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Elevator Pitch
Date 2018/07/15
Location Lost Light: Elevator
Participants Minimus Ambus, Rodimus, Soundwave
Summary Debriefing LL-style

Soundwave estimated he'd be away for a week, maybe even a month. Longer, even. So, it comes as a little surprise when he breaks radio silence just five days after his departure, requesting Lost Light command for a debriefing upon his arrival.

He's expecting a few minutes to himself as he makes his way to the Incident Room. Make himself decent. Soundwave is sorely mistaken as he steps off his ship in the middle of Shuttle Bay, wearing something dark that hangs off his shoulders like a pseudo-cloak, and there's his greeting party. He pauses and then lifts a hand in the least emotive wave ever concieved.

TADA: command.

Minimus is a necessary piece of command, no matter what rank Rodimus is calling himself today. A week ago, he held no rank; a month ago, he was dead. Does it really matter if a year ago he had been captain once before, when so much has happened between? He pulls rank enough to insist that they meet Soundwave at the shuttle bay, dragging Minimus along with him rather than wait in the incident room. Wait. What a terrible four-letter word.

"Soundwave!" Not quite as light on his (even then oversized, still today large) feet as he once was, Rodimus still manages to charge the last few feet in something that's a close approximation of a skip. "What the frag are you wearing?" he asks as he gets close enough to hold up a corner. "Please tell me this is a disguise." He draws the corner up across Soundwave's body so that it cloaks his face, just like his visor and mask already do.

Minimus Ambus has no objection to meeting Soundwave for a debriefing. He has a few grumbled objections to tromping all the way down to the shuttle bay for it, but it’s doubtful that Rodimus even noticed.

He watches Rodimus and Soundwave, standing balanced on the flats of his feet with his helm drown down into a saturnine frown. His hands are tightly clasped behind him in a modified parade rest, constrained and stiff. He says, “Soundwave.”

Soundwave watches Rodimus, visor brightening a few notches. "Affirmative, a disguise." And by the look at the tattered ends and a few, raggedy holes, he either found it in the lost and found OR the trash. Probably trash. "I've used one like this before and it was effective enough. I wasn't expecting to see you so soon."

Soundwave turns towards his ship's entrance. "I have something, let me go and-- Minimus." Oh, right, official business. "Mission success, sir," he says, straightening into a mirror of Minimus's parade rest.

"Wow, that's--." Terrible. Rodimus is going to say terrible. It's painted all over his features and in the poke of his finger through one of the holes before he looks to Soundwave, grins, and says, "--effective," instead.

Stepping back to fall in next to Minimus, rather less parade and rather more rest, Rodimus says, "Awesome. At ease, both of you, come on. Let's hear it! Oh -- and give me back the datastick," he adds, starting to turn for the exit and them wheeling right back around.

“I look forward to your report,” Minimus says without a change to his intonation or expression. The angle of his scarlet gaze has settled more or less at Soundwave’s … knee. The stiffness fractures just a little and he kind of sighs when Rodimus says “at ease” and zooms around. He says, “I was at ease. That is what at ease-- never mind,” before turning to flank him on the way back through the ship. Or his giant foot, really.

Soundwave looks back at his ship. Hrmph... He ejects Ravage and Ratbat to take care of it before following behind Rodimus and Minimus. "My report-- but first I would like to know about my status, and those of my cassettes, as crew members." He glances down, down at Minimus, whom he gave his papers to just before his departure.

Soundwave very carefully, very delicately, very unsubtly doesn't say anything about a datastick nor make any immediate grabs for it.

"Soundwave -- Soundwave, gimme the datastick!" Rodimus says, focusing on the IMPORTANT matter and leaving the question of crew status to Minimus with a glance back and down at him. He starts poking at Soundwave's sides, fingers tickling at the edge of his compartments -- or, well, the ones he knows about. "Open up!"

“Naturally. You will find your duty assignment in Logistics awaiting you in your messages when you review your inbox,” Minimus Ambus states mildly. He is most assuredly not looking at the impending tickle fight even a little bit. “Your cassettes’ applications for quarters have all been processed and their berths have been assigned accordingly.” It’s remarkable how uninflected he is. Even for Minimus, he is flat.

"It was- hnn- a gift, Rodimus." Soundwave doesn't necessarily dance away from Rodimus's tickling fingers but he definitely takes an extra wide step to avoid them. He nods absent-mindedly as he warily keeps Rodimus at bay. "Excellent. I will begin to work through my inbox when we-" A tentacle is halfway out to slap any Rodimus hands away when his head snaps around to Minimus.

