2018-08-25 Good Clean Fun

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Good Clean Fun
Date 2018/08/25
Location Lost Light - Command: Rodimus's Office
Participants Rodimus, Soundwave
Summary Rodimus helps Soundwave get the Prowl off.

In recent days, its not been uncommon for Soundwave to stop by Rodimus's office for several hours. He's taken up writing out his proposal for Ignition while Rodimus finishes out his shift. So its no surprise when Soundwave slips into Rodimus's office today. Only, this time, he marches over to stand beside Rodimus's desk.

Soundwave stands there, shoulders hitched in high discomfort, and covered in... Covered in Prowl's molt gunk and sheddings. Oh god. His vocoder clicks on but nothing comes out. He struggles to put a sentence together about what happened or what he needs. He stares at Rodimus as he grasps for words but he just can't--

Soundwave reaches out and shoves the nearest datapad off the desk instead. There.

Rodimus lifts his head as Soundwave first enters, and the smile that initially touches his expression morphs to a sort of horror as he gets close enough for Rodimus to take in all of the -- gunk. The sheddings. He looks queasy, but he masters it. With effort. "Sss---."

He just barely gets a question, a name, a sound half-formed, and then Soundwave is shoving the datapad off the desk and Rodimus springs to his feet, coming around to stand next to him. But not too close. "Are you okay?"

Soundwave makes a strained, monotone noise of distress. Is he okay? Is he okay? Does he LOOK okay, Rodimus?! If this was just organic disgustingness, that'd be fine. Normal. But this is both Prowl and organic and its so wrong on so many levels, he can't even process what to do properly.

A tentacle shoots out to wrap around Rodimus's arm tightly. It shines with that wet, sticky nastiness too. "I have panicked," Soundwave manages to say, looking highly tempted to pull Rodimus in closer. Help.

Rodimus squawks without dignity. He doesn't try to throw the tentacle off, but this is the one time ever in his life that he's resisted being pulled closer to Soundwave. When he looks tempted, Rodimus leans back -- then pulls further away, toward the door. He reaches to touch Soundwave's arm ever so gingerly with the tip of his finger and guide him after. "Come on, we'll -- ugh, we'll get you clean. That's so gross. Is that all Prowl? Seriously? What'd you do, lie down and roll on him?"

Given a lead, Soundwave follows without question. Clean it off. Right, of course. He could have thought of that. He was just too busy being covered in this stuff, hnnn. "He was shedding," Soundwave says, notes of horror peaking through even his monotone. "His outer... Shell was regrowing itself and he got stuck. And I assisted and he just-- he fell out of it. Rodimus, I don't want to witness this again." He shudders.

A faint shudder of revulsion is felt through the delicate touch of Soundwave's tentacle even though Rodimus works to keep it from clattering his armor. "That's disgusting." He pauses, a quiet comm placed with support so that he'll come back to a sparkling and sanitized office. He looks over at Soundwave, a sudden, horrible thought occuring: "It doesn't regrow from that, does it?"

"I do not believe- I don't think-" Soundwave's visor pales. Horror dawns. "I don't know." The tentacles around Rodimus tightens, as if to strangle his arm. You've never seen a more distressed Soundwave in your life.

Rodimus's mental train of thought is just one giant line of grimace emojis. He moves faster. "It's fine. I'm sure it doesn't. Ratchet would have said something. You're good." Who is he trying to convince??

They don't quite run through the halls toward the baths, but honestly, it's not that far short of that. He yanks Soundwave through the door and pushes him immediately under the sprayer. "This is going to take the heavy duty stuff."

"I'm good," Soundwave repeats. And continues to repeat their whole journey to the baths. If he repeats it enough, it must be true and maybe it'll drown out any doubt he might hear from Rodimus's own thoughts. He's never been so relieved to be in the baths as he is today.

"Use everything," Soundwave says. "Strip my paint off. Whatever is required."

Rodimus takes Soundwave serious on that: the solutions and cleansers and solvents that he pulls out range from the mild to the intense, and the blast of water is -- actually, no, he changes his mind. He lowers the water pressure after first turning it on Soundwave threatens to send organic-tainted liquid everywhere in splatter. "This is disgusting. And Prowl's still covered in it? Man, Tarantulas is messed up."

Rodimus has the stream and solvents, Soundwave has his hands. And he's putting them to use scrapping off what he can. Now to just not step on the solid parts. Hrk. "No, it all fell off and left him looking... Shiny. I do not know. I did not stick around. He's not pleased by this either." Beat. "Poor Prowl."

