rest of the bay is neat and tidy. There's something akin to a laptop on the work bench, and the windows are shuttered. That's about it.

"Wow that snow, huh? Those storms are crazy!" Rodimus -- aka oh, shit, please never ask his name -- glances out the windows at the cold, turning the moth's attention away from Soundwave's bay. "Do they just go all year?" He sounds about as pleased as you'd expect given the fire thing.

Soundwave cracks the overhead door and then, as quickly as he is able to, rolls into the garage bay, letting it fall shut behind him. Almost instinctively, his optics lock onto the computer. But he resist the urge to instead stock over to the car. << "I've got visual on the Cybertronian. I'm going to get a clearer read," >> he tells Rodimus before placing his hands on the car's hood.

Soundwave is gets glimpses of a very traumatic capture. This an Ibex racer, and he's been property for a long, long time. He's clearly focused on the touch on his hood, brooding over what's probably going to be yet another sabotage attempt, but otherwise, completely unresponsive.

The moth smiles, mandibles spreading. "We're actually pretty happy about the storm! The more intense the storm, the better the race! What number are you? Who's your host?"

The question is briefly a little jarring for Rodimus and he has to scramble to remember, hissing in a radio blip, << "Soundwave, what's our host's name again? We're number 58, right? 38? No, 58. 53? Scrap." >> He wasn't paying attention. He was distracted. The confusion in his expression is hopefully taken for surprise at the storm traditions. "So, uh, you expect this a good race, then?" he asks to stall.

Beneath his holoform, Soundwave's engine rumbles. "We know who you are. You will not suffer much longer," he tells the Ibexian, taking is hands away. Of course, how they'll end his suffering is the question. << "Fifty-eight. And I have have confirmation but I do not have a name. They are here against their will, as suspected. I see no easy way of freeing them..." >> He just... casually makes his way to the computer in the meantime.

<< "No, our host-host! The bug-thing!" >> Rodimus scrambles to add.

<< "Jeshi," >> Soundwave quickly adds.

The red moth spreads her wings and shakes them out. "It's _always_ a good race at the Piezo Derby." She does seem a little put-off by Rodimus glazing over her questions, however. Her gaze drifts to the moving lift below, and Rodimus will spot one of the Quintessons moving towards the lift on the open-air balcony of floor two.

"Who are you," the car grates. "What are you doing?" On the laptop screen, Soundwave is met with a prompt for a password. Naturally.

Rodimus laughs, then leans casually closer. "I bet. Jeshi said about the same. That's our host, number fifty-eight," he says, easy pace reassuring. He wasn't forgetting her questions! He was just ambling around to them. He follows her gaze, his rather less idle and more focused. << "Quints are moving. I'll keep an eye on them." >>

Oh no, not a password. Anything but that. Sliding through his holoform, a tentacle pokes out and jacks into the computer. "I am Cybertronian," Soundwave says. He doesn't give his name. His name freaks people out sometimes. "Working to free you. I must admit, I am surprised they kept your vocoder active," he continues before switching to radio. << "I'm accessing their files. Keep them away as long as you can." >>

"Ooh Jeshi huh? She's a sweetheart. Tell her hi for me!" The moth jumps a little as the device at her hip buzzes with a quiet alarm. "Oop, gotta' head down for the showcase event. You should go! I think you'd... draw a lot of attention..." He reaches to wave her three-fingered hand through the flames of Rodimus' head, then chuckles sheepishly and dives off the balcony to flutter away. The Quintesson is still making his way around the balcony of his floor, towards the lift. He doesn't seem to be in any hurry... until a little notification pops up in the corner of the laptop screen.

Soundwave can locate some software that may have something to do with controlling machinery, but he'll have to learn a new programming language in a few minutes.

This car has other plans. "Nuh uh. You're Quint. You have those damn tentacles. I don't know what you're trying to frag up but it ain't gonna' be me." He slowly rolls backwards until he's up against the window, tilts his tires, and lunges to try and pin Soundwave between his bumper and the work bench.

"Maybe I'll see you there, yeah?" Rodimus waves after her as she dives, then casually tracks the lift that the Quintesson might be angling for so that he can go and intercept it. << "Did you get a name? Who they are holding? Bot or Con?" >> Like those are the only two options.

Soundwave knows his time is limited so he just... Downloads the contents of the laptop to poke and prod at later. It leaves him distracted and unfocused on his surroundings, making him a prime target for pinning. He jerks but maintains the connection. Gotta download everything. "Hnn," he says, slamming an open hand on the car's hood again. << "I'm finding out. Complications have... arisen." >> He doesn't specify further. "I am no Quintesson. I've taken their technology by my spark is Cybertron. Release me. I cannot save you if you splinch me in half."

The car doesn't budge. He just sits there, content to keep this sneaky slagger pinched. Though... an organic should probably be bleeding by now. Soundwave's able to copy over the contents to his own databanks, at least.

