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Date 2018/08/27
Location Hull Exterior
Participants Soundwave, Penchant
Summary Penchant is just a LITTLE salty about his deployer's recent break in romance, but Soundwave likes to keep his cassettes happy.

Soundwave is no longer a scoured, paint-peeling mess when he steps onto the hull of the Lost Light. He has a fresh coat of paint on- and the flames on the back of his legs seemed to have worked themselves into his current paintjob as well. If anything, they look more purposeful than the last time. More noticeable. The pink magnaboots kinda ruin his look, though.

<< Penchant? >> Soundwave comms. << Where are you? >> Not in visible range is where. Which makes him a bit more difficult to pin down.

Penchant's magnaboots are a little more stylish. Bluekite's are clearly makeshift and quickly welded together. Both of them stand out by the massive fuel quills, surrounded by newer versions that are slowly being installed. << "I'm working," >> Penchant replies flatly.

From where Penchant stands a solid several strides away, Bluekite hoists one giant quill on his shoulder, and it sweeps across the hull as he turns to properly seat it.

Turns out, even at a miles distance, moving the ship's quills is really noticeable. And Soundwave isn't even that far away. He heads that direction. << I can see that... You have been busy for some time. Perhaps a short break, necessary? I have brought treats. >>

Bluekite drops the giant quill right in front of Soundwave's feet with a THUD that only resonates in the vibration of the hull. It will block him, unless he manages to climb over. Which he probably could, it's not too high. << "Thank you, Soundwave, but I don't need treats. I'm not a pet, or a... juvenile." >>

Soundwave stops, looking over the quill and contemplating going over it... But he just got this paintjob... He stands there. << I did not mean it like that. I meant treats as in something had only on occasion. >> He eyes the quill again. << They're the sticky oil covered jellies, >> he adds.

There's muted grumbling over the frequency, before Penchant pokes up on the other side of the quill, lifted in Bluekite's hands. Sticky jellies you say. << "Maybe a quick break." >> He hops off atop the quill and lets his feet dangle over the edge, looking expectant.

Soundwave eases when he sees Penchant. He knows what his cassettes like. And he looks just as expectant as Penchant. A few moments tick by before, << Are you coming down? I will catch you. >>

Penchant slowly shimmies down and starts to slide. CATCH HIM.

Soundwave steps closer, reaching up so that Penchant slides right into his waiting hands. He holds him after the catch. << Penchant, quite good at that, >> he says. He might be laying it on a little thick there.

Penchant rolls his optics. << "Oi, let me be angry at you. You stole that smokin' speedster out from under me. Sticky jellies aren't going to fix this... but I'm hungry." >> He motions to be set down. Bluekite staaaares (blankly) over the edge of the quill, all creepy-like.

Soundwave sets Penchant down, almost jumping when he stands up and sees Bluekite just over the quill's edge. It doesn't have thoughts-- its creepy. Watching the drone skeptically, Soundwave slowly lowers himself to his knees beside Penchant. He takes out a small box, the inside filled with really yummy but really not good for you jellies. The stickiest in the land.

<< I do not see why you should be mad at me, >> Soundwave says.

<< "Eh, you're a telepath," >> Penchant says, unhelpfully. The moment the box is open, he reaches for three oil-coated jellies. They're SO STICKY. They stick together, and they remain that way in his mouth. Pays to have a jaw here. The texture is clearly pleasing as the cassette savors and chews. << "Mmmm." >>

Soundwave watches, keeping an eye on those little gremlin hands. No sticky oil on his finish! It has to stay nice. << Okay... Then: I do not want you to be mad at me, >> he restates. << Did you receive the gifts I sent? >>

Penchant licks his GREMLIN FINGERS. << "Boss, sometimes you just gotta' let people grumble. I was just starting to put in the work, too! Had me all wistful. Imagining things. Slag..." >> He stops in his messy eating to slump onto his aft, wilting visibly. Not a very proud moment, here. << "I got your gifts, yeah. I'll be saving that engex for better times. Thank you. I always told people you were nice and funny and friendly, and they were nuts for thinking you were scary. Now someone adores you."

