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At Fault
Date 2018/08/24
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Medibay
Participants Prowl, Soundwave
Summary Soundwave pays Prowl a visit in the medibay. Prowl... ends up molting.

Prowl sits in the medibay, at the edge of a berth, turning Tarantulas' fang over in his hands. Ratchet had been running tedious and exhausting tests - not without great care, but Prowl is a rotten patient, and had been attempting to work throughout. Someone had finally wrested his temp datapad away from him, so here he sits, waiting and waiting. And itching. His dulled black-and-white carapace seems to be splitting along his frame, but it's not quite loose enough to fall off.

Seeing how the patients aren't in some sort of critical state- depending on who you ask- Soundwave has found some way to worm himself into visiting hours. The queue to see Prowl isn't particularly long either, so he is quick to slip over to Prowl's area. He only gets in a step or two before he freezes, feet seemingly magnetized to the ground. Visor already lending itself to staring, he stares twice as hard as most people are capable. Unable to look away from... Yikes.

"Rodimus, was not wrong," Soundwave says out loud, quickly sending a message to the Captain. Having assumed Rodimus's reaction about how gross Prowl is only to be proved wrong, he now owes the Captain a drink. Other than that, he doesn't say a word. Just trying to... Take it all in.

Prowl looks up, surprised to see anyone but a doctor. He blinks, then guesses, and promptly glares. "He thinks I'm disgusting. Is that it? I know I'm disgusting! I'm half organic! You think I wanted this?" he rants, and gestures vaguely. "Minimus is enduring the same situation. Is anyone snickering over him?" Touchy! All of his extra limbs shiver as they rise and settle.

"I didn't say that- Rodimus did not say that," Soundwave informs Prowl. He mostly used the word 'gross.' "And I believe that is a generous assumption. 'Half.' It looks ready to fall off," he says, as if trying to be encouraging. He even takes a step forward. See? He's okay with this- is that hair?? Prowl as hair. "I don't think anyone finds this funny, though."

Prowl eases with an expansive droop of his shoulders. He doesn't have doors anymore, and it's weird. "I don't... think it's going to fall off. Ratchet described an organic arachnid method of healing wounds. These creatures just... regrow their skeletons and shed their old ones. Eugh." He looks back down at the fang, curls his fingers around the tapering circumference. "Did you need something from me?"

Soundwave tries not to, but he's only a mech. Prowl reveals that new tid bit of information and Soundwave takes a step back, ending up where he started. Prowl is shedding. Its a good thing Soundwave is near impossible to read sometimes. Even better that no one else can read his thoughts because they're something akin to ' AAAAAHHH!'

Forcing his optics away from the hair and the regrowing skeleton, and the everything, Soundwave focuses in on Prowl's little stress toy. Which is a spider fang. Because of course it can't be anything normal right now. The thought makes his visor flicker. "... Nothing. I don't require anything from you," Soundwave says quietly.

Prowl certainly can't read Soundwave. He can't even track his gaze. He pokes the end of the fang. The silence that stretches between them is quietly filled with the soft creaking and cracking of Prowl's "armor" each time he shifts. "...You came to visit?" he asks, carefully.

Soundwave's head dips in a short, concise nod. And, just in case Prowl was too engrossed in his fang thing, he says, "Affirmative."

Calling upon years of experience of getting into a room with all sorts of people he loathes- Starscream, Scorponok, Shockwave, Deadlock, Turmoil., Tarn, just to name a few- Soundwave moves in closer. Stepping in front of Prowl. He's still a mildly safe distance from any hairs. "I'm sorry this happened to you," he tells him.

Prowl scowls, because it's a kneejerk reaction to unprecedented kindness. He looks away, and it takes him a few extra seconds to thaw and track back up to that red visor. "Thank you. But it's my fault. A lot of things are... my fault," he says, softly. "I'm glad you found us. I don't know where we would've gone. Tell Rodimus thanks, too." He knows you're probably going to see Rodimus today, Soundwave.

Soundwave nods again. "I will be sure to tell him," he confirms. He stands there, quiet, for a pregnant pause. Then he shuffles off to the side, going to sit beside Prowl. But he stops, warily looking at those spindly spider legs. Eaugh.

"It's not your fault," Soundwave says as he tries to figure out a solution to this. "Certainly, being forward with your comrades could have negated or eliminated this situation- it doesn't make your condition your fault. That was someone else's doing."