"Poor Prowl," Rodimus agrees -- but it's Soundwave that he's helping. He turns up the force of the spray to push the bits of organic gunk toward the drains without touching them. B L E G H. "Poor Minimus, too. His hand looked messed up. We gotta stop letting weirdos do things to Minimus before he snaps and murders everyone."

As Soundwave wipes himself down, there comes a point he just can't reach. Chunk tanks are not good at this sort of thing. So he just stands there and does his level best not to accidentally get any part of anything on Rodimus. "I have not seen Minimus yet. But if it is anything like Prowl, I believe you."

It takes Soundwave another minute to notice his tentacles is still latched to Rodimus's arm. As it pulls away, a few strings of organic gunk stretch between it and Rodimus's arm. Soundwave immediately reaches to take the sprayer from Rodimus and dose him with it. "If Minimus does snap, none of us will live to speak of it. In the meantime, what do we do about Tarantulas. Prowl had his... Opinions."

"Oh, AUGH, GROSS, Soundwave, get it--." Rodimus shakes his arm around without any dignity at all, making it harder for Soundwave to wash his arm clean. Only after a moment does he gather himself enough to stand rock still. His hand has clenched so tightly on the sprayer that he was holding that it's left tiny little dents from his fist.

'AUGH. GROSS.' is a powerful force.

After a beat, Rodimus goes back to finishing up the last of his cleaning, then gives Soundwave a critical look. "I think you should go for a full-body immersion just in case-- just in case." He leaves the rest unsaid. WHAT BITS MIGHT BE UNSEEN.

After he, and Rodimus, are mostly cleaned off, Soundwave finds himself humming laughter. He leans forward and against Rodimus, still humming laughter. "We have fought off evil alternates, Unicront, and even Megatron. And these... Disgusting organic-Prowl bits. They're... Well, look at us. Heh."

Soundwave heaves a big sigh. "I agree, but you should join me in the immersion. Make sure neither of us are infected... Sorry, for getting it on you."

"Soundwave, I swear to god that if I wake up tomorrow all freshly recharged with legs growing out of me, I'm throwing you, Prowl, and Minimus straight out an airlock," Rodimus threatens. He douses the entire area that they have been working in a powerful solvent. His finish is looking pretty rough, and even his own paint has been mottled by it all. Soundwave looks an absolute mess. "I'd rather fight Unicron ten times over. At least then I'd only die, not turn into a horrifying organic hybrid."

Soundwave chuffs. He's pretty sure that Rodimus means that threat but he can't help but find it all highly amusing. Throw him out the airlock? Heh, like to see him try. "I would still want that date even if you were a disgusting, partial organic. I'd prefer that to you dead... ... Actually, I'd prefer not to make light of that," he says, nudging Rodimus along to the actual baths portion of the baths.

"Wow, you have it bad," Rodimus teases, doing a poor job of hiding the way that idea thrills him. It spills over in his grin, in his eyes: both bright, shining. As they get to the soaking pools -- the individual ones, removed from the main oil bath -- he pauses to look through various additives and search his database to find out which ones are most likely to kill every single spec of organic anything lingering on their frames. "I should visit Prowl. Bring him something to make him feel better."

"And you do not?" he counters, smiling beneath his facemask. Heh... Soundwave tentatively picks at the warm pools with his tentacles, testing out the temperature. Just making sure its not too hot. "Prowl, desires his datapad back. You could give him that. Perhaps even shake his hand. He's rather touchy about his... Everything right now. He has hairs. They move."

Rodimus's tanks roil, and his vocalizer sputs over a bit of static as he fights to avoid saying something rude, or making any disgusted noise. After he controls himself, he says -- a bit weakly -- "Well, that sounds awful." He looks back with a scrunch of his nose for the other part, and then pulls Soundwave closer to start pushing him in and down. "Get in. Faster you soak, faster we can get anything left out of you. Open all of your vents and submerge so that you can really get it everywhere, okay?"

"It is," Soundwave confirms before taking a step back into the bath, slowly sinking down. He puts his hands on either side of Rodimus's waist, pulling him in after him. "Should I open my deck too?" he asks cheekily. Probably cheekily. Maybe. Its all monotone still.

Rodimus falls in after Soundwave in the most obnoxious way possible: arms wide, legs kicking, at high veolcity and with lots of splashing before he settles. "Yes," he says, mirror opposite of a recent 'no', "of course you should, why is that even a question. You don't want to get organic gunk on your cassettes, do you? Rumble and Frenzy would straight up murder you if they started growing parts because you didn't soak your deck."