"Berths," Soundwave repeats. "Quarters." Perhaps he misheard. Misunderstood. "Request: repeat previous statement."

Rodimus attempts to sneak a hand into Soundwave's side compartment while he's distracted by Minimus. He's extra quiet. For him. Shhh. No one sees him.

<FS3> Rodimus rolls Stealth: Success. (5 1 7)

Minimus definitely doesn’t see this because his scarlet gaze is straight ahead, not looking at what he would prefer not to view. He repeats himself, blandly: “Their applications for quarters have all been processed and berths assigned accordingly.”

Soundwave's armor prickles, making the dirty cloak flutter. "Their quarters- we share the same quarters. We always have. You know this, why-- what applications. I only submitted their crew member paperwork."

Rodimus successfully gets he bounty out of Soundwave's compartment while he's distracted. No datastick though. He does pull out a few kitschy keepsakes, a tiny spy cam, and a bright red key fob.

It's not that Rodimus REALLY expects the spy cam to be active, but just in case it is, he makes a face and then puts it all back. He holds on to the key fob a moment longer. It's bright red. It belongs to something that goes fast. Of course he returns it last. Once his hands are free of anything incriminating, he speaks up again: "Crew members have quarters, though." He was clearly distracted and is confused by the prickle. He looks between them.

Minimus turns his glance back to Soundwave with almost perfect blankness in his expression. It is like an objection directed to a wall, or to the Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord standing upon a technicality.

“Their paperwork was individually completed, all the appropriate boxes checked and blanks filled,” he says. “I reviewed each one personally before approving.”

"They are my cassettes! We share a room, just as we did previously. You know this. Why didn't you-" Soundwave vents heavily. "You will have the corrective paperwork by the end of the day," he says, quite possibly through gritted teeth. He doesn't ask who his current, supposed roommate is. It won't last.

Turning from Minimus, Soundwave gently puts a hand on Rodimus's back between his spoiler. "Let's get somewhere more private. So I can properly relay my report."

Rodimus is belated to register the tension, but he eventually catches up. He looks between Minimus and Soundwave with an uneasy expression. "I'm -- uh." The hand on his back short-circuits the thought, and he grins back at Soundwave before the rest of his sentence catches up to him. "I'm sure Minimus did his best to quarter them. I can help them with the reassignment paperwork to change back." That's a terrible idea. It will be full of errors. Errors delaying the process. He starts forward again, though, moving toward the lift that will take them to the bridge.

Minimus Ambus is entirely neutral about, “I am not here to make judgments about your personal lifestyle choices, or about who lives with whom.” He almost, almost could match a Soundwave for monotone. Almost. The glitter in of sharpness in his scarlet gaze is there, but his mask is otherwise perfect. “The paperwork was completed correctly. I processed it.”

"I'm sure you did," Soundwave says icily, back to Minimus. "I know you don't make mistakes."

Only Rodimus's offer to help shakes his frosty glower at Minimus. "Thank you, Rodimus," Soundwave says as he follows him into the lift. "But unnecessary. I'm sure you have plenty of duties now." He offers up his fist, despite the glacial energy still radiating off of him, and says, "Congratulations, by the way. Captainhood, suits you."

Oh boy. This is awkward. Shifting so that he stands between them like some sort of DMZ in this cold war, Rodimus radiates a discomforted awkwardness. It eases only slightly at the offered congratulations, and he tilts a crooked smile to Soundwave as he lifts his fist to bump back against the offered hand. "Thanks. Minimus was a big help in making it happen." As the lift ascends, it shudders slightly and he makes a face. "Ugh, I wish the ship was totally back to pre-Unicron normal already. I can't believe we're still making repairs." It continues to ascend ... for now.

“It is certainly possible for me to make a mistake,” Minimus Ambus tells Soundwave. “In this instance, I did not.” No: he acted intentionally. He lifts his chin slightly, standing beside Rodimus’s leg with his hands once more clasped behind his back. He’d let the silence extend, but instead, he makes enough of an effort not to destroy Rodimus’s attempt to keep the conversation on life support. “As the fleet continues to develop, ongoing in-flight repair efforts will only spread across more ships. We really haven’t had enough time for an extended refit anywhere.”

