2018-07-03 Bugging

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Date 2018/07/03
Location Lost Light
Participants Rodimus, Sunstreaker
NPCs Bob
Summary Sunny's always BUGGING Rod ha ha it's a joke about Bob look I never post logs this is hard.

There was distance kept. Thoughtful, respectful distance. It's only natural that Bob is the first one to close that distai right up.

It's after Rodimus has gotten away from a small mob of lookie-lous, a few turns and halls down. The only warning the be-flamed mech gets is some skittering around the corner. Bob thunks into the wall opposite and scrambles. With loud, warbling chirps, he jumps onto Rodimus.

“Bob!” Rodimus wraps the bug up in the scoop of his arms. He sets his feet like he expects to be knocked back — but no, he’s rooted solid enough. He leans back, still, leaving more room for Bob to scramble and wiggle as he rubs around his antenna.

“Boy, have I missed you,” he tells Bob, then looks up for his handlers.

Bob twitters and chirps, greedily taking all the pets and rubs he can get. He keeps nudging at Rodimus. Why isn't he falling over?

And at the corner Bob just came around, in the middle of the hall, stands Sunstreaker. He holds himself back, joints at tense angles. Violet optics pick over Rodimus's appearance. "He-I- hnn... Hi." He waves a little.

He’s leaning. Bob’s a pretty big bug after all. But that’s as close to a wobble as it gets. Rodimus turns his lean into a slide down the wall, seated and rubbing good and solid. He tips his head up as Sunstreaker joins and welcomes him with a wide grin. “Sunstreaker! C’mere, save me.”

Bob looks prepared to headbutt Rodimus to the ground but that, thankfully becomes unnecessary. With Rodimus on the ground, he is now vulnerable. And Bob takes advantage. He sprawls across Rodimus's lap, humming with delight over his dastardly plan. If he can't get up, he must stay and give pets and treats forever! The perfect plan.

Sunstreaker hesitates but eventually begins to approach. Cautiously. He pauses to sniff in Rodimus's direction a few times but then keeps moving, finally ending up beside him. His finials twitch. "Save you from what? Bob? We both know you don't want that." He flashes a nervous grin of mostly teeth before looking at his feet.

Rodimus digs in with both hands. Double pets! “Damn, you see right through me.” His smile turns lopsided as he considers Sunstreaker. There’s a touch of almost uncertainty in the peek of teeth. “Or — sniff.”

His grip on Bob grows more firm, anchoring. “So, hi. Do I pass?”

Sunstreaker's optics pale, wings buzzing frantically behind him. "I- no. That's not... I just didn't-- Hnn..." He smooth a hand over the top of his head before rubbing at the back of his neck. Despite everything, he still makes even sheepish look good. "Just making sure you don't smell appetizing or anything. So, yeah. You pass that."

He turns to gnawing at his lip before looking exasperatedly at the ceiling. "Primus, is this what it was like for you? You'd thought I was dead for years and then-- I'm there. Alive."

“I’m not sure which side of this I’d rather be on.” Rodimus rubs Bob more gently now, stroking long and gentle. “But it’s weirdly reassuring that Bob knows me.” He stretches a foot to poke Sunstreaker. “Any tips?”

"It's no fun on either," Sunstreaker confirms, finials lifting as Bob begins to purr with just the occasional little chirp at Rodimus. "Yeah, well... It's Bob. And you still sorta smell like you. So. Yeah... He's glad you're back, by the way. He's saying- heh... He's got a funny thing to call you."

Sunstreaker smiles, just barely. It hovers around the corners of his mouth. He shakes his head, lifting one hand palm up. "Not really. You came back a hero. I came back and got to hear all the fun nicknames I got after... All of that." Something kricks in the back of his throat as he tries moving his foot away from the poke- you're gonna mess with his finish!

“A funny thing—?” Rodimus grins. “Do I want to know? Yeah, I do. I wanna know.”

He stops chasing Sunstreaker’s foot, but his gaze turns sympathetic. “Right. I guess — yeah.” He holds his arm out, turns it. “Hey. Your color stuck. Primus approves?”

Sunstreaker scoffs with a roll of his eyes, easing a little where he stands. Looking a little more like himself. "Of course he did. Let this be a lesson to never doubt my tastes. God-approved, that'd make a hell of an endorsement... Though, I don't know what's happening with your arms. We'll have fix that up."

He nods to himself, while already beginning to eye Rodimus hungrily. Already looking for things to visually improve on. Absently, Sunstreaker says, "He calls you Hive Queen. Which is probably my fault."

Rodimus chokes a little. The sound stutters in his throat, vocalizer hiccuping on a — a laugh? Maybe. Yes, a laugh. “I have so many questions about that one. But first: what’s wrong with my arms?” He pauses in petting to lift and look at them.

"Yeah, I suppose you would. Good thing its got an easy answer." Sunstreaker flashes another, brief smile. This one more more confident than the last. "There's nothing wrong, not really. I guess. The color-blocking is just-- It's off. It's not you. But we can fix that easy. I guess it kinda goes with your new, hodge-podge look. You'll probably start a new trend like that."

Rodimus looks a little ruffled. “I — mm.” He turns his arms and studies them, then curls his hands to form fists. Then they release, easy and loose. “I think I’m sticking with it. Kind of fond.”

Sunstreaker's wings flick out of there shell on his back in surprise. "Oh, really? Well, guess there's no accounting for taste... We can just make the rest of you match that, then. Ease up the clash..." He looks over Rodimus again before whistling sharply for Bob. The smaller bug whine but complies, beginning to pick himself off of Rodimus.

“Aw.” Rodimus reluctantly lets Bob go. For now. “Can’t believe I just got back and you’re planning redesigns. You’re probably just glad I came back with more canvas.”

"Yeah, well. I can't change myself so I have to find some other outlets. And I'm god-approved now. Clearly I have to keep doing it." With Bob out of the way, Sunstreaker easily reaches down and plucks Rodimus up. Embracing him. He holds him tightly with his golden arms.

Until realization dawns.

Sunstreaker jerks back as if he'd just been shocked. "You're--! How are you taller?"

Rodimus pulls Sunstreaker right back in, laughter undignified and bright. He wraps his arms around him. They go farther around than they used to, too. “Like I said: more canvas. C’mere. Wow, you’re like tiny now. Minuscule.”

Sunstreaker has seen Rodimus from afar, it was easy since he was bigger than most other mechs. But the fact just didn't click that if he's bigger than the average bot, he'd be taller than- "Hey!" He bristles, undignified insecticon clicks rumbling in his chassis. His finials lift in an attempt to be taller. After centuries of debate who's taller between him and his brother, Sunstreaker might have a slight sore spot. "I'm not miniscule. What the hell. I get freakish upgrades and you get to be bigger? I'm calling foul!"

"Take it up with Primus, I guess -- although you were happy enough a second ago that I kept your paint job." Rodimus gives Sunstreaker a good, final squeeze and then steps back, hands on his shoulders, to grin down at him. Ha ha. Tiny Streaker. "If it helps, I wouldn't say I'm exactly comfortable with it all yet."

Sunstreaker tenses with Rodimus's hands on his shoulder. Just freezing uncomfortably in place. "Body changes take a while to get used to. Stranger in your own skin- I get that. Heh..."

Bob bump his leg and he glances down. What follows is a very short possibly conversation Rodimus only gets some cute chirps and chitters out of. "Fine, you're right. Happy?" Sunstreaker mutters, Bob looking really pleased. He looks back to Rodimus and clears his throat. "Rodimus... Do you want to... Do something later? Together?"

When Sunstreaker freezes so uncomfortably, Rodimus works as gently and as subtly as possible to drop his hands. Okie dokie. No touch. His hands hover awkwardly in the space between them, then ease to his side. "Sure, that sounds good. Maybe some fetch with Bob?"

"Yeah, that-" Sunstreaker shoots Bob a look as another headbutt to the back of his knee almost has him stumbling. Fine. Message received. "We can do that sometime but I thought... Maybe just the two of us this time? If you're alright with that?"

"Whoa, Bob, careful." Rodimus reaches again, but checks himself, pulling back before placing the hand to Sunstreaker's shoulder. Instead, he shrugs. "Been a lifetime since we hung out, I guess." He pauses, grins. He does not say get it but he clearly loudly projects it. "Sounds like fun."

Sunstreaker blinks. And then smiles. Brightly. Warmly. Like the sun rising on a summer day, it alights all his his features. "Great! That- hah, that's almost too soon- but that's great. Amazing. Uh... Do you want- Do you want, ahem..." He tries to clear his throat but to no avail. No matter what he does, he can't stop purring and it vibrates each word. Hnnn. "Do you want to to pick where? What we do? Or should I? Maybe you'd rather pick when. I bet you're busy."

Rodimus looks startled, charmed, then suspicious of the warmth that pours from Sunstreaker, right to the point of purring through his words. It's not quite realization, but a shade of it that has him say, "Never so busy I can't make time for my friends. Any time is good."

"Right. In that case, I'll figure out something for us even if we don't have access to a spacebridge anymore... I'll let you know when I know," Sunstreaker says with a stern nod. He gives his chassis a quick thump with his hand. But the purrs continue. Stupid frame. "I should probably get this looked at- in case something is stuck. Could you maybe..." He glances to Bob. The smaller bug wiggles on the ground like a goofball.

Oh, good. Rodimus looks reassured that this won't be awkward, easing toward his own smile again. "Okay, you do that. I'll run Bob around, then swing him by in a couple of hours. How's that sound, Bob? Wanna see if we can catch the cassettes when Max finally snaps and sends them on the run?"

Sunstreaker smiles again. It's more subdued, but just as warm as before. "Sounds like a good plan. But try not to let him eat anyone, okay? We're trying to avoid that- no matter how good someone smells." That's a joke. Probably. Sunstreaker ruffles Bob's head with a: "Look after the hive queen, okay? I'll see you later." Then he saunters up, wings fluttering behind him.

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