Soundwave laughs, wiping some Rodimus splash off his facemask. "Excellent point," he says, deck swinging open. There's a twinkle of blue in the back before he submerges up to his neck. "There. No limb-growing cassettes to worry about anymore. I am sure they would have helped you throw me out of the airlock if anything had happened to them."

Grinning, Rodimus is quiet a moment, listening to Soundwave's laughter before it fades. He settles in next to him, his own vents open wide. JUST IN CASE. "Don't forget to dunk your head, too. Gotta keep your helm nice and healthy and whole and not growing any weird limbs off the top."

Soundwave shitfs closer to Rodimus. "I think my head is fine, Rodimus. Dunk, unnecessary," he says, voice warm and... Well, the stress and panic of earlier seems to have been washed away as much as that horrible molt substance. "I don't think I've been this clean since Ratbat first hired me."

Rodimus shifts, moving toward and then over Soundwave with his dripping arms stretched out to plant atop his head and push down. "You gotta dunk," he says. "You just gotta."

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- Rodimus=body+body Vs Soundwave=body+body
<       Rodimus: Success (2 2 2 7 4 3)          Soundwave: Good Success (7 2 8 7 6 1 1 6)
<               Net Result: Soundwave wins - Solid Victory

Soundwave's head does not dunk. But, notably, his eyes do roll under his visor. Slowly, he lowers his head until its completely underneath- of his own voalition, just to be clear. "<< Rodimus, happy now? >>"

Rodimus holds Soundwave down, 100% on his own strength, and radiates smugness as he pats his face. He bonks his head to Soundwave's, and then shifts over to submerge as well. His eyes are bright as they shine through at Soundwave, and his comm a clear laugh: << "Yeah. Pretty happy." >>

Soundwave's own visor hazes red light through the liquid, not quite as clear as Rodimus's blue. But just as bright. << "Good," >> Soundwave says, arms moving to gently wrap around Rodimus- he has to partially close his chest to bring him close. His forehead touches against Rodimus's. << "Thank you for your assistance. I-- thank you. I might have stood in a corner until I bluescreened without your help. Despite how much you hated being neat it." >>

<< "No problem," >> Rodimus assures. He drags his fingers across Soundwave's armor as he settles in. He probably pretends he's just making sure he didn't miss anything. But that's definitely not why. << "It was totally disgusting and we had to get it off of you because as much as I hated it, I'd hate being apart from you more." >>

Soundwave's fingers curl, holding onto Rodimus more securely. His deck closes completely but not before the flicker of his spark can be made out. A flutter. Then Rodimus is held flush against his front. << "I think Prowl knows... About us. He sounded as he did, despite being stuck with a spider during that time," >> he says quietly. He pauses, considering. << "I am not sure how much you want anyone to know right now. Which is why I bring it up." >>

Rodimus taps his fingers against the glass covering Soundwave's spark just once, then headbutts him. Affectionately. << "Soundwave, I hope you don't think we're being subtle, because I would like you to think very hard about what this looks like right now for the rest of the crew. Right now. As we are. Right here." >> He settles back down against him. Pointedly.

Soundwave does stop, a hand trailing up Rodimus's side. << "No one can see us under here," >> he says. They're, like, invisible now, right? << "... I thought we were being subtle- are we not? It is alright if we are not. I can always scare away anyone who does not mind their own business if you desire. Prowl informed me I had many, terrifying-" not ridiculous- "names among the Autobot ranks. Is that true?" >> Thumb running up the edge of one spoiler, Soundwave brings his hand to his face. His facemask clicks off.

<< "Oh, yeah, no one can see. Definitely no one's wondering at all what we're getting up to and coming up with way wilder--." >> Facemask. Facemask click off. Rodimus traint of thought click off, too, and he stumbles into a brief silence. His fingers curl beneath him as Soundwave's thumb drags along his spoilder, then reach for the edges of Soundwave's deck. << "You had a lot of names, Soundwave. And some of them, you earned." >> Rodimus is near sober as he says that, but the stroke of his hands remains: gentle, indulgent. << "You don't need to scare anyone away, though. I mean -- I'm still glad of some space to figure out who we are to each other, but it's not a secret. And apparently it was a secret to us even longer than it was to the rest of the crew." >>

Bubbles bob up between them as Soundwave's mouth parts a hair. A part of him regrets the comment about names, but its something he has to live with. And, right now, we can definitly live with it. << "I've never really had something not be a secret," >> he admits, optics halving with Rodimus's steady touch. << "Not like this. Though, it would explain all of Minimus's odd behavior, hmm..." >>

Soundwave leans his head in closer. << "You realize, we've resuced Minimus and Prowl now." >>

Rodimus's grin is radiant, submerged or not, and he shifts his head to nose lightly against Soundwave's jaw on his way to resting his head against the side of his helm. << "Yep. I'm aware. I'm super, duper aware. Why don't we go driving? You could use the practice, and I enjoy it. Wait -- no. What do you enjoy?" >> Oh no. Sudden panic. << "What do you enjoy?" >>

Soundwave's smile is smaller, just the upturn of his lips, but it's warm and genuine. Rodimus can feel it against his head. << "I would enjoy being with you," >> he answers truthfully. His hobbies aren't really 'date' worthy. His optics shift to the side, a little embarassed as he admits, << "I've been putting together a bulletin board in my hab in an attempt to plan an above-average date." >>

"You what?" Rodimus peels back, peels upright, and begins scrambling toward the edge like he is going to drip-dash his way there right now. "Come on. Totally soaked long enough, let's go. I need to see this."

Soundwave sits up, shaking his head off. He has to spit some of the wash out and he looks both disappointed and even more embarassed about that. "I... Did not think this would interest you?" he says in some mild amazement that Rodimus is so eager to see his bulletin board. "Shouldn't we dry off first?" he asks, standing and letting his deck swing forward. The wash waterfalls out of his chassis. Its almost impressive the volume he has in there.

"It absolutely interests me," Rodimus says with firm and absolute conviction. He's already clambering out, and calls back, "Haven't you heard of drip dry?" He will die when Minimus sees the puddles he's leaving already.

Soundwave sighs and then pushes himself up and out of the wash. Now he can get a good look at himself as he shakes some loose liquid off his frame. "I'm unsure if we are fully capable of keeping good, crisp paintjobs anymore. "He's a travesty to paintjobs everywhere right now. "I have not," Soundwave says, closing his chest with one hand. He follows Rodimus. "But I am sure I will now. If I'd known you'd like this, I would have told you sooner. You could have helped me with the Venn Diagrams."

"I'll help you patch up," Rodimus promises, but he is too distracted by the idea of this bulletin board to stop. Leaving little puddles of solvent all the way back to Soundwave's room -- particularly in the elevator; that's going to need a mop -- he thrums in eager interest.

Soundwave slips his facemask back on while they journey to his habsuite, dripping the whole way there. Its definitly at the bottom of his favorite ways to dry off but Rodimus's own excitement distracts him. Bolsters him, even. So he strides confidently to his room, opening it for the both of them. A few pairs of eyes turn to watch them. Most look away and back to what they're doing. Some watch.

"Over here," Soundwave tells Rodimus, immune to tiny stares. The wall looks blank but- with a press of his foot on a secret trigger on the floor- panels on the wall slide out to reveal the bulletin board. It has location pictures, a packet full of itemized pricing for places and things is tucked into a folder pinned to the board, some different activities, and a really sad Venn Diagram in the corner. By the way some stuff is put up, some cassettes may have been helping.

Rodimus, less immune, offers a quick wave to those whose looks linger, before--. "Another one? Soundwave, you have a problem." Actually, Rodimus is the one with the problem. The problem is NOT KNOWING WHERE THEY ALL ARE. As he looks across the board and notes the clues that suggest cassette help, he rocks back on his heels and looks a little overwhelmed. He's feeling a feeling. It's so much.

"I have a lot of time on my hands right now..." Soundwave says as a reason to why he has so many. Its a new room after all. He just doesn't like being idle. That's his problem.

He waits for Rodimus to say something, seeing how excited he had seemed before. But some time passes and his fingers curl into his palm. He glances over to Rodimus and back to the board. "I've never had a date before and wanted it to be-- I will get rid of it." He goes to step on the trigger and close it up.

"N--." Rodimus catches himself before he can say it, quickly turning it into, "Wait! Wait. Just--. It's not bad. It's not at all. It's amazing," he says, his voice spilling over with everything he can't quite say. "It's just that--. You had help. They helped." He steps in next to Soundwave, and leans against him.

Soundwave hesitates just a breath, taken aback a little. Amazing? He shifts and slides a foot closer to Rodimus, hand brushing against his. He nods. "They did. They always help me." Beat. "They mostly help me. When I need it," Soundwave says with a small chuckle. Some of them are stubborn and grouchy.

Rodimus takes Soundwave's hand in his own and squeezes. Then, keeping it, he moves closer again to study the planning in progress so that they can refine and perfect the approach to their date. It's gonna be amazing.

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