Soundwave hums quietly as his fist bump is reciprocated. He doesn't thank Minimus for his part in reinstating Rodimus. He flexes his fingers before his his arm falls to his side. "Lost Light's condition, not perfect. But it flies, it's lift works. Lost Light, adequately operational. Better than it was before, at least," he supplements.

Rodimus relaxes marginally as they both at least try to make small talk. "Fleet. Can't believe it's a fleet. Ignition better not get a hat now that she's calling herself an admiral." There's a sigh that whispers through his vents right up until the lift -- and then his ventilation system -- freezes in a chug-thunk. The lift wobbles, then stills in place with a flicker of the lights. Rodimus groans, loudly, and bangs a fist on the door. "Oh, come on!"

Minimus turns his head and watches as Rodimus bangs on the door. He immediately looks suspicious, studying him closely for signs that he is faking. The last time he was trapped in an elevator, there was an author to his torment.

Soundwave, standing so stiff, rocks and grabs to the side railing for balance as he takes a step back. "I spoke too soon." Steadying himself proper, he eyes the door and then the ceiling. "... I could attempt to hack the lift's controls, override them. But if it's an engineering issue..." He'll of be no use.

"Hack it," Rodimus tells Soundwave in firm instruction. He's looking around the elevator for an exit when his gaze crosses Minimus's stare. He blinks back -- then, registering the likely issue, has to laugh. "Oh, no. No no no. I mean -- don't get me wrong, I'd love it if you guys got along better, but I'd prefer you both alive at the end?"

Minimus rumbles, a low noise in the depths of his frame: “Hrf.” It was a sound that made more sense as an engine growl when he was larger. In the Magnus armor, it suited him. In the medium frame he wore so often as Minimus, it wasn’t dissonant. But conjuring the basso rumble of abridged dignity in his irreducible root is … not quite the same.

“If required I can render the elevator inoperable and breach through the bulkheads, based on… prior impacts I have had on the structure of the vessel,” he states. His eye lights on Soundwave, but only very briefly. “But it seems extreme.”

A tentacle slithers on out to connect to the lift's control panel, Soundwave searching for the code of the override command. He looks flatly back at Minimus. "We'll save the 'damage the ship further' option for last," he says dryly, cable blinking annoyance with it's biolights. "Seeing as we could well be here, perhaps it would be best for me to deliver my report here. What does the Captain say?"

It's not difficult for Soundwave to override the lift's commands. Unfortunately, that doesn't do much. It's absolutely an engineering problem.

Rodimus watches Minimus smiling for his grumbling, and reaches to lay a hand on his helm in a request for peace. "Let's not start punching holes in my ship when I only just got it back, please. Not that I can blame you, but--. Please. Comm engineering and find out what they can do for us, would you?"

It's not subtle the way he beams on being referred to as Captain again. Rodimus really is almost ridiculous, and he's lucky these two aren't likely to laugh at him. "Sure, let's hear the report. Any luck with the lift?"

Minimus swats at Rodimus’s arm. It’s a light swat, without the full force of his terrifyingly upgraded strength behind it, but the prickle of that and his shoulders drawing taut makes clear that he isn’t really in the mood to be patted on the head.

“By all means. Assuming you do not require any of the materials available in the incident room, proceed.” Minimus Ambus folds his arms over his chest and stands braced, his mouth flattened and his posture remaining edgy.

Soundwave shakes his head, tentacle ejecting itself from the wall. He's of no use here, much to his annoyance. "Engineering issue," he confirms. So he settles into a corner, getting comfy in the interim by getting as stiff as a board.

He seems to relax some as he delivers his report. "I found several dozen missing persons, all Cybertronian. Unfortunately, nothing strictly ties them to the Quintessons. The case against them is circumstantial at best. However, I was able to identify several culprits or, at least, where those individuals may have ended up." Soundwave hesitates, looking to Minimus. This time without the chill. "I could trace their whereabouts to Shockwave and his... Entourage."

When Minimus swats, Rodimus looks more hurt than the care he takes to avoid actual damage warrants. He pulls his arm back, folds it in a casual cross -- then, looking the at stiff, taut body language of the other two, responds by unfolding his arms and taking on a studied posture of ease. He makes a practice of casual, and maybe he'll even hit it by accident.

"Oh. Good. Shockwave. My favorite wave." Rodimus's humor falls weak. "Haven't they ever heard of like, computer modeling? Instead of always mad science on live subjects? Maybe?"

Minimus slices off the briefest of glares for Rodimus, as though his feelings being hurt over this is just personally outrageous to him, but luckily, Soundwave distracts him with a bugbear of his own. His arms drop from their cross as he shifts his weight across the plant of his feet, and says, “I see. Have you thoughts about how you would like to proceed from here?”

"Confront Shockwave," Soundwave replies simply. "Interrogate. Apprehend. Those would do as well." It's very simple if you ask him.

"Do we know if he's still buried in the middle of Megatron's operations?" Rodimus asks, not dismissing the idea, but beginning to think his way around the edges of it.

Minimus lifts his chin with an angled slant towards Rodimus. “I am not opposed to a delicate extraction with appropriate personnel, ” he says. “Captain?”

Of course, the trouble with resolving this with quick, decisive planning wherein they are all on the same page is that then they will be trapped in this elevator in silence. Minimus begins silently rehearsing a few arguments against in his head.

"Considering Tarn's upgrades we saw... I would not doubt it if he was," Soundwave answers sourly. Last place he wants to be is back on Cybertron right now. With a quiet leer towards the smaller mech, Soundwave waves a hand and the cloak flutters from the movement. Its shocking no mothballs go flying out of it. "Extraction, risky. Shockwave, easy to draw out. Proper bait off planet, necessary, and we have plenty of that."

"Delicate." Rodimus's smile ticks up at the edges. "My specialty." Glancing over at Soundwave, he hesitates a moment, then says: "Let me know what you're thinking in terms of bait, and what plans you've made to make sure he doesn't grab the bait off the hook before you get too deep on that idea."

“Who do you intend to use as bait?” Minimus asks in a particularly brisk, clipped tone of voice. He almost overlaps with Rodimus, but not quite.

"Shockwave has always held an interest in outliers. Point one percenters. And, the Matrix of course." Soundwave gestures with an opening of his hand, palm up. Everyone in this lift. And more, of course. "Ask to speak with him in person, dangling a curiosity in the background, and he will come. Shockwave, logical. Predictable."

Rodimus does not look entirely convinced, but he does look at least -- thoughtful. "Okay. I want the two of you to work together to make sure we've got a firm plan before we do anything, though. Minimus, I trust you to cover contingencies and to make sure the crew is taken care of. Soundwave knows Shockwave better than anyone on this ship -- and might be able to get in contact with him where the rest of us can't."

Minimus is caught between an immediate impulse to insist that neither of the other two should be permitted to volunteer take this risk and a deep reluctance to volunteer himself. His jaw freezes in an attitude of iron hard but restrained distress and he says nothing at all. He accepts Rodimus’s order with a simple nod.

"Rodimus..." Soundwave says, holding back the groan that goes along with it. His neck cables go taut as he forces himself not to argue. He can work with Minimus. They've done so before... But he really doesn't want to. "Very well, I will draft up some preliminary outlines for the task as soon as I am able," he concedes.

"Shockwave wasn't the only link I found," Soundwave adds belatedly, jaw slowly working itself loose again. He hesitates to say more. He doesn't like relaying possibly false information.

"Soundwave." Rodimus meets that unspoken groan with a direct look -- that's softened, just at the edge, with a smile. He reaches to touch Soundwave's arm -- hesitant, at first, not quite looking at Minimus, then more sure in a brief press. "I can't think of any two mechs I'd trust more to do this right." He looks to Minimus now, giving him a single nod. "What else did you find?" he asks, arms folding at his back.

Minimus turns a look on Soundwave for that noise of complaint. His jaw can’t tighten any further because it would crack, so he looks away again. He stares at the readout of the elevator. It provides him with no new information.

Soundwave reaches out, as if he's going to steady Rodimus before he says it. But just sounds so ridiculous that his arm falls back under the trash cloak. "Cyberutopia. Records said Knights of Cybertron took other bots to Cyberutopia."

Rodimus makes air quotes and then says, "Knights of Cybertron. Cyberutopia." His tone is unfairly harsh in its skepticism. While it's totally fair to be skeptical -- I mean, really, at this point? -- there's an almost-bitterness in his dismissal. "All our Knights are dead -- and the other Knights? Just agents of the Quints."

Minimus looks up at Rodimus with a hint of startle. Not entirely unlike the instinct that Soundwave just dismissed, a close observer could see that his hand lifts like he is about to use it to do something, but it doesn’t get far before the gesture is aborted. He asks Soundwave, “Did you find … actual evidence of such a place, or merely more …” He struggles for a moment. “Myth baiting?”

Soundwave laughs. "Ha ha ha," he says as the laughter filters through the vocalizer. And here he'd been worried! The light in his visor reflects his relief. His laugh dies unceremoniously so he can answer, "I was not able to search further at the time and Shockwave is a more pressing matter. However... I saw nothing that would indicate it isn't an actual place. Despite it's name."

"Myth baiting." Rodimus's features twist in an unhappy sort of smile: more grimace than anything. "That's a pretty good word for it. Maybe I'll ask Drift to get some people to look into it. That's kind of his thing, right? Knights, Cyberutopia? Chimera, too." His mood is dimmed, and he frowns at the door. "Any update from engineering on how soon they'll get us out of here? Come on, this could be a crisis! Maybe we should just climb or something."

“Climb away,” Minimus tells Rodimus dryly from, what, like, not even knee height. “I’ll supervise.”

"I'm not sure you'll make it through the ceiling hatch," Soundwave notes, glancing at Rodimus's spoiler. But he's not going to stop him. "Engineering will have this fixed soon." Probably. Eventually.

"What? I can totally make it through," Rodimus says, eyeballing the ceiling hatch which he is absolutely close enough to reach unassisted. His spoiler is definitely not going to fit. It would have. Once.

"Watch me. You two are very unsupportive. 'Supervise' my aft."

Rodimus reaches up to unseat the top hatch and push it to the side. It takes some effort, and a mild clatter which it really shouldn't have caused. He pauses to make sure the lift doesn't collapse -- then shrugs, reaching up and through to begin pulling himself up. He pulls strong and clean and there's a moment, right before it happens, when it is clear just how hard he is going to whack his spoiler into the edge of the opening -- and then he does it, and he immediately drops right back to the floor in startled pain, falling on his aft.

Minimus almost tries to move to catch or steady him and then remembers how small he is at the moment. His startled motion in the close quarters of the elevator leaves him standing in immediate and snug quarters with both of them. Really, it’s lucky Rodimus didn’t crash into one or both on the way down.

“Rodimus,” Minimus says gently, ‘’kindly’’. “You are too big.”

"Your aft, supervised," Soundwave reports in, with a very official salute to Rodimus. "It is currently on the ground after a quick and harsh plummet."

Rodimus visibly struggles to laugh, ducking his head and then twisting to look back over and past his shoulders at the flare of his spoiler. It looks mildly dinged. "Yeah. You, uh -- guess you're right." He doesn't trust to stand or try again.

Minimus huffs a breath, sigh cycling through his systems. Extreme reluctance drags his gaze between Rodimus and Soundwave. Then he says, “…I can fit easily but I cannot reach.”

Soundwave looks between Minimus and Rodimus and back again. "If you insist on a boost," he says as if this is some big burden as his tentacles shoot out. Wrapping around Minimus's waist, they lift and thrust him up and out of the hatch hole. "There you are," he almost hums with a soft self-satisfactiob. It's a little toss, he'll probably land on his feet up there.

Rodimus looks up, watching Minimus pass through with a reflection of more genuine humor. "Careful," he cautions. "He could punch holes straight through the shaft if you throw too hard. What's it look like, Minimus? Think we can get out of here?"

Minimus is so uncomfortable with this. He was uncomfortable with the tentacular hug. He is now uncomfortable with the toss. The thunk of impact as the intensely-massed little minibot cracks into the roof of the elevator might leave small dents in the shape of his feet.

“One moment.” There’s the soft sound of transformation as he turns to his vehicle mode and flicks on his headlights, beaming across the elevator shaft to examine the wall and the elevator gears. His engine thrums and there’s a soft crackle of rubber. Then he says, “We are approximately two thirds of the way between one floor and the next. I believe that something has caught in the mechanism.”

"Oh, I know of his hole punching capabilities," Soundwave reassures Rodimus as he looks up when Minimus impacts. That's one solid minibot. "Can you see what caught the mechanism and remove it?"

Rodimus winces at the landing. "Do you need help? I guess I hope you don't need help. Although--." He pauses. He considers Soundwave.

“I’m not certain I can reach,” Minimus is forced to admit after a long, studied pause. “I could try to climb the mechanism but it is … a couple of meters above my helm.”

"Then it appears we will have to wait for engineering, if you do not feel like climbing," Soundwave says with a soft nod, mostly to himself. "Because I am not going to do what that look implies," he adds stubbornly to Rodimus

"Soundwave," Rodimus says, tone mild as he looks back to him. He considers the angles of persuasion, then smirks, bypassing them all: "Yes, you will. It's an order. I'll help you up. Shrink down and get up there."

“I’m more concerned about what my mass might do to the mechanism if I do attempt it,” Minimus calls down. He reverts to root mode and then moves back, feet thunking lightly overhead.

Soundwave stares at Rodimus as he throws his Captainhood around. That was fast. With only a small scowl, Soundwave mass shifts to one Tailgate tall. That cloak now looks like a nice trash blanket. He tugs it off. "Do not worry, I will providing assistance, Minimus. Captain's orders."

Rodimus leans down to pick Soundwave up and heft him into the opening. His hand glides down Soundwave's back in a, "Thanks." As he holds Soundwave up, he can't help but grin. "Thought you said Captainhood suited me. Stop sulking. Two of you are a terror time. I'd be terrified. That mechanism should be terrified. Shockwave should be terrified. We'll be out of here in no time."

Minimus holds out his arm in case Soundwave needs the leverage on the way up, since apparently HE isn’t getting tossed like some kind of PLAYTHING.

Soundwave huffs as he's lifted up. He has so little dignity left and still, it wittles away. And it's with a little chagrin that he takes Minimus's hand to help himself up onto the top of the lift. There, he puts some distance between him and Minimus to spring back into proper size. "Now to lift you again. Not to worry, with my hands this time," he says, reaching for the smaller mech.

"I'm morally supporting you!" Rodimus calls up at the pair as he takes a cross-legged seat below.

“Oh, be quiet.” Minimus glowers at all and sundry, which means… Soundwave because Soundwave is the one who can see his face, although Rodimus is the one he is telling to be quiet. It might even be insubordinate. He doesn’t seem worried about it. “Careful,” he tells Soundwave. “I am heavier than I appear.”

Soundwave gets a good hold on Minimus before lifting. He is, indeed, very heavy but he's lifted heavy things before. Still, it's a lot for his extended arms. He holds Minimus up to the mechanism and says, "Remove blockage quickly, and then I can drop you down on Rodimus."

In a quiet, but carrying, whisper, Rodimus says, "I'm morally supporting you."

Minimus reaches to wrench the blockage free, and only as he does so, he goes, “Wait, did you say--?”

The elevator jolts and then slowly, slowly begins to climb again.

Soundwave most certainly did because he turns, holding Minimus over the hatch opening. "We must get back in quickly. Rodimus, catch," he says, giving the other just a brief second before releasing. He'll be down right after, soon as he gets little again."

"--er?" is about as far as Rodimus gets into a question before Minimus plummets toward him like a tiny, dense meteor. Rodimus flings his arms up as much in self-defense as to catch Minimus, but he does in fact actually manage to more or less gently catch and then bring him to his feet. "Ow. I think you left footprints on my arm."

Minimus flails as he hurtles through the air and almost does Rodimus violence on sheer reflex. He grips tightly to his shoulder and arm and then releases almost reflexively, his scarlet gaze angled downwards. Shifting awkwardly, he mutters, “That was just ridiculous.”

Soundwave uses his tentacles to gently lower himself down, growing back to size. He rubs his temple, shifting to lightly lean against the wall. The rapid-pace mass shifting made him dizzy. "Most things are on this ship," he says, almost fondly. "And thank you for helping to get us unstuck."

Rodimus grins at Minimus, but does not prolong the hold. "Okay. Lift moving. Plans made. Anything else you actually need to debrief us on, Soundwave, or are we going to get to the bridge, stare around, and then turn around and head for the bar?"

Minimus says dryly, “I will leave that to you,” and backs up a pace and then another pace until his back is almost bumping the elevator wall.

Soundwave shakes his head, stooping to pick up his trash cloak. "Nothing immediately pressing. I'll write a full report when I am able. And, I'm afraid, I will not be able to join you at the bar. My condolences."

"What? C'mon, both of you? Why not? Oh! Wait! Actually never mind, I still need that datastick. Bet you thought I forgot," Rodimus says, smug as the door opens to spill them out and back into the flow of the ship and its crew.

“I’m sure I never will,” Minimus growls as he starts to stalk off towards his office like an aggrieved cat.

"I didn't," Soundwave reveals before dropping into alt mode. "And it's mine," he adds before taking off.

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