Prowl regards Soundwave's odd shuffle with a slight head tilt, and rotates the spidery limbs on his arms off to the side, so no one has to brush against them. "...Mesothulas was a loose end that I failed to tie up in the right way. He became frayed. That was my fault." His blank gaze across the room stops it its aimless drifting, and he smiles faintly. "It was nice watching Minimus thoroughly wreck him, however."

Without spider limbs in the way, Soundwave sits beside him. He rests his hands on his knees. "Do you wish Minimus would had done more than wreck him?" he asks.

Prowl mulls over the difficult question. Be truthful, Prowl, damn you. "I wish Minimus had killed him. I hate him, Soundwave, but I think death would've been more merciful. I don't want to be involved in whatever becomes of him. Please keep me out of it."

Soundwave hums quietly. Thoughtfully. "Then why do you hold onto that?" He tilts his head towards the broken fang in Prowl's hand.

a literal yam [7:11 PM] Prowl lifts the fang. His grip tightens. No response otherwise, but his thoughts clearly swarm with sharp pangs of nonspecific regret, and the distant but distinct feeling of simply being needed. Wanted. "I don't want to talk about it," he says, at length.

"Very well," Soundwave says, thumbs running along the guard of his knee. He knows how it is, he understands, but he doesn't push it. Not right now. "I understand you are the victim here," he continues. "But I suggest holding off on any final decisions relating to this Tarantulas. Give it some time and distance, not hasty decisions. From what I read, it looked to be the basis between you and him." Beat. "I read through all the files in your office."

"Hasty decisions? I don't- What!" Prowl slides from his berth to stand before Soundwave and leer, all of his limbs lifting, along with the lengthy, clear hairs that coat his armor. "What do you mean, all of the files?"

Soundwave visibly leans back. Yech, gross Prowl. "No one knew anything of Tarantulas but you. We needed to find you. Solution: examining your office for files that could help us. You did thank us for finding you." He adds that last bit just as a little reminder.

"Grah," Prowl shoves away from the topic rather quickly. Maybe it's for show. He wanders over to the nearest empty berth and plans his three-digit palms against the edge. "Need to upgrade my security..." An odd, faint tearing noise interrupts his thought, followed by what sounds like the cracking of a shell. The thick, half dome carapace on his back has fallen to the ground, the interior shining wetly. Prowl stares at it.

Soundwave stares at it too.

He refuses to acknowledge it. "It took me many hours to break through your final datapad. Rodimus has it right now," Soundwave says. "But I could provide a few security suggestions. Ones that could hold me at bay for perhaps a day or two."

Prowl grumbles. "Days. Tch. Sure, send me your hacking log. And kindly send my datapad here. There's files in there that are sensitive..." He sighs. "And probably already compromised. Well," he turns to address the mostly empty medibay, "Prowl's secrets are bare to the world, everybody. Or soon to be. Everyone happy? I even got a ridiculous frame to go with this slagged situation." He looks back to Soundwave. "Did you start drafting anything?"

"Not as compromised as you believe," Soundwave says, referring to the sensitive files. Then, quickly, "I'll have Rodimus deliver the datapad when he is able. He will want to check on you." He glances to the bit that fell off Prowl. He'll send Rodimus over when Prowl finishes with that. Eugh.

Soundwave looks back up to Prowl. "Your frame might be less ridiculous if you bared your secrets sooner... Or, part of them. And no, I have not. Minimus has already drafted my address for me. I will only be making a few adjustments before I speak. There are a few things Minimus and I do not see eye to eye on in context of what is a 'crime.'"

"I'm not going to stand here and get lectured about telling the truth by Soundwave the Inescapable." Prowl's grumpy frown twists into a smirk. "Soundwave the All-Seeing. The Illimitable Audial. You had a ton of ridiculous names that worked through the ranks." He rubs his jaw, thoughtfully. "I did end up telling Minimus the truth. About everything. I don't think I can ask him for help, here and now."

"All-Seeing, highly inaccurate," Soundwave says, not looking as amused by these names as Prowl. Ridiculous? They don't sound that ridiculous... "And if Minimus has continued to help me while compiling my list of... Many crimes, than I fail to see why he would not help you. He was the one that helped out out of Tarantulas... " He pauses to bring up the report on his HUD.