Here comes the lone Quint, zipping along on his weird propulsion systems, tentacles flailing slightly. He's wearing his anxious face when he's intercepted by Rodimus on their floor. "_Excuse_ me," he hisses.

Rodimus makes a show of tripping in the tentacles and bonking up against the Quint. He coils a tentacle or two around his arms with casual practice. Accidentally. Because it's an accident. "Whoa, careful. Hang on a sec, I think I got tangled up." He turns, pulling away and forcing the Quintesson to put his back to the bay. << "Stalling him. Touching him, actually, this is gross. Think I can accidentally throw him over? Hurry." >> He tries to untangle himself and reaches to steady -- see also: still -- the Quintesson. "You okay?"

Soundwave release a long, heated, possibly exaggerated, exvent as his tentacle dislodges from the computer. Activating his synthesizer this time, he says, "I am Soundwave of the Decepticons. You will release me immediately or I will use force." Its here that his tentacle slides across the racer's hood. Its not a subtle implication of what he'll do.

Rodimus is very, very good at tangling himself up in tentacles. The Quint sputters and thrashes and snarls angrily. "I'm fine! Don't touch me! Are you- Are you on _fire_?" There's some recognition in his yellow optics. "You're with the lizard," he mutters. "What are you doing up here? Your bay isn't up here..." He yanks fruitlessly, a pair of tentacles somehow twisted up in a knot around Rodimus' middle.

Soundwave puts the fear of Primus in the car's spark, and he immediately reverses, hard enough to crack the window behind him. "Sound- Wh'..." There's a sick TCHE-TCHE-CRRNCH when he tries to transform and fails, slumping back into his alt. "Wh-wh-what're you doing here? I th-thought Megatron killed you? Oh frag don't kill me, I didn't know!"

"I mean, there's fire and then there's fire, you know? This is just molten." Totally different. Rodimus dials it back to something visibly low key as though he is putting effort into calming himself. Before the Quint notices he's not melting. "Checking this place out. It's pretty cool, don't you think? I think maybe if you just stand still--." He's definitely making it worse. << "How're your complications, sweetspark." >> Rodimus is a lil sarcastic. << "Because I'm tied up in a Quint." >>

Soundwave brushes himself off, tentacles spooling back inside him as he gets his holoform in order. "I told you. I am here to save you, not kill you. It will have to be later as the Quintessons are approaching. Do not tell them I was here. That is of the utmost importance." He walks over to the garage to heft it up and roll back out, but he pauses. "And you don't need to fear me. I am. Likable." Yeah. SO likable that he just threatened the guy. He vents and gets to work. << "I've been connected to a Quintesson- we can compare notes. I'm heading out now, allow me enough time to reset the locks." >>

The Quint does not stand still. All of his tentacles detach and drop to the ground, thrashing like snakes. They slowly untangle themselves and glide back up his egg-like frame, snapping back in place. One remains twisted around Rodimus' arm, still detached. Thankfully the Quint doesn't want to leave without it. "Kindly hand it over, please!"

The car seems completely unmoved by Soundwave's assurance of likability, but he doesn't protest. Or say anything else, really, left cowering near the window. TREMBLING.

Soundwave leaves the bay and manages to lock it up without trouble. He can see Rodimus across the span of the building, on the other side, still dealing with the very irate Quint.

Rodimus doesn't need to feign his recoil as the tentacles just -- detach and thrash around. He recoils right back over the pile and tumbles back to a magma-platted skid a few feet away. "Oh, Pr--." He bites off that curse midway through and flails at the tentacle still wrapped around his arm in a way that totally doesn't get it off at all until he sees Soundwave out of the bay. At that point, he flings the tentacle back away from them, forcing the Quintesson to walk even farther away to get it. He's freaking out, okay. That was weird. "Are you okay?!" He almost sounds concerned. "Your -- arms! Fell off!"

Soundwave tries not to dwell on the racer, more scared of him than a Quintesson. He tries. He doesn't succeed. It leaves his tail lashing almost furiously behind him as he marches over to where Rodimus is. He's too involved in his thoughts to adequately think of a cover of why he's here. So he says, "Oh, there you are. I found it. We can go now." He comms, voice somber and quiet, << "I got everything on their computer. I can analyze it back at the garage. And... I think that was a Decepticon." >>

"Oh for-!" The Quint flings his tentacles in the air (still attached), and turns to go fetch the errant one, which ended up draped over the balcony railing. He's more angry than suspicious at this point, and doesn't come back their way, taking the long way around back to the bay.

The only thing out of place is the cracked window, which the car will struggle to answer for. If Soundwave listens in, he will learn that the Ibexian's name is Jet, and he was, in fact, a Decepticon. He's also too frightened to out Soundwave, so Soundwave's reputation is good for something!

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