<< I let many others grumble. Preference: to keep cassettes happy, >> Soundwave says, reaching out to gently boop his finger to the brim of Penchant's helm. The hum in his chassis can't be heard but the shift of light in his visor sure can be seen. He's smiling. Just a bit. << Thank you, Penchant. But... Adores, maybe strong word? >>

Penchant reaches for another handful. He'll just keep going. With the boop, he tilts his helm slightly, to look at Soundwave's visor from the side of his brim. << "Well, Rod likes you enough to want a date. When are you going to go on that thing, anyway?" >>

Soundwave doesn't stop Penchant. He can eat them all- just no touch. << Very soon, >> he says. << I still have a few things to take care of but I have made reservations and confirmed them so we are prepared in just a few days. I just have to finish polishing myself, assist in Shockwave's capture and arrest, and send Rodimus's formal invite. >> Beat. << Not in that order. Dates, more work than they appear. >>

<< "Ah yeah, just wedge that Shockwave thing in there," >> Penchant almost laughs. Almost. << "You're plenty polished already. You think you're going to stay that way? And uh, be careful. With Shockwave, I mean. Primus what I'd give to know him before everything. He sounded... amazing." >>

<< Perhaps... But I could always be polished further, >> Soundwave notes, looking over an arm. Rodimus is so flashy; he should try to meet that standard for a date. << I am only assisting in the capture. Shockwave is smart, he'll surrender once we spring our trap. >>

The compliments for Shockwave stop there, a bitter note now tinging his thoughts and words. << I am sure he was- if you were privileged enough to go to his school, that is. >>

Oh. Right. << "Trailbreaker made it sound like if Shockwave could save all of the outliers on Cybertron, he would've." >> Penchant pulls his attention away from the stickies to study Soundwave's masked features again. << "If it's easier to treat him like a cold villain, we can. Screw Shockwave, that big aft-hat, he's so evil." >>

Soundwave makes a noise that definitely reflects exactly what he thinks of Trailbreaker's sentiments. Seeing as it isn't heard, he doesn't think much of it at all. But his head lifts a little, visor brightening. << Affirmative, Shockwave is an... Aft. He is worst, in fact. He has don't nothing for me in my life and I look forward greatly to his prolonged confinement. >> He likes this game.

<< "Affirmative," >> Penchant repeats with a faint smile, despite himself. He looks down at the last sticky jelly in his hand, and lifts it to offer to Soundwave. << "Here, have it." >> Before Soundwave can deny him, Penchant adds, << "It would make me happy." >>

Soundwave pauses, looking at the sticky jelly. He has a very strict diet of mid-grade energon. And energon froyo. But, Penchant said it would make him happy. Ugh. Manipulative, little... He's so proud. He takes the treat with one hand, removing his facemask with the other. Even his face has been buffed and polished to a nice shine. << Thank you. I apologize for take your 'smokin' speedster'. I hope you can forgive me. >>

<< "I'll get over my embarrassment." >> Penchant stands, and Bluekite leeeans over the quill to pluck him up by his collar kibble. << "I'm glad you have this going for you. Don't mess it up. It's... sometimes a little too easy to mess it up." >> Hrm. << "As in, don't use your telepathy to cheat. And I know you wouldn't, but it's really, really fragging tempting sometimes." >>

Soundwave returns his faceplate after he eats the treat- oh god, its getting between his teeth. BLEH! And he pushes himself up as Penchant rides Air Bluekite. << I don't believe that will be something to worry about. But we can talk about how you would know how tempting it is some other time. If you would like to, >> he offers. Just being supportive.

Penchant, now perched atop Bluekite's lifted hand, considers Soundwave's offer. << "Yeah. Okay. I really need to... uh, work through all of that. Hn. Good luck on your mission, Soundwave." >> He waves, clearly less moody now as he turns back to his tremendous task.

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