"It says goop. He helped you get out of 'goop' even after you shared everything with him." Soundwave pauses, fingers curling so his knuckles dig into his leg. "Originally, I had many of the fears you do now. So I never told Rodimus what I was doing. It is better now that he knows. It will be the same with Minimus. "

"Many Autobots believed that because you seemed to know everything, that you saw, rather than heard. At least, in the beginning..." Prowl studies Soundwave's unreadable mask closely. "Hn. You're optimistic because you've apparently had success in courting Rodimus." Beat. "Or whatever the hell you two are up to at this point. Minimus is..." He pauses to think up the right words. "More particular - ?"

Soundwave's visor blinks. "I was not courting Rodimus," he says, shoulders drawing up. "I- We-- Minimus is not unforgiving, Prowl." Yeah, wait a minute- don't change the subject here! "When we make a mistake, Minimus has no qualms in letting us know. But I have seen a measure of forgiveness from him. Its how he can continue to work with Rodimus. With me. With you. I believe he reacts best when you identify your own mistakes and make efforts not to repeat them. Which, I believe, is what you and I are doing. Is that not correct?"

Prowl nods. "Trying. Tarantulas had some bad timing here. Well. I had bad timing. Once again, I took the risk. I'll have to apologize to Bulkhead and Wheeljack, too." ... "You're right in that he still works fine with Rodimus. Just... One matter is a relationship, and the other involves making him and everyone else complicit in my crimes. We'll see, I suppose." His slow shift to lean a hip against the edge of the opposing berth stops altogether. He seems unnaturally frozen. "I... can't move."

"That... Is not something I considered," Soundwave says quietly. Crimes he dictated and made Decepticons complicit in. But it's not all that different to his complicity to Megatron. "They will have to wrestle their own guilt but it doesn't make you entirely at fault for-- I'm sorry, you what?"

Soundwave stares at Prowl, taking in his statuesque nature. That's not normal for sure. Hesitatingly, he stands up and takes a few steps closer. He already misses his comfortable distance. "Is it your joints? Do you require assistance? I can get a medic?"

Prowl shivers, but the movement only manifests in all of the various hairs poking out of his dulled armor. He remains rigid, arms folded. "Not... joints... A shell. Something... detached. Don't get a medic, slaggit. I'd like some dignity leftover. Just... shake me or something."

Soundwave looks inscrutable. Only those well versed in reading the tension of throat cables can truly see his expression. But he squares up, reaches out and-- his hand touches a hair.


Soundwave pulls his arm back. Nope, not gonna be doing that. His tentacles slither on out of his sides, biolights flashing. They don't want this either. But they're smaller, able to navigate around the hairs, and find something on Prowl to latch onto and coil around. Then he goes to lift Prowl to give him that shake.

Prowl grimaces as cables tighten around his middle. Soundwave will feel the normally sturdy armor buckle inward in his grip, and when he starts to lift Prowl off the ground, it's like holding a wet paper bag with oranges ripping through the bottom. The armor crunches and flakes, and what seems like Prowl's inner frame sllllides out and onto the ground, large segments of his body splitting, tearing, and breaking away with some vaguely sticky substance that stretches in clear strings. The extra "bits" fall around Prowl as he lies on his back, staring blankly at the bright lights of the medibay. At least now he looks polished, like he's covered in a shiny, thick coat of lacquer. "I hate this so much."

Soundwave, wordlessly, steps forward and offers a hand to Prowl.

Prowl takes the hand and hauls himself up right. He dusts himself off, flicking remaining bits of... chitin - ? Onto Soundwave's middle. "Thanks. Tell no one, got it?"

Soundwave can't help but look at the bits Prowl practically wipes onto him. Then he blinks and looks up at the nasty, ghostly Prowl remains his cords are still hoisting. They immediately release and retreat back into- oh God, MISTAKE.

"Thank you for all that you did after Megatron," Soundwave says stiffly, edging away. "Let us never speak of this. I must go now." Medibay can come take back it's problem back now and they can KEEP IT.

Prowl perks up. Gratitude for a good thing he did? Yes, let's talk about that! But Soundwave tries to peace out, so Prowl follows him all the way to the medibay entrance. "Alright. Thanks for the visit. I'll catch up with you soon."

"Affirmative. Good plan. Later," Soundwave confirms before making a beeline out the door. He's out of there fast enough, it's like he just teleports out of there. BYE PROWL. LET'S NOT DO THIS AGAIN.

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