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Date 2018/08/08
Location Lost Light - Science and Medical - Wheeljack's Laboratory
Participants Bulkhead, Prowl
Summary Bulkhead isn't super happy about finding a daydreaming spider in the lab.

It's not often that Bulkhead comes to the common labs, considering he shares a private one, and we all know he's not big on gossip, so it's unsurprising that a certain... decoration added to the labs recently has escaped his notice. Or it had, until he came in to get some extra supplies for a project and came across the large spidermech standing in the middle of the room and staring aimlessly at nothing.

He immediately placed a comm, and then stood there, arms crossed over his chassis, impressive chin more pronounced with the severity of his frown. And when the mech he'd called arrives, Bulkhead turns that frown on him.

"Prowl," he says, "What is this."

Prowl had a great deal of time to think up an excuse. He's still wracking his brain over one when he makes his way to the lab, and when Bulkhead prompts him for an answer, he just... stands there. Stiff. Eyeing his thoroughly placated acquaintance. "A temporary solution," he finally settles on, forcing a smile that looks anything but genuine.

"Prowl," Bulkhead says again, stepping closer to his friend. Any looming on his part is completely accidental. "This isn't a solution of any kind, I hope you know that. What did you do to him?"

"I'm not asking you to support or condone this, I'm just asking you to keep an eye on him while I figure out what to... do with him," Prowl replies hurriedly. "He's fine. He's under the influence of a device of his own making. Like... a happy dream." And with all that said, he sorta' hunches, because the looming and the frowning on Bulkhead's big jaw doesn't feel /great/.

"I don't remember being asked anything," Bulkhead says pointedly. "I walked in and here he was." The explanation doesn't make the frown or looming any better. Somehow, Bulk frowns more deeply, brow heavy over his optics. "So you're telling me you trapped him in a daydream? Didn't you think about how he's going to react when he gets out of it, and realizes it was all fake?"

Prowl flounders between getting aggressive and pulling rank, and... withering. "I needed to get information out of him, He was threatening to destroy me. This mech... he's deranged, Bulkhead. And he won't snap out of it. Not easily." Then, carefully, "Do you... not want him in your lab?"

The frown finally disappears as Bulkhead sighs, shoulders slumping. "I kind of guessed that for myself, I just think your methods are....lacking. I'd rather have him here where we can keep an eye on him, but, really, Prowl, he can't stay like this forever. Even if he is deranged, there's a special cruelty to leaving him like this."

Catching Prowl's optic, Bulk adds, "Imagine if we'd been kept in that human simulation. That's what you're doing to him."

Prowl pulls his gaze away the moment it crosses Bulkhead's. He grumbles. Then his doors droop. "I don't like it either. But I'm not sure how else to... handle him presently. It's my fault he has become so twisted. It won't be forever... Give me a few days." With a great, heaving vent, his hands fall to his sides. "It's all very complicated."

"Your fault?" Bulkhead steps closer, places a hand on Prowl's shoulder. "I doubt that, no matter what he might have told you. He can't blame his issues on you." A gentle squeeze, and Bulk drops his hand. "I get that, but you could've asked for help."

"You solve problems. How do I solve this?" Prowl asks, earnest in his searching look. "I appreciate your doubt, but let's be honest, my modus operandi is- was- screwing people over."

"Screwing people over, sure. Driving them insane? No." Bulkhead remains firm, even as he turns back to Tarantulas with a thoughtful frown. "First we need to figure out how to get him out of this without going berserk. Ease him back to reality, or something. Then....drop him on Cybertron, or Eukaris or something, and make sure he can't get back on the ship."

"Eukaris, heh. He might fit in with that... crystal spider tribe I read about. I'll talk to Brainstorm about making sure this container can endure his... rage, first. If Brainstorm's not barred from the labs anymore." Prowl brings the bottom of his fist against Bulkhead's chest with a light tap. "I owe you. Thanks for being patient."

"That I'm not sure about; you'd have to ask Rodimus." The tap has Bulkhead smiling, and he reaches to give Prowl's arm a quick pat. "Don't mention it. Friends help each other out, right? time, maybe run your 'solutions' by me first, okay?"

"I'll sure try. I'll be back later. If he creeps you out, just... uhm, toss a tarp over the capsule or turn it around. I promise, he used to be... more normal. Boxy. And not fuzzy." Prowl waves his long-suffering buddy off as he turns to